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Purple DragonPurple Dragon
The Purple Dragon

Dorian Wolfe is a knight from the north of Cormyr. He is tall and strong, hardened by years of training. He is handsome young man, but he looks stern and serious most of the time.

Dorian serves in the Purple Dragon knights like his forefathers have done for centuries. He strives to prove himself as a valiant and honorable knight and defender of the kingdom. He is well versed not only in the knightly skills, but he has also studied the arts of war, diplomacy and oratory.

He married Mabel Ironcrow in the winter of 1376 DR. The couple are currently expecting their first child. They reside at Thornhill Manor, which was part of his wife's dowry.


The family coat of arms is argent, a wolf rampant sable, i.e., a black wolf on a silver shield. The arms of the heir is augmented with a gold label of three points, worn as collar on the charge.


Dorian rides the fearsome black destrier Lex.

Rewards and trophies

Notable trophies given to other knights:

  • Dorian carried The Black Knight's sword (a longsword +2) on many adventures, including on the Field of Glory in the War of the Exiles. He gave it to Taran Huntsilver when the young noble defended an inn during the attack on Suzail in 1377 DR.


The Wolfes are known as scholars, diplomats and clerics, but above all warriors.

The ancient arms of Wolfe

Dorian's father Nathaniel died in Tilverton in battle against the Demon Dragon's horde. This left his older brother Orlando as head of the family, though his mother Elaine (née Winter) still exerts considerable influence. He has two younger sisters, Lenore and Isobel as well as a younger brother, Titus.

The women are trained in the martial arts, and while they are many have proven themselves on the ramparts of the family castle or on the field of battle. Dorian's aunt Ophelia was famous for her skill at arms and her deeds as an knight errant. She finally met her match in Tristan Silversword, though she was defeated by love as much as skill of arms.


The Wolfe family has holdings in Suzail and Eveningstar. The family castle lies to the north, near the Storm Horns.

Relations with other nobles

The Wolves are loyal defenders of the crown, though they support the traditional rights of the nobles. They are on good terms with the families Winter and Silversword.


The Wolfe family were among the first settlers of Cormyr. According to family history, Jonathan Wolfe disagreed with Ondeth Obaskyr about the massacre in the Year of Distant Thunder (16 DR), but accepted Faerlthann as his king. When the elves left Cormyr, the Wolfes settled in the forest to farm and hunt.

Roland Wolfe saved Prince Bryndar [1] from a band of orcs during a hunting trip in the King's Forest in the Year of the Whispering Woods (79 DR). He was knighted Sir Orlando Wolfe, and the family has since served the crown for more than twelve centuries. Some of the members of the family and their deeds are noted below.

Sir Sebastian Wolfe was one of Princess Gantharla's companions during her time of exile in the western forests. He was created first Baron Wolfe in the Year of the Sepulchre (246 DR) after she became the first Queen to rule Cormyr. Some whisper that he was the father of the queen's illegimate child, who later became king Roderin "the Bastard".[2]

Benedict Wolfe and his sons joined Crown Prince Azoun [3] in his crusade against the Shoon Empire in Amn, Tethyr, and Valashar in the Year of the Leaping Hare (376 DR).

Tristan Wolfe fought against the orks from the Stonelands until they were driven out in the Year of the Cat's Eye (429 DR). He was one of King Duar's twenty companions in the original Purple Dragons, and stood with the king against the minotaur Magrath in the Year of the Sea Princes (432 DR). The family keep was expanded to its current size during the reign of King Duar and his son Azoun II to protect the northern border against invaders.

The people in Arabel still remember that the bloody rebellion in Arabel against King Draxius Obaskyr in the Year of the Bloodcrystals (627 DR) was crushed by Lord High Marshal Titus Wolfe. [4] Some say that the mighty argent blade he carried was a gift from the king as thanks for his services. All known conspirators who plotted against King Draxius died with Luthax in the Year of the Empty Hearth (629 DR) when the High Wizard Amedahast broke her staff. The tragic deaths of certain members of the families Illance, Dauntinghorn, and Bleth in later duels against Titus Wolfe are presumed to be unrelated.

Oliver Wolfe and his sons fought with King Galaghard III against the Witch-Lords at the Vast Swamp in Year of the Thirsty Sword (900 DR).

Sebastian Wolfe fought with Arangor Obaskyr and his son Azoun II against the ancient black dragon Thauglor in Year of the Dracorage (1018 DR).


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  4. ^ Exact year is not mentioned in official realmslore, but it was probably a few years before the plot in 629 DR.