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A collection of the traits and some other information of all known human races on Oerth.

Flanaess Major Human Races

These are the preferred player races in a Flanaess campaign.

Common Human Traits

Eye for Business

You always have an eye out for a good deal or valuable find.

Benefit: Appraise is a class skill for you. When rolling for the items available for purchase in a community, you can make one additional roll for any one category of item that is already available in the locale.

Exploit Opportunity

You have learned to exploit opportunities in combat.

Benefit: When you score a critical hit in melee you can move 5 ft. without triggering attacks of opportunity and irrespective of other movement made in the round. If you downed your foe, you can use this to move into his space.


You have specialized your craft skill to work very effectively one one particular kind of item.

Benefit: Craft is a class skill for you. Select one kind of item, such as long swords or full plate. When crafting (making or repairing) this particular item with the relevant skill, you get a +5 trait bonus to the relevant Craft skill


You are good at ferreting out the best possible payment from your clients.

Benefit: Sense Motive is a class skill for you. When negotiation the price of your services you can make a Sense Motive check against 10 + the clients Bluff skill bonus as a standard action during negotiations to learn learn how high the client can be bargained in price. You can only try this once per negotiation.


You are used to outwitting opponents. Failing that, you can usually outrun them.

Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus on initiative checks.

Baklunish Traits

Born in the Saddle

You grew up as a horse-rider, exposed to the exhilaration of riding despite your otherwise civilized background.

Benefit: Ride and Handle Animal are class skills for you.

Clarity of the Prophets

You spend your life in devotion to the gods and prophets of the people.

Benefit: When the DM thinks you are about to do an action that would be out of your alignment or break a code you adhere to, he should tell you and you have the option to cancel that action.

Desert Survivor

You have passed the desert several times, and have accepted its dangers and made peace with fate.

Benefit: Survial is a class skill for you. You gain a +5 trait bonus on Survival rolls in desert and arid plains terrain.

Horse Raider

You have learned the most important thing for a horse raider - speed.

Benefit: You gain a +4 talent bonus on initiative checks when riding a horse.

Mare's Milk

You were born among horses and fed mare's milk as a child. This gives you a special bond with horses.

Benefit: When you ride a horse, your mount gains temporary hit points equal to your Ride skill modifier. You can renew these temporary hit points as a full-round action, but this costs you one hit point.

Suel Traits

The Suel are a scattered people and have several sub-groups important enough to merit their own traits.

Civilized Survivor (Racial)

This is only available to the Suel living in the Amedio and Pearl Sea regions.

You are a descendant of those who survived centuries of persecution by flight. You may have grown up a refuge in the wild, and learned some of its ways, but you cling to the lore of the ancient Suel.

Benefit: You have Survival as a class skill and get a +1 trait bonus on Survival rolls. Draconic, Elven, and Giant are bonus languages to you, in addition to those gained from race and class.

Master of Seals (Racial)

This is only available to the desert Suel of Q'dra and the Bright Desert.

You have inherited some of the power of those who forged the ancient binding seals for genies.

Benefit: You get a +2 trait bonus on all Charisma checks related to binding called elementals. You can pick the elemental languages (Auram, Aquam, Ignam, Terram) as starting languages. See Linguistics for a description of these languages.

Path of the Ancients (Racial)

You have the ancient Suel's thirst for mastery.

Benefit: Select one Profession skill and one Knowledge skill. These are class skills for you, and you gain a +1 trait bonus to them.

Power at Any Cost

You have a fire in your heart that pushes you to succeed.

Benefit: Once per day when you fail a d20 check, you can re-roll that check, but this manic striving means you take 1d6 points of Wisdom damage.

Rage Against Magic (Racial)

This is only available to the Fruz barbarians of the Thillonrian Peninsula and their offspring.

You carry the curse of the exiled northern houses of the Suel in your blood. Magic causes you intense pain, but this pain helps you resist magical influence.

Benefit: When you fail a Will saving throw against spell-like ability or arcane spell, you can choose to take hit point damage equal to the spell's level and be dazed for one round to immediately make a new saving throw. You can only gain one additional try at each such saving throw. If you use any spell-like ability or arcane spell, you take one hit point of damage per level of the spell.

Secret Order (Racial)

The Suel relish secret orders and cabals, and you are a member of one of these secretive groups.

Benefit: You get a +2 trait bonus on Knowledge (local) checks and on Diplomacy checks to gather information.

Slave Driver (Racial)

You have experience with lesser races, and know how to motivate them.

Benefit: You have Intimidate as a class skill and get a +1 trait bonus on Intimidate checks. You are proficient with the whip.

Flan Traits

Assimilated but Aware

Despite living among other folk, you have clung to your cultural identity.

Benefit: You can imitate the accents and mannerisms of others, concealing your cultural heritage as that of the people you grew up amongst. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy and one of these skills is a class skill for you.

Druidic Empathy

Your family has ancient ties to nature.

Benefit: You use the Wild Empathy class ability with a bonus equal to your Wisdom modifier rather than your Charisma modifier. If you lack this class feature, you can use it as a druid but without a level modifiers, your total bonus is equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Hidden Survivor

Your way of life has often come under attack, and your people have learned to hide and avoid trouble by moving away from it.

Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Stealth and Survival checks. One of these skills is a class skill for you.

Legacy of Vecna

You have inherited your people's ancient magic traditions, but they come at a cost. It is all too easy to follow in the footsteps of Vecna.

Benefit: If you have a spellbook or list of spells known you learn one additional necromantic spell each time you learn spells of a new level. You can learn one necromantic spell of each spell level this way. If there are no necromantic spells on your class' spell list of a certain level, the benefit is lost for that level of spell. If you cast a necromantic spell for a non-destructive, good, and selfless purpose, you take one point of Charisma damage.

Totem Bond

You have formed a close bond with an animal, reawakening the ancient totemic legacy of your people.

Benefit: If you have a familiar or animal companion as a class feature, that feature works as if you were three levels higher. If you don't have such a class feature, you gain a familiar like that of a first level wizard. Your ties to your totem is unusually strong; you can never change what kind of familiar or animal companion you have, tough you can exchange it for a different-sized animal of the same basic family; exchange a Small viper for a Large viper or a wolf for a dire wolf, for example.

If you have the option to pick a familiar or animal companion as a class feature, you must do so. If you are a ranger, you get your animal companion at first level. If you do not have an animal companion or familiar as a class feature, select an animal that qualifies as a familiar and gain that as an animal companion as if you were a level 1 druid.

Oerdian Traits

Caretaker of the Land

You have a honorable background working the land, be it as a serf or a landowner. Your family has given their all for the land over generations and learned its secrets.

Benefit: Choose either Handle Animal, Knowledge (local), Knowledge (geography), Ride, or Survival. The chosen skill is a class skill for you and you gain a +1 trait bonus to it.

Chivalric Fighter

You have been trained in the weapons of chivalry.

Benefit: Select one of longsword, lance, light armor, medium armor, heavy armor, or shields (light and heavy). You gain proficiency in the selected piece of gear. You must fulfill all prerequisites for the proficiency feat you gain.

Pious Devotion

Your faith gives you power.

Prerequisite: A character that already has access to clerical domains cannot use this trait; this represents the power of faith of a lay person.

Benefit: You must have a patron deity to benefit from this feat. Choose one of your patron's domains. You can use the level 1 domain power of one of this domain as a cleric of you character level. If the use of a domain power requires the expenditure of a use of channel energy, that power can be used a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1 times per day).

Push to Glory

When the goal is within reach, you are able to give that final push needed to succeed.

Benefit: You get a +2 trait bonus on attack rolls to verify critical hits.

Steady Rider

You groom your mount to keep going trough danger.

Benefit: You can form a special bond with a mount after one week together. Add your skill modifier for Handle Animal and Ride to the mount's hit points. If you begin bonding with a new mount, any previous bonds are broken.

Olman Traits

Animal Aspect

You have an affinity for one of the ancient warrior totems of the Olman.

Benefit: Once per day as a swift action you can enter a sacred rage, letting something bestial come over you. You take on an animalistic appearance, retaining your normal form and attributes but distorting your normal human features to be like a jaguar, eagle or other predator native to Olman lands. For the rest of the fight you gain DR 2/Iron. This is overcome by normal iron or steel, like most normal melee weapons are made from, but still protects against wooden weapons like the club and against natural attacks. This DR stacks with barbarian damage reduction.

Giver of Blood

Lawful and even good Olman can worship deities of chaos and evil, accepting the burden of placating these evil powers for the benefit of the people.

Benefit: If you worship an evil or chaotic deity, you can ignore all alignment restrictions based on class or patron deity. Performing the required functions of your position in a cult does not change you alignment, as long as you perform them piously and without excess. Nor does casting aligned spells affect your alignment, but the results of such spells can affect your alignment as normal. If you worship a patron of an alignment different from yours, base all alignment-derived powers of your class (channel energy, casting aligned spells and so on) on your patron's alignment.

Jungle Tribesman

You are a member of one of the Olman tribes that succeeded the Olman empire and prosper in the jungle wilderness.

Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus on initiative checks and Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks when you are in jungle terrain. When traveling through jungle you leave no trail and cannot be tracked (though you may leave a trail if you so choose). If you have jungle as a favored terrain, add +2 to the favored terrain bonus instead of the above benefits.

Olman Throwback

You belong to a group of Olman who have been assimilated by invaders or colonists, and live as a client people in their societies, but your heritage is still alive inside you.

Benefit: You have a suppressed affinity for the faith and practices of the old Olman. Select one class from this list: Barbarian, Oracle (for an Olman deity), Sorcerer, Witch. This class is a favored class for you (in addition to your normal favored class).

Native Guide

You have become a guide for explorers from faraway lands.

Benefit: Select one skill from this list: Knowledge (local), Knowledge (geography), Survival. The selected skill is a class skill for you, and you get a +1 trait bonus to checks using this skill.

Rhenne Traits

Lucid Dreamer (Racial)

Your dreams are a special place of power that only you get to enjoy; driving away threats to your subconscious is as easy as slamming a door.

Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (planes) checks and a +2 trait bonus on Will saves against effects on your dreaming mind or subconscious, such as a night hag’s dream haunting ability, the nightmare spell, and illusions of the phantasm subschool.

Harrow Born (Racial)

You grew up around the mysterious fortune-tellers.

Benefit: You start play with a harrow deck passed down from a relative. Because of your skill with fortune-telling, you gain a +2 trait bonus on initiative checks.

Rhenne Outcast (Racial)

You grew up among the Rhenne, but are no longer one of them. You broke a taboo or offended a leader, and now you are known as an outcast. You might still be considered a friend of the people, but you are no longer of the people and have been forced to make your own way in the world.

Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff and Disguise checks, and one of these skills is always a class skill for you.

Rhenne Wanderer (Racial)

You were raised among or have spent time with a group of Rhenne nomads, whether travelers, Sczarni criminals, or entertainers, and have learned their ways.

Benefit: Choose one of the following skills: Diplomacy, Perform (choose one type), Handle Animal, Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (local), Profession (fortuneteller), Profession (sailor), Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, or Survival. You gain a +1 trait bonus on this skill, and it is always a class skill for you.

Trifler (Racial)

A childhood spent at your mystically gifted grandmother's side has taught you the basics of real magic.

Benefit: You may cast prestidigitation three times per day as a spell-like ability. This spell-like ability is cast at your highest caster level; if you have no caster level, it functions at CL 1st.

Other Human Races

There are other human races in the World of Greyhawk, living in the main outside Flanaess.

Common in all these race descriptions should be read as whatever language is dominant in the campaign. If the campaign takes place in a race's home region, common is the same as that race's home language, and is replaced with one free trait.

If the campaign takes place in Nippon, common means Nipponese, and Nippon characters start with only one language but one extra trait.


Celestials think they live at the center of the world in a land dominated by dragons and Asimaar. Similar to historical China of the late imperial period; unified but ruled by a highly corrupt hierarchy. In theory they are all part of the heavenly bureaucracy.

Strong abilities: Constitution, Wisdom, Intelligence.

Languages: Celestial, Common. Celestial is also the language of good outsiders.

Ancestral Teacher (Racial)

Pick any one spell - you need not be able to cast this spell when you take this trait. You get a +2 trait bonus to save DC with this specific spell.

Landlocked (Racial)

You are nigh unbeatable when your feet are on the ground. You get a +2 trait bonus to CMD when standing on the ground, and a -2 CMD penalty when not (on a deck, flying, swimming, climbing, riding and so on).

Master of Bamboo (Racial)

You can use a full-round action with bamboo to create what would normally take on hour to craft using Craft (carpentry), but such creations only last for an hour.

Spunky (Racial)

You have an indomitable spunkiness and never quit trying. Add a +1 trait bonus on reflex saving throws.

Superior Man (Racial)

You are educated, gain a +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (all varieties).


These are the arctic peoples living near Flanaess.

Strong abilities: Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom.

Languages: Chakji, Common.

Light Thread (Racial)

When you are about to trigger a pitfall or fall trough thin ice or snow, you receive an additional Perception or Survival check (as appropriate) to spot the danger just before you fall to it.

Mammoth Master (Racial)

You have experience trapping and training large creatures such as mammoths, mastodons, woolly rhinoceroses, and other megafauna. You gain a +4 trait bonus on Handle Animal checks related to these creatures.

Snow Lord (Racial)

You get a +2 trait bonus on Acrobatics and Survival checks in arctic conditions, and one of these skills becomes a class skill for you.

Storm Sense (Racial)

You get a +5 trait bonus to Survival checks to predict weather.

Strong Arm (Racial)

When you use a throwing weapon, you receive no range penalties at up to two range increments, and take the normal penalty for each range increment beyond that. Your maximum range for throwing weapons is six range increments.


Coming from a land ruled by half dragons, the Nipponese do all in their power to live up to their demanding masters. They are culturally similar to Japanese of the shogunate era.

Strong abilities: Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence.

Languages: Nipponese, Common.

Harmonious Karma (Racial)

Select one Craft or Profession skill. You gain a +2 trait bonus to this skill.

Respectable (Racial)

As a honorable Nipponese, you gain a +2 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks against non-chaotic creatures, as long as you remain Lawful in alignment

Second Sight (Racial)

Once per day as a Standard action you can see invisible for one round.

Sword Sage (Racial)

You are a lesser noble with scholarly interests. Select an area of the Knowledge skill. You gain a +1 trait bonus to this skill, and it is a class skill for you. You are also proficient with the katana and wakizashi as martial weapons (the katana is used in two hands as a martial weapon).

Zen Craftsman (Racial)

Select one item creation feat and one Craft skill. You can use the selected skill and feat together to create magic items with a caster level equal to your level. Unless you are a spellcaster, or work with one, you will usually take crafting penalties because you lack spell prerequisites.


Native to distant Erypt, these bronze-colored people have an ancient civilization.

Strong abilities: Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom.

Languages: Osirian, Common.

Eryptian Amulet (Racial)

You have an amulet that provides you with a +1 trait bonus on one type of saving throws. A scarab (sacred to Ra) provides a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves, a feline amulet (sacred to Bast) provides a +1 bonus on Reflex saves, and a water lily amulet (sacred to Nefertem) provides a +1 trait bonus on Will saves. If you lose or replace your amulet, it takes a week before a new amulet gains power. The amulet can be worn in the head (headband), neck, wrist, or foot (anklet) slot and can be enchanted with a resistance bonus to further enhance all kinds of saving throws.

Eryptian Geometry (Racial)

You gain a +2 trait bonus on Knowledge (geography) and this skill becomes a class skill for you.

Eryptian Scribe (Racial)

You gain a +1 trait bonus to Linguistics and to the scroll's caster level when using magic scrolls.

Mudfoot (Racial)

You ignore difficult terrain caused by mud or water up to 3 ft. deep. This is a trait bonus.

Porter (Racial)

You carry and pull weight as if your Strength was 2 points higher than it actually is. This is a trait bonus.

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Originally from the far west, these people moved into the Flanaess after the invoked devastation, and today dominate among the Tiger and Wolf nomads and on the Plains of the Paynims. They are tribal nomads riding in wagons and on small horses of great endurance. They are famous illusionists.

Branches live in The Barrens and Ull. The Uli of Ull are demon worshippers and look down on all other folk, including other Paynim, while the Rovers of the Barrens are in turn looked down upon for mixing with the Flan and not all being riders.

Strong abilities: Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom.

Languages: Ordai, Uli, Common.

Abyssal Companion (Racial)

Uli only.

You speak Abyssal. If you have an animal companion, eidolon, or familiar any damage it inflicts with natural weapons counts as evil and chaotic to overcome damage resistance. You cannot use this trait if you are of good or lawful alignment.

Blood Link (Racial)

As a full-round action for you (your mount can still act and move normally), you can suck the blood of your mount to nourish yourself. You regain a number of hit points equal to your character level and count as having eaten a full meal including drink. Your mount takes 2 points of Constitution damage.

Headstrong (Racial)

You gain a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against abilities used by demons and other chaotic or evil outsiders and fiendish creatures.

Horse Nomad (Racial)

Tiger and Wold nomads only.

You have a very strong bond with horses. Any horse you ride gains a +4 trait bonus on Constitution checks and temporary hit points equal to your Ride skill bonus. A particular horse can only gain these temporary hit points once per day.

Mounted Skirmisher (Racial)

Not available to Uli.

When mounted, your mount can take an additional move just after your turn has ended. This movement triggers attacks of opportunity as normal.

Ride Like a Demon (Racial)

Uli only.

Once per round as a swift action you can inflict one point of Constitution damage on your mount to make the mount take an additional move.

Spirit Animals (Racial)

Rovers only.

Animals you summon using summon monster or summon nature's ally spells have an intelligence of at least 3 and understand Ordai, enabling you to give more complex commands to them.

Tainted Summoner (Racial)

Uli only.

You speak Abyssal. Any creature you summon using summon monster or summon nature's ally spells are of evil alignment and the damage they inflict with natural attacks counts as evil to overcome damage resistance. All your summon spells are evil spells and you cannot summon good creatures.

Totem Warrior (Racial)

Not available to Uli.

Select a totem animal. As long as you wear clothes made from this animal, you gain a +2 trait bonus on one skill. Here is a selection of totem animals and the skills they are associated with to the Paynims.

  • Bovines: Survival
  • Deer: Bluff
  • Dog: Handle Animal
  • Eagle: Diplomacy
  • Fox: Stealth
  • Hawk: Perception
  • Lynx: Acrobatics
  • Snake: Heal
  • Tiger: Intimidate
  • Wolf: Ride

Wain Woman (Racial)

Tiger and Wold nomads only.

When riding in a wagon or on a mount that is part of a caravan, you can perform a full day's work on some Craft or with enchanting, as long as you do not actually direct the mount or wagon yourself. This trait is most common and honorable among women, and even men who take it are sometimes scornfully called "wain women".


The black warriors of Hepmonaland are proud and accomplished. The Tuov is actually only one of many human cultures in Hepmonaland, but it is the one outsiders most frequently encounter.

Strong abilities: Strength, Constitution, Charisma.

Languages: Tuov and either Polygot or Common.

Endurance Hunter (Racial)

You gain a +4 trait bonus on Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from a forced march.

Iron Lion (Racial)

You gain a +1 damage bonus with unarmed strikes and gauntlets. If eastern weapons are in use in the campaign, this bonus also applies to Tekko-Kagi and iron claws (see below(). You gain proficiency in Tekko-Kagi and iron claws, a variant gauntlet with sharp blades extending between the fingers. This does slashing damage but is otherwise identical to the gauntlet.

Long Legs

Increase your base land speed by 5 ft. You must be taller than average. If you begin play with this trait and determine length randomly, one of your dice for length automatically scores the maximum possible result.

Native (Racial)

Select one terrain from the ranger's list of possible favored terrains. You are native to this terrain and gain a +2 trait bonus on Stealth and Survival checks in this terrain.

Shielded (Racial)

You gain proficiency with either the light shield and heavy shield, or with the tower shield. You must be proficient with heavy shield to select tower shield.


A nation largely occupied by Nippon and the Celestial Empire, the Wrang have a strong national identity of their own. Sadly, their heroes tend to be tragic figures hounded by angst and fate.

Strong abilities: Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma.

Languages: Wrang, Common.

Fated Mate (Racial)

You gain a +2 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks. Select one situation - normally when someone of the opposite gender sees you naked. When this situation happens, you are convinced that you are to be this person's mate and direct all your actions to make this become true.

Shining One (Racial)

As long as you are of a chaotic alignment you gain a +2 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks against non-lawful creatures.

Supreme Effort (Racial)

Once per day, you can take 2 Constitution damage to reroll any single d20 check you just failed at. You must take the second result, even if it is worse.

Wrang Exile (Racial)

You have been forced to live away from your home and childhood friends. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Intimidate and Survival, and one of these skills becomes a class skill for you.

Wrang-Do (Racial)

You gain a +1 trait bonus to Heal checks and to the save DC against your Stunning Fist attacks. Heal is a class skill for you.


Qudrans are Suel.

Living on the other side of the mountains from the Nippon Territories, their land is a desert in constant rain shadow behind the tall peaks, with life along the coast and along seasonal mountain streams. Q'drans dominate trade to and around the Celestial empire, and their caravans bring highly valued wares.

Q'drans are survivors of the Suel houses that fled west long before the rain of colorless fire. Like the Suel who fled to the east before the apocalypse, the Q'drans also absorbed many Suel refugees from the apocalypse. They share the Suel racial superiority, but express it by exploiting their neighbors in trade and raids, not as empire builders. They have kept much of their ancient heritage as heirlooms, secret lore, or in hidden locations in the wastelands.


Living in the intensely magical land of Zindia, these people are frail of body but great in spirit. They are similar to pathfinder's Vuldrans.

Strong abilities: Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma.

Languages: Zindian, Common.

Animal Karma (Racial)

You have a karmic link to a certain animal, and get a +5 trait bonus on Handle Animal, Ride, and Wild Empathy checks against that specific type of animal.

Low Caste (Racial)

You gain a +2 trait bonus on any one skill. Your class at level 1 must be one that has less than full base attack bonus, that does not cast spells, and that has the selected skill as a class skill. If you have Rogue as your level 1 class the selected skill becomes a class skill for you.

Mystic Caste (Racial)

You gain a +1 trait bonus on concentration checks. Your class at level 1 must be a spellcasting class.

Past Life (Racial)

Once per day you can make a Knowledge roll with a +5 trait bonus.

Warrior Caste (Racial)

You gain a +1 trait bonus to CMB and CMD. Your class at level 1 must be one with a base attack progression of +1 per level.

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