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Purple DragonPurple Dragon
The Purple Dragon

Cormyr has been ruled by the Obaskyr family since rule of the land passed from elves to men.


Some events have changed in the Purple Dragon campaign. See The Grand History of the Realms for the offical line of rulers.
Obaskyr dynasty
Ruler Born Reign Notes
Faerlthann “First King” –7 26-55 First son of Ondeth Obarskyr.
Imlon “the Touched” 27 55-57 First son.
Bryndar 44 57-64 Son of Imlon; died without issue.
Eskruis 33 64-66 Third son of Faerlthann; died without issue.
Rhiiman “the Glorious” 35 66-79 Fourth son of Faerlthann; died without issue.
Embrus “the Old” 30 79-84 Second son of Faerlthann; two younger brothers preferred in the succession before him.
Kaspler “the Learned” 66 84-90 First son of Embrus; died without issue.
Imbre 70 90-94 Second son of Embrus.
Sacrast 93 94-123 Illegitimate son but officially adopted by Imbre; Regency of the Four Barons during first sixteen years of his reign.
Daravvan 109 123-124 First son of Sacrast.
Dorglor 110 124-134 Second son of Sacrast; suicide.
Embrold 112 134-145 Third son of Sacrast; adopted Dorglor’s illegitimate son as heir; never married.
Irbruin 127 145-169 Son of Dorglor; slain with son and heir.
Faerlthind[1] 146 - Son of Irbruin; slain in 169 with father.
Moriann 147 169-201 Second son of Irbruin; both sons and heirs slain in battle with goblins of Hlundadim.
Tharyann “the Elder” 167 201-238 Tenth child/third son of Irbruin.
Boldovar “the Mad” 199 238-246 Second son of Tharyann; believed to have strangled his elder brother Dorglor; believed dead but actually spirited away by Baerauble until he died; in death claimed by the “Ghazneth curse.”
Iltharl “the Insufficient” 221 242-245 Son of Boldovar; abdicated in favor of older sister; died in 298.
Gantharla “First Queen” 218 245-261 Older sister of Iltharl; never married but had an illegitimate son before her coronation.
Roderin “the Bastard” 244 261-267 Illegitimate son of Gantharla who succeeded her due to the support of the Silver families and Baerauble; died without issue.
Thargreve “the Lesser” 225 267-268 Son of Tharyann’s daughter Erthava, who resided in Westgate; brought to Cormyr by Baerauble.
Holordrym 242 268-272 First son; sole direct heir.
Belereve 259 272-274 First son of Holordrym; slain by sister Rasthaele.
Thargram 260 274-276 Second son of Holordrym.
Besmra 246 276-286 Younger sister of Holrdrym; crowned despite claims of son Torst.
Torst 264 286-289 First son; slain in Marsember by his illegitimate stepbrother Belorth and his stepfather Kurrurdan (Besmra’s first husband).
Gordroun 266 289 Second son; posthumously crowned and added to lineage by Keldroun; slew Belorth and Kurrurdan before falling to lizardfolk in Marsember.
Keldroun 266 289-295 Third son; slain by nobles.
Berost “the Bold” 282 295-301 First son of Keldroun.
Gorann 284 301-303 Second son of Keldroun; died due to the machinations of his sister Gorauna and the Purplethroat Plague.
Edrae “the Doomed Babe” 302 303-305 Infant son of Gorann; slain by his mother Jalanthra to escape Gorauna’s torments.
Ulbaeram 288 305-308 Third son of Keldroun; slain in battle with Askran “the Pretender,” husband of Gorauna.
Silbran 286 308-320 Wife of Ulbaeram; took the throne to protect the succession of her son and Ulbaeram’s only heir; died in 324.
Raerboth 306 320-326 Legitimate son of Ulbaeram; slain by Gorauna.
Baerildo 325 326-328 Son of Raerboth; slain by Gorauna.
Belmuth “the Bastard” 304 328-334 First illegitimate son of Ulbaeram; died of the Purplethroat Plague.
Sargrannon 324 334-336 First son of Belmuth; slain on Gorauna’s orders by Ortolar.
Ortolar 305 336-337 Second illegitimate son of Ulbaeram; slain by Gorauna.
Imbrus I 322 337-339 Second son of Belmuth; slain by Gorauna.
Rathdar Orlenthar [R] 299 339-341 Common-born regent of the “boy kings”: Artreth, Zoumdan, and Imbrus II.
Artreth 334 339-340 First son of Ortolar; died of the Purplethroat Plague.
Zoumdan 336 340 Second son of Ortolar; died of the Purplethroat Plague.
Imbrus II 339 340-341 Son of Imbrus I; died of the Purplethroat Plague.
Meurthe “Mad Meurthe” 318 341-344 Granddaughter of Gorauna.
Kasplara 329 344-345 Grandniece of Gorauna.
Jasl “the Royal Jester” 327 345-347 Grandnephew of Gorauna.
Arathra “the Little Spider” 322 347-348 Grandniece of Goarauna.
Barander “the Tortured King” 329 348-349 Grandnephew of Gorauna; abdicated in favor of Thargreve; thereafter known as “the Scarred Advisor”; died in 372.
Thargreve “the Greater” 334 349-360 Son of Meurthe; slayer of Gorauna.
Jarissra 345 360-369 Niece of Thargreve; abdicated in favor of her cousin Andilber; died in 390.
Andilber “the Unfortunate” 340 369-370 First son of Arathra.
Anglond 341 370-391 Second son of Arathra.
Azoun I “the Crown Prince of Battles” 358 391-425 Son and sole heir.
Duar “Longyears” 385 425-480 Son and sole heir; defeated the pirate lord Magrath the Minotaur after his first wife’s family, the Turcassans, betrayed the realm.
Galaghard I 434 480-514 Son and sole heir from Duar’s second wife; only son died late in his reign, and he assumed son’s identity with aid of Amedahast’s longevity magics.
Galaghard II “Father of the Dark Princes” 469 514-554 Actually Galaghard I; three sons rebelled against him, and he had them slain; assumed identity of his third “loyal” son Draxius.
Draxius “the Neverdying” 523 554-875 Actually Galaghard I; death of Amedahast saw end of longevity magics after longest rule of any Cormyrean monarch.
Bryntarth I 852 875-897 Son and sole heir of Draxius.
Galaghard III 873 897-953 First son; defeated the Witchlords of Wyvernwater.
Rhiigard “the Mourning King” 895 953-982 “Rhigaerd I”; betrothed prior to his accession to Princess Aliia of Impiltur, who died in a shipwreck.
Bryntarth II 943 982-1001 First son of Rhiigard.
Arangor 979 1001-1042 Son and sole heir; Thauglor the Purple Dragon slain during his reign.
Azoun II 1001 1042-1056 First son; died of wounds received when restoring rebel Arabel to the kingdom.
Proster 1035 1056-1122 First son of Azoun II.
Baerovus 1092 1122-1164 Son and sole heir of Proster.
Palaghard I 1126 1164-1187 Second son of Baerovus; conqueror of Esparin; took Enchara of Esparin as his wife.
Pryntaler 1164 1187-1210 Son and sole heir of Palaghard I.
Dhalmass 1186 1210-1227 Son and sole heir; reconquered Marsember after it rebelled.
Palaghard II 1214 1227-1261 Second son of Dhalmass.
Azoun III 1241 1261-1275 Second son of Palaghard II.
Salember “the Rebel Prince” [R] 1246 1275-1286 Third son of Palaghard II; ruled as “regent” but refused to relinquish the throne; slain by Jorunhast.
Rhigaerd II 1269 1286-1335 Son and sole heir of Azoun III.
Azoun IV 1307 1335-1371 Son and sole heir of Rhigaerd II.
Alusair Nacacia [R] 1335 1371-1376 First daughter of Azoun IV; the “Steel Regent.”
Azoun V [1] 1371 - Son of Azoun IV. [2]


  1. ^ a b Did not rule; marked for line of succession.
  2. ^ Changed in the Purple Dragon campaign. In the official timeline, he is the grandson of Azoun IV and the son of princess Tanalasta, who does not appear in the campaign.


  • The list of rulers can be found in The Grand History of the Realms.

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