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Skull & ShacklesSkull & Shackles
Skull & ShacklesSkull & Shackles
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Carve your name on the ever-changing sea with a saber of terror and triumph. Fight for plunder, fame, and glory, and earn your place among the legends of the sea.

 —Besmara’s Code

Skull & Shackles is a pirate Adventure Path by Pazio. This page is about our campaign in the World of Greyhawk.


The Shackles island have always been home to pirates and other desperadoes, but when the Savage Tide created the Eye of Abendego it became a pirate heaven. Shipping from all of the Pearl Sea must now pass near the shackles on their way to the Flanaess.

See the external links for the official campaign guide, including campaign-specific traits. The campaign is run in Greyhawk, in the island chain just south of the main map. The traditional inhabitants of this area are Suel colonists, with a recent influx of people of the Common culture. Olman and Tuov humans make up a colorful native background, along with lizard folk and many and varied unusual species. Under-water folk might get mixed up in the action but are not allowed as player characters, at least not initially.



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