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Steadfast, dour, dependable. Dwarfs were a major race in the Flanaess a very long time ago, and much of their history is about relentless war with giants and disappointment at the lack of promised help from the elves.

Dwarfs are standoffish and rarely intimate. It is easier for a dwarf to show affection for a token, such as a gift, than for another person. Dwarf females often pretend to be young males (or simply don't make an issue of their gender) among outsiders because the empathic role they think females are expected to play in the outside world scares them.

Real-World Models

A parody of Germans.

Cultural Traits

Loyal, Dour, Clannish, Industrious, Materialistic.

Sexual Practices

Fetishism, Transvestism, Voyeurism , Pornography.


Nudity, Intimate physical contact.


Dwarfs generally have their children young, then leave them in the care of grandparents or other elders of their clan as they go on with their lives. While they value family immensely, they are not good at actually living together as a family.


Mainly focused on the creation of magical objects. Magic is quite unusual among dwarves, arcane magic doubly so. Sorcerers are almost unknown, wizards tend to approach magic through alchemy and smithcraft. Clerics are more common, and often lead dwarf communities. Many senior dwarf warriors take up the Divine Crusader prestige class with the War domain, using this magic to craft mighty arms and armor.


Moradin is the creator of the dwarves and their main god; all others are comparatively minor next to him.

Name Rank Alignment Sphere Domains
Abbathor Lesser NE Evil, Greed Deathbound, Greed, Undeath Dwarf
Berronar Lesser LG Safety, Truth, Marriage Family, Protection, Earth Dwarf
Clanggedin Lesser LN War, Battle War, Protection, Law Dwarf
Dumathoin Lesser N Secrets, Earth Cavern, Earth, Knowledge Dwarf
Fortubo Lesser LN Stone, Metal, Mountains Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, Protection Dwarf, Suel
Jascar Lesser LG Hills, Mountains Earth, Good, Law, Protection, War Suel, Dwarf
Moradin Greater LG Dwarves, Creation, Smiting, Engineering, War Artifice, Earth (Metal or Caves), Knowledge (Memory), Rune (Wards), War Dwarf, Elder
Ulaa Intermediate LG Hills, Mountains, Gemstones Earth, Good, Healing (Restoration) Law, Protection (Purity) Oerdian, Dwarf, Gnome, Flan
Vergadain Lesser N (CN) Suspicion, Trickery, Trade Greed, Wealth, Trickery Dwarf


Dwarf Huffle (Racial): You have traveled as a messenger between dwarf holds or along with longer-legged companions, and your speed is legendary. When in light or no armor and lightly encumbered, you can walk at a speed of 30 ft. over long distances, moving at greater than normal speed thanks to your special training. Your tactical speed is not affected.

Great Project (Racial): You are a part of the great project of the western dwarfs. Though even you don't know the details of it, you have been trained to find and identify useful materials. You gain a +2 racial bonus on Appraise checks - this supersedes the usual dwarf Appraise bonus for metals and gems.

Hill Dwarf (Racial): You are cosmopolitan for a dwarf. You may not be charming, but you know your neighbors. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (local), and this is a class skill for you.

Mountain Dwarf (Racial): You know some of the secrets of the deep mountains, and gain a +2 trait bonus on Craft (all kinds of smith-craft) and Profession (miner).

Outer Holds (Racial): You grew up in an isolated dwarf-hold that rarely received visitors or news. Your idea of the world is somewhat outdated, but you know a lot about how things used to be in the world. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (history), and this is a class skill for you.

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