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Netsumi or Ratfolk are strictly lower caste or even casteless, but they still perform many important services in Nippon. They are also infamous as thieves, vagabonds, and ninja. They use the rules for Pathfinder ratfolk.

Ratfolk in Greyhawk begin play speaking Common. Ratfolk with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Aklo, Draconic, Gnoll, Goblin, Sylvan, Tengu, Undercommon, Vanara, and Yutu.



You are very energetic, and regularly spend time helping those nearby with minor tasks. You gain a +4 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks to gather information among the lower classes, and you need never spend money on gather information checks.


You gain a +1 trait bonus of Fortitude saving throws.

Plague Rat

You carry one disease, with a Save DC no higher than 10 + your Constitution bonus. You can infect your weapons with this disease as a free action by licking the weapon just before using it. Infecting someone else's weapon is a move action, and requires a CMB check if the target does not cooperate. You are immune to the disease you carry.

Plague Survivor

You have survived the worst diseases and fith imaginable. You gain a +4 trait bonus on Fortitude saves against disease, and don't always fail such savig throws on a natural die roll of one (tough you can still fail if the total of the roll is lower than the save DC).


When within 5 ft. of cover or full cover, you gain benefit as if you were under cover, providing protection against attacks but not allowing you to use Stealth to hide.

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