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Purple DragonPurple Dragon
The Purple Dragon
Note: Much of Cormyr as presented in the Purple Dragon differs from official realmslore. Families listed in gray have not appeared in the campaign, and may not exist at all. See the discussion page for an official lists of nobles that have not yet appeared int he campaign.

These are some of the major families of Cormyr that are responsible for much of the feuding and politics in the Kingdom. Houses are listed by name, the person that leads them, the regions they are strong. This is the kind of information that the Knowledge (Nobility & Royalty) skill grants to a character.


The Royal Family, Dukes and Duchesses

  • Obarskyr, Dowager Queen Filfaeril, Suzail and the entire Kingdom
    • Princess Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr, the Steel Regent, Daughter of Azoun IV
    • Crown Prince Azoun
  • Crownsilvers, (Duchess) Kimba Crownsilver - Lady of the South, Suzail
  • Huntsilver, (Duke) Maestoon Huntsilver - Lord of the West, Suzai/Kings Forest
  • Truesilver, (Duke) Ayesunder Truesilver - Lord of the North, Suzail/Marsember/Arabel

Great houses

Counts and Countesses

  • Lombard, (Countess) Juno Lombard
  • Redbough, (Countess) Evelyn Redbough
  • Valdiir, (Count) Sebastian Valdiir

Noble houses

Barons and Baronesses

  • Beauregard
  • Caldera
    • Sir Markvart Caldera of the Purple Dragon Knights. Married to Miranda Beauregard.
  • Carmog
  • Delaney, (Baron) Albert Delaney, Lord High Marshal of Cormyr
  • de Mornay
  • Devette
    • Sir Cornelius Devette, former squire of Sir Dorian
  • Ironcrow, (Baron) Ruthven Ironcrow
  • Munker,
  • Silversword, (Baron) Grady Silversword, Suzail
  • Valair
  • Wolfe, (Baron) Orlando Wolfe. Suzail/Eveningstar/Helmlands [1]
    • Sir Dorian Wolfe of the Purple Dragon Knights. Married to Mabel Ironcrow.

Great families

Lords and Ladies of the landed gentry

  • Redgrave
    • Sir Armand Redgrave, former squire of Sir Markvart
  • Winter, Tessaril Winter, Eveningstar

Disgraced families

These familes have been exiled or stripped of land and titles.

  • Bleth, Gruen Bleth, Suzail [2]
  • Delnir, (Baron). Exiled during the reign of Azoun IV.
  • Harmel, (COunt). Exiled during the reign of Azoun IV.


Note: It the local Purple Dragon campaign the Renewalist faction is unknown.

There are two main factions in the kingdom. The Royalists favour a strong central government controlled by the King, and Loyalists (or Traditionalists) who favor the strong traditional rights for the nobles who support Cormyr and the Crown.

The Loyalists argue that a strong nobility is needed to balance the often head-strong and sometimes less than able Obaskyr rulers. One of the Royal Wizards once remarked that "Cormyr has had many bad kings, but never an evil one". In some cases, Loyalists have argued that it is necessary to convince one Obaskyr to step down in favor of another [3]


  1. ^ Castle in Tempest Valley south of Chara's Mountain.
  2. ^ The Bleth family lost their lands and titles after the failed plot to kill King Azoun IV in the Year of the Gauntlet (1639 DR). Cf. Cormy: A Novel.
  3. ^ One example of this is the abdication of King Iltharl in favor of his sister Gantharla. The king abdicated on his own accord once he became aware of the Loyalist conspiracy to put his sister on the throse.

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