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Purple DragonPurple Dragon
The Purple Dragon


For thousands of years, the Forest Kingdom was ruled by dragons. The reign of dragons ended when the elven Elven Lord Iliphar Nelnueve challenged the Thauglor, the Black Doom. The elves ruled the forest until the Obaskyr family founded the kingdom of Cormyr.


Most of the eventis in the timeline are from the History of Cormyr page. Events specific to the Purple Dragon campaign are listed with a 'Campaign' suffix.

Year of Good Hunting (-205 DR)

  • The Elven Lord of Scepters, Iliphar Nelnueve of House Amaratharr, is granted rule of the colony forests of the Forest Country (Cormyr) upon his besting of Thauglorimorgorus the Black Doom in a dragons' duel of honor. [TSR1165]

Year of Firestars (6 DR)

  • Ondeth Obarskyr and his family settle in the forest of Cormyr.
  • Novel: Cormyr: A Novel

Year of Distant Thunder (16 DR)

  • Elves massacre ten men and women at Mondar Bleth's farmstead some distance from the original settlement in Suzail. This is blamed on orcs, but the truth is whispered among the colonies.
  • Novel: Cormyr: A Novel

Year of Opening Doors (26 DR)

  • Lord Iliphar renounces elven claims to the the land. Faerlthann Obaskyr becomes first king of Cormyr. [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9531 p.75]
  • Arphoind Bleth is the first to swear fealty to King Faerlthann and is dubbed knight.
  • Cormyr Reckoning (CR) calendar begins.
  • Novel: Cormyr: A Novel

Year of the Whispering Woods (79 DR)

  • The forester Roland Wolfe saves the life of Prince Bryndar in the King's Forest and is knighted Sir Orlando Wolfe. [Campaign]

Year of the Tusk (112 DR)

  • Cormyrean cartographers create the first recognized map of Cormyr, Cormanthor, and the Dalelands. [WTC11836] [TSR1165] [TSR1085a]

Year of the Screeching Vole (163 DR)

  • The Ring of Winter is last reported used on Faerûn in this year, when a village and a Cormyrean lord's estates are destroyed in massive icestorm during high summer. [TSR1085a]

Year of the Dun Dragon (245 DR)

  • King Iltharl abdicates in favor of his sister Gantharla and retires to Cormanthor.
  • Novel: Cormyr: A Novel

Year of the Sepulchre (246 DR)

  • Sir Sebastian Wolfe is created first Baron Wolfe by Queen Gantharla and granted a fiefdom. [Campaign]

Year of the Leaping Hare (376 DR)

  • The Shoon Imperium extends Calimshan's borders to the High Moor. The army of Crown Prince Azoun I of Cormyr drives Shoon forces back through Amn, Tethyr, and Valashar before sacking Ithmong and returning home. [177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9561 p.44] [TSR1159a p.30]
  • Errata: TSR1159a p.30 incorrectly dates this event at 336 DR.
  • Errata: TSR9561 p.44 incorrectly lists Azoun I as King, instead of Crown Prince.

Year of the Cat's Eye (429 DR)

  • The ork raiders from the Stonelands are driven out of the King's Forest by King Duar.
  • Melineth Turcassan, the King's father-in-law sells Suzail to pirates for five hundred sacks of gold.
  • Novel: Cormyr: A Novel

Year of the Sea Princes (432 DR)

  • Magrath the Minotaur is slain by King Duar and his twenty companions, the first Purple Dragons. Suzail is reclaimed.
  • Novel: Cormyr: A Novel

Year of the Empty Hearth (629 DR)

  • An assassination attempt on King Draxius Obarskyr of Cormyr by Luthax and Elmariel Emmarask is foiled by Thanderahast and Amedahast, at the cost of Amedahast's life.
  • Novel: Cormyr: A Novel

Year of the Dangerous Game (658 DR)

  • Rathdaen, a Cormyrean mage and Realms-wide explorer of note, arrives in Myth Drannor after a decades-long absence. While never a native, he is close friends with many practitioners of the Art in the City of Song, and remains as a guest for years at a time. [TSR9558]

Year of the Toppled Throne (710 DR)

  • Drow attacks in Cormyr claim the lives of three noble families of the realm; while believed dead, most of the nobles survive as slaves in the Underdark. [WTC11836][TSR9558]

Year of the Thirsty Sword (900 DR)

  • Battle against the Witch Lords: King Galaghard III and the armies of Cormyr repeatedly defeat the armies of the Witch Lords in eastern Cormyr, at the forgotten temple, Juniril, Manticore's Crossing and Wheloon.
  • Novel: Cormyr: A Novel

Year of the Plough (906 DR)

  • Cormyte agents seize the Ashaba valley and name it Shadowdale. [WTC11836] [TSR1120]

Year of the Dracorage (1018 DR)

  • Three red dragons and Thauglor, the Black Doom, descend upon Suzail, laying waste to much of the city, and other dragons wreak havoc across Cormyr.
  • Thauglor, the Black Doom, is defeated in the King's Forest in Cormyr after being lured into a trap. Prince Azoun II laid the final blow, piercing his brain with the sword Orbyn.
  • Novel: Cormyr: A Novel

Year of Long Shadows (1164 DR)

  • The pirate Immurk the Invincible raids a merchant-ship of Procampur, capturing the coronation crown of Cormyr's new king, Palaghard I. This marks the rise of piracy in the Inner Sea. The nations of the Inner Sea begin building their own warships, seeking to defend their merchant fleets and hunt the pirates in their own lairs.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a]

Year of the Arcane Guise (1187 DR)

  • Pryntaler assumes the throne of Cormyr. [TSR1031b p.34]

Year of Embers (1201 DR)

  • Harkon Lukas, later a darklord of Ravenloft, is born in Cormyr.

Year of the Blazing Banners (1209 DR)

  • The Battle of the Fallen: The plundering of the Urdogen's pirates is curtailed after a massive confrontation outside the Dragonisle by the combined forces of Sembia, Impiltur, and Cormyr. Prince Lashilmbrar led the Impilturan forces in the attack. [882927200 p.89] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a]

Year of the Crimson Crag (1211 DR)

  • Dhalmass assumes the throne of Cormyr. [TSR1031b p.34]

Year of Green Wings (1216 DR)

  • The last Goldfeather noble is executed for treason by King Dhalmass. [TSR9486 p.169]
  • Errata: According to TSR1031b p.34, which lists dates in Cormyr Reckoning, Dhalmass was not yet crowned king in 1191 DR. This contradicts TSR9486 p.169. This date has been shifted twenty-five years to 1216 DR to account for Cormyr Reckoning.

Year of the Wall (1227 DR)

  • Palaghard II assumes the throne of Cormyr. [TSR1031b p.34]

Year of Beckoning Death (1253 DR)

  • Plague year in Cormyr, Sembia, and the Vast. [TSR1085a]

Year of the Vigilant Fist (1259 DR)

  • The evil of Harkon Lukas is embraced as the domain of Kartakass is formed in the Demiplane of Dread.

Year of Bright Dreams (1261 DR)

  • Azoun III assumes the throne of Cormyr. [TSR1031b p.34]

Year of the Blade (1275 DR)

  • Salamber declared Regent of Cormyr. [TSR1031b p.34]

Year of the Rock (1286 DR)

  • Rhigaerd II assumes the throne of Cormyr from his regent uncle, Salamber. Jorunhast, the Lord High Wizard, is exiled from Cormyr for killing Salember. [TSR1031b p.34]

Year of Thunder (1306 DR)

  • Vangerdahast of Cormyr founds War Wizards. [WTC11836] [TSR1085a]
  • Errata: This is contradicted by Cormy: A Novel which mentions that the War Wizards were founded by Amedahast. This means that the War Wizards have existed for a least six centuries by this date.

Year of the Mace (1307 DR)

  • Azoun IV of Cormyr born. [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR1031a p.18]

Year of the Shadowtop (1314 DR)

  • Rhigaerd II, King of Cormyr, defeats the border raiders. [TSR1085a]

Year of the Snow Winds (1335 DR)

  • Alusair Nacacia, the future Steel Regent of Cormyr, is born. [TSR1031a p.18]
  • Rhigaerd II dies in the waning days of this year. [TSR1085a]

Year of the Highmantle (1336 DR)

  • Azoun IV takes the throne of Cormyr. [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR1031a p.18]

Year of the Gate (1341 DR)

  • The Golden Griffon Eyes, an all-woman adventuring band from Selgaunt, charted by Azoun's hand. [TSR9486 p.226]

Year of the Bloodbird (1346 DR)

  • Azoun IV, King of Cormyr, charters the Knights of Myth Drannor. [TSR1120a]
  • The Sword Herald refuge, Dawninghunt, is found by adventurers. Within is discovered a chest of over a thousand large and splendid emeralds as well as four big, extensive spellbooks and several items of minor magic. [TSR9486 p.226]

Year of the Dragon (1352 DR)

  • Gondegal raises an army of mercenaries and launches many raids within the kingdom. Gondegal is crowned "king" for eight days before The Purple Dragons, and the combined forces of neighboring kingdoms, scatter his forces. Gondegal flees Corymr. [TSR9531 p.96] [TSR1031b p.23]

Year of the Worm (1356 DR)

  • Cormyr seizes Tilverton. [WTC11836] [TSR1085a]
  • Princess Alusair Nacacia runs away, vanishing from the royal palace in Suzail. [TSR1031a p.39]

Year of the Prince (1357 DR)

  • Novel: Azure Bonds

Year of Shadows (1358 DR)

  • Giogi Wyvernspur and Flattery Wyvernspur battle for control of the legendary family heirloom. [TSR9552 p.25]
  • Novel: The Wyvern's Spur

Year of the Turret (1360 DR)

  • The Horde: Having been defeated in Rashemen the previous winter, Yhamun Khahan turns his attention west, along the Golden Way. People of many nations rally to the cry of the Council of Thesk. Their combined forces defeat the Tuigans at Phsant. King Azoun IV defeats Yamun Khahan in individual combat. [176650000]
  • Note: The Horde invasion probably did not happen in the local Purple Dragon timeline.
  • Novel: Crusade

Year of the Shield (1367 DR)

  • Novel: Murder in Cormyr

Year of the Gauntlet (1369 DR)

  • King Azoun IV is poisoned but suvives. The Bleth familiy is implicated in a conspiracy to end the reign of the Obaskyrs, and are stripped of land and titles.
  • Novel: Cormyr: A Novel

Year of the Tankard (1370 DR)

  • Direct trade opens between Cormyr, Myth Nantar, Naramyr, and Eadraal as the surface-worlders send down sculpture and pickled fruits, while the sea folk send up raw coral, gold bars, and other items lost to the sea bottom. [TSR11393 p.75]
  • Novel: Beyond the High Road

Year of the Unstrung Harp (1371 DR)

  • Tilverton is formally absorbed into the nation of Cormyr. [WTC11836, p.113]
  • Nalavatoryl the Devil Dragon leads an army of orcs and goblins and despoils much of Cormyr. The dragon and King Azoun IV slay each other in battle, leaving the infant heir Azoun V on Cormyr's throne. [WTC11836, p.271] [953667200, p.33]
  • Novel: Death of the Dragon

Year of Wild Magic (1372 DR)

  • Tilverton suffers an attack of unknown origin in Mirtul. All that remains of the city is a dark, concave space filled with shadows and flitting regions of deeper darkness. [WTC11836, p.113]
  • Novel: The Siege

Year of the Risen Elfkin (1375 DR)

  • Count Julius Lombard pledges allegiance to Balnock the Red, barbarian warchief of the Stoneland tribes. Cormyr loses much of its nothern lands, and war seems inevitable. [Campaign]
  • Sir Dorian Wolfe negotiates a treaty between Cormyr and the barbarians. [Campaign]

Year of the Bent Blade (1376 DR)

  • Princess Alusair is reluctantly betrothed to King Balnock. The barbarian kingdom of Felsenmark becomes a vassal of Cormyr. [Campaign]
  • Two exiled nobles, Count Harmel and Baron Delnir, demand that their ancestral lands be returned to them. This leads to a war between the western Cormyrian nobles and the exiles from Sembia. [Campaign]
  • Royal wedding of Princess Alusair, the Steel Regent of Cormyr, and King Blanock of Felsenmark. [Campaign]

Year of the Haunting (1377 DR)

  • The Cult of the Dragon sacks Suzail. Princess Alusair is slain by an undead dragon turtle.
  • A council of regents is appointed to assist Crown Prince Azoun.
  • Sembia refuses all trade with Cormyr.
  • A peasant uprising, insitigated by demonic forces, is dealt with little loss of life.

Year of the Cauldron (1378 DR)

Year of the Lost Keep (1379 DR)

  • The lost crown of Cormyr is recovered.
  • King Balnock of Felsenmark is killed.

Year of the Blazing Hand (1380 DR)

Year of the Voyage (1398 DR)


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