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Ulaa is the Dwarven mother-goddess, the earth from which Moradin fashioned their race, and the ultimate source of all wealth. She is a very passive goddess, taking no momentous actions in dwarf history, but she sometimes appears to individual dwarfs, providing gifts of riches and fertility.

Ulaa is the most ancient Oerdian mother-wife goddess known by name and worshiped in the present day, the wife of Bleredd and goddess of hills and the riches they contain; metals and gems. She often regarded as an avatar of Oerth.

Ulaa (OO-lah) is the wife of the Oeridian god Bleredd, but is herself of unknown origin. Built like a dwarven woman but with the facial features of a gnome, she is worshiped by both of those races and humans. Her enchanted hammer Skull Ringer was forged on the same anvil as her husband's weapon. Earth elementals serve her, she can pass through stone, and can commune with the Oerth Mother. Her holy symbol is a mountain with a ruby heart; she places rubies in the earth as gifts to those who do her husband's work.

The hills and mountains are sacred and beautiful places, whether on the surface or within tunnels that hole them like veins. Working with stone for any good purpose is a blessed task, but cutting rock out of pure greed or evil intent is an abomination. The greatest gift the earth gives are gemstones, each a tiny part of the earth's power and beauty reflected a thousand times upon itself.

Ulaa's clerics live on or in the mountains, protecting them from those who would enter for the sake of greed or evil. They protect their community, root out dens of evil nonhumans, and teach miners and quarrymen how to spot the best places to work. They act as guides for those passing through their lands, travel to see other stony examples of the earth's beauty, and abhor slavery.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Weapon: Warhammer

Symbol: Mountain with a ruby heart.

Action Domains

Animal, Earth, Life, Metal, Spiritual.

Pathfinder Domains

Earth, Good, Healing (Restoration) Law, Protection (Purity).

Pathfinder Traits

Pathfinder Obedience

Keep with you a 5-pound statuette of a humanoid. Before sleeping, trace the statuette’s surface with your fingers. Close your eyes with your hands resting on the monument and meditate on Ulaa’s teachings until you fall asleep. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on saving throws against effects that cause slowness or magical aging and any effects that damage ability scores.


  1. Lorefinder (Sp) identify 3/day, locate object 2/day, or glyph of warding 1/day
  2. Arcane Knowledge (Su) Your eyes harden and turn into ruby. You can see as though under the effects of a permanent analyze dweomer spell, though you only use this effect only on objects, not on creatures.
  3. Petrified Guardians (Su) Once per day, you can speak a divine utterance to turn one creature within 60 feet to solid marble as flesh to stone (Fort save negates; DC 10 + 1/2 your HD + your Int modifier). You can then order your petrified victim to guard a clearly defined area or object as long as it remains turned to marble. Anyone who enters the area or touches the object triggers the petrified victim, who attacks as a stone golem with HD equal to the creature’s original HD for 1d4 minutes before reverting back to flesh.