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This is the campaign page for the Mummy's Mask campaign page.


The Pathfinder Society is organizing the scholarly exploration of the Necropolis of Wati, currently awaiting permission to explore the vast necropolis. Player characters can be members of the expedition or locals attracted by the possible wealth or just the exotic foreigners and their odd ways.


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Financial Backing

I will be using the financial backing rules adopted for Wrath of the Righteous. Every few levels, when in contact with their Pathfinder Society backers, players will be expected to turn over their findings, and in return will be equipped to their current level - or possibly above that the trials ahead seem especially challenging. Calculate the PC's net worth, then add equipment up to recommended wealth levels. Potions, scrolls, and other one-use items are not included in net worth for these calculations.

Financial backing also includes an additional slush fund to use for minor expenses like material components. This pool refreshes each game session and is 25 gp x character level sqared.

Mummy's Mask Guns

Player characters in Mummy's Mask are familiar with guns. Per the Pearl Sea rules, all early firearms are considered simple weapons. Characters who make their own guns and powder do so at Pearl Sea prices, and guns can be purchased at this price from the Pathfinder Society, but on the street use Nippon prices.

Use of Magic Items

When using a magic item, the items effective caster level is equal to the users HD or the item's own caster level, whichever is higher. Any ability value (such as saving throw DC) uses the best of the user's Int, Wis and Cha.

A weapon that combines the characteristics of several different weapons, such as a double weapon, only needs to be enchanted once if both heads have the same enchantments. Any enchantments not applicable to the way it is used at the moment have no effect.

Pathfinder NPCs

NPCs in the pathfinder Society that are likely to be encountered in the campaign. See also Pathfinder Factions and Pathfinder faction feats.

Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage

Amenopheus claims to trace his blood to the line of the Jeweled Sages of antiquity. This time-weathered Eryptian sage wears his long black beard in a single braid adorned with nothing but copper bands. He wears austere red robes and simple leather sandals, and he dodders, often losing his train of thought or blathering humorous tales or anecdotes that seem simple to most, but conceal a profound lesson.

The Sapphire Sage coordinates Pathfinder activities in Osirion, balancing the interests of the foreign society and its agaients against his genuine respect for his homeland.

Those unfortunate to get on Amenopheus’s bad side fear the old man’s piercing gaze, knowing full well he conceals a dozen wands of power in the wide sleeves of his robes. Amenopheus is supposedly the advisor to an obese Osirian noble named Dremdhet Salhar, who sits on the Grand Council in Soltis (the captial), but in truth, the fat noble never utters a sentence not planted in his mind by the Sapphire Sage first.

Kathkallan The Merchant

A Qudran trader and Pathfinder contact, Kathkallan is the PCs introduction to Wati. You arrived in the city on his caravan. He is a huge man that favors ostentatious red robes and trades in honey, spices, scents, and magical components. Responsible for the Wati area, Kathkallan is your main contact and initial source of supplies.

Marcos Farabellus, Master of Swords

The current Master of Swords is a scarred and broad-shouldered man with a black beard and a booming laugh. A career soldier before taking up with the Pathfinders, Marcos’s novel tactic of hiring himself out as a mercenary commander in important conflicts (the better to understand the varied forces at work) has led him to make history as often as record it. Marcos understands that his job as Master of Swords is not to turn Pathfinders into warriors, but rather to keep them alive while the do their true work of discovering and recording.

Kreighton Shaine, Master of Scrolls

Kreighton Shaine is an elvel loremaster and the master of scrolls. He is considered strange and absent-minded by his Pathfinder peers, but his abilities in solving puzzles and codes more than make up for his eccentricities.

Wati NPCs

Commander Abdallah

Commander Abdallah, who leads the city watch, has a perpetually stern face, and she rules her soldiers with iron discipline. Her admiration for the city and its haty-a borders on fanatical, and she is a devout worshiper of Lendor, encouraging her troops to attend prayers regularly. She also personally oversees the drilling of the watch three times per day with the aid of her two captains, Daghreb and Maranad.

Master of Papyrus

The huge Papyrus House is run by the grumpy Abderrahmane Zagara with the help of a large body of clerks, assistants, inspectors, and enforcers who collect taxes and dues from the thousands of merchants and citizens within the city. Haty-a Oshep Kahmed despises Zagara, who he correctly suspects is loose in his enforcement of the taxation laws, taking regular bribes and gifts from the wealthier locals in exchange for more liberal interpretation of the laws.

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