Klaus Stierheim

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Purple DragonPurple Dragon
The Purple Dragon
Klaus Stierheim is a Cormyrean knight. He has recently (1377 DR) joined Sir Jorstag and Sir Dorian on their quest to slay the undead dragon which killed princess Alusair and laid waste to much of Suzail.


The family coat of arms is a bull's head.[1]

The arms of Stierheim.


The first Stierheims was a Hattian adventurer from the Black Eagle Barony who was ennobled for loyal and heroic service to the crown. The family has since been granted a fiefdom and the rank of Baron. The Stierheims are on good terms with Delay and de Mornay families.


The Barony of Stierheim lies in the the Western Marches, near the lands of Delaney.


  1. ^ Stier is Hattian for 'bull'. Exact design and colors of coat of arms need to be decided.