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Jascar, the Suel god of hills and mountains

Jascar (JAS-kar) is the brother of Fortubo and dedicated foe of Beltar; his holy symbol is a snow-capped mountain peak. With his dark beard and shining silver breastplate, Jascar doesn't resemble the Suel people that worship him, but his visage strikes fear into orcs and goblins. He is sometimes shown as a great horse or pegasus—two forms he once took when fighting Beltar. He is often aided by Phaulkon in his efforts to advance the cause of good, and Jascar's hammer is the bane of all undead. Other than Phaulkon and Fortubo, Jascar talks little with other gods and is often perceived as driven and aloof.

In synchretism, he is seen as a barely concealed avatar of Moradin in his aspect as fighter against evil.

Hold no quarter for evil nonhumans like orcs and goblinoids, and equally hate those who would make the beautiful hills and mountains ugly. Protect the hills and mountains from plundering by evil forces and you will be rewarded with the treasures Jascar places under the earth for good folk to find.

The church teaches common tactics used by evil nonhumans. Jascar's clerics often lead cross-country and underground crusades against evil nonhumans. They survey for precious metals, and advise miners on how to dig their tunnels safely and cause a minimal amount of damage to the surrounding environment. Their single-mindedness often alienates them from others, but their dependable nature means that an entire temple can be called upon in times of crisis; the network of the multi-racial Jascarian faith is strong as stone.

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Weapon: Warhammer.

Symbol: Snow-capped mountain peak.

Action Domains

Earth, Life, Light, Order, Spiritual.

Pathfinder Domains

Earth, Good, Law, Protection, War.

Pathfinder Traits

Pathfinder Obedience

Pray while holding a heavy shield over your head for an hour. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on Strength checks and Strength-based skill checks.


  1. Divine Defense (Sp) shield of faith 3/day, shield other 2/day, or magic vestment 1/day
  2. Greaves of Silver (Su) You gain a +10 sacred bonus to your CMD when an opponent attempts to bull rush you. You may always attempt attacks of opportunity when a creature attempts to bull rush you, even if your opponent has the Improved Bull Rush feat or a similar ability. In addition, you may attempt an attack of opportunity whenever a charging opponent enters a space you threaten.
  3. Transmogrify (Sp) You can cast extended polymorph any object once per day.