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Bleredd the Iron Mule is a fourth-generation Oerdian god, thoroughly civilized. He is the god of smiths and crafts, and is popular in wide areas. He is the maker of much of the war-gear of his militant pantheon. He is an ascended mortal sponsored by Moradin.

In the Common pantheon Bleredd the Iron Mule is the god of smiths and crafts, and is popular in wide areas. He is the divine craftsman, and brought knowledge of smith-craft to humans.

Bleredd (BLAIR-ed) is known throughout the Flanaess. He taught iron-working to the Oeridians and his worship has spread throughout the Flanaess. He cares little for talk, preferring to work in his shop and fashion metal works of art; he created may of the weapons his godly family uses, including that of his wife, Ulaa. His hammer Fury is thought to be the inspiration for the first hammers of thunderbolts forged by humans. Occasionally he accepts small groups of students and unlocks the gift of mastering metal in them. His holy symbol is an iron mule, reflecting his patience and endurance.

The earth's gifts are there for the taking, and creating a perfect suit of armor or flawless weapon is a goal to which all war-crafters should aspire. Mining and smithy-work is not for the weak, so those who worship Bleredd should be strong in mind and body, for a weak will forges a weak weapon. Anyone with the talent for this craft should be taught it, and those who keep secret more efficient or effective ways of finding or working metal will be punished.

Bleredd's clerics explore caverns for good ore, hammer out iron for the pleasure of creating, and search out sources of meteoric iron, mithral, and adamantine. They also travel to find new students, teach the smith-crafts, and develop better ways of doing their work.

Alignment: Neutral

Weapon: Hammer (pick one)

Holy Symbol: Iron mule

Pathfinder Domains

Artifice, Earth, Fire, Protection (Defense), Strength.

Pathfinder Traits

Action Domain

Earth, Fire, Metal, Order, Spiritual.