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Half-elves are the offspring of humans and elves. The mixed blood can manifest in later generations, but a half-elf that begets children with either elves or humans usually have single-raced progeny, meaning that most half-elves have mixed parentage.

Half-elves mix the best traits of humans and elves, but are not fully accepted among either race. They often suffer from inner turmoil, that they mask with a happy demeanor.

Cultural Traits

Curious, comfort-seeking, noconformist.

Real-World Models

Various outcasts and halfbreeds throughout history.

Sexual Practices

Gender equality, Promiscuity, Recreational sex, Sex outside of race.




Half-elves generally try and conform to the family pattern of their race or culture. Two married half-elves generally do so too. But in most cases, they find it hard to conform.


Half-elves take easy to magic, and often mix magic and martial pursuits.


Half-elves have no pantheon of their own. They tend to follow the elven or Common Human pantheon, but half-elves with roots in other cultures might just as well follow those.


Half-elves can take the racial traits of either parent, elven on one hand and most commonly Common Human on the other. But half-elves with roots in other human cultures can take traits from those instead.

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