The King of Cormyr

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The King of Cormyr
Purple Dragon episode
Purple DragonPurple Dragon
Episode no. Episode 50
Date 2009-03-28
Game Master Panzerman
Characters Dorian Wolfe
Iordan Chaff
Jorstag Carmog
Klaus Stierheim
Markvart Caldera
Experience 25,000
Episode chronology
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"The Beginning of the End"
Purple Dragon episode list

In which the king Azoun V is crowned and the knights defeat the demon dragon.

Notepad.png This is a work in progress.

Some ten weeks passed during which Cormyr prepared for the coronoation of Crown Prince Azoun. The heroes discussed who to invite to the coronation and who to inform that something bad was likely to occur.

To be translated and expanded...

Jorstag specialtränar en grupp PD att vara skydda och kunna släpa undan en icke namngiven individ vid behov.

Marquardt ägnar sig åt diverse fortifaktionsarb ete för att göra det svårt för fienden att ta sig in i eller fly staden.

Klaus upprätthålller ordningen i landet

Diverse magi som kan vara bra

  • Mass Conviction
  • Heroes Feast till all adel på bankett innan kröningen
  • Hatred +2 for Blood Oath to slay the dragon hit damage
  • Terrain bonus +1 first round

Effects on all

  • burning sword +1d6 fire +1d10 on crit extra
  • sonic weapon +1d6 sonic
  • ant-dragon aura +5 luck AC, saves vs dragon
  • protection from elements buffer 120 fire
  • protection from elements buffer 120 cold
  • resist elements 30 fire
  • resist elements 30 cold
  • greater heroism +4 morale hit save skills, 2d10 hp
  • conviction mass +4 morale saves , immunity to fear
  • heroes' feast d8+8 hp, immunity to fear
  • bull's strength +4 str
  • bear's endurance +4 con
  • telepathy
  • fly
  • mass haste
  • death ward
  • hallow


Courtyard outside palace in cormyr Platform Bleachers

Sommaren är i sin största hetta Vakterna rappoertera att en djävul kommit till poerten. Detta är Kapten Charybdis

Även General Blasckskull kommer till SUzail och låter sig inte stoppas av vakterna. Han verkar vara illa till mods över att vara där. Cassilda är myket upprörd över denna onda närvaro (hon rycker i kopplet) när erinyes flinar åt henne.

Morenkainens disjunction on perimiter neutralizes virtually all spells and magic items

Lord Astennu swoops down and charges Sir jorstag, the bravest knight in the land Blessed arrow strike the balor, who is bloodied Sunroof is disintegrated sir jorstsg hewes mightily at the balor after he interposed himself between the demon and the crown prince wish x2 returned "I say no!" Dorian charges the demon who still stands Dragon swoops down towards the king and his guards and breathes a blast of fire (24d10) boosted by a number of spells. Many brave knights gave their lives to prtect the king from the dragonbreath. AS the dragon moved ovet the square, many cultists dropped from the dragon's back to the ground The balor is slain by a mighty charge by Sir Klaus. It promply detonates in a large explosion which slays the brave paladin Florian. (save versus massive damage failed) Iordan takes to the sky and invokes Mordenkainen's disjunction on the flying dragon followed by a delayed blast fireball which detonates instantly. General Blackskull slays one of the ogres of the cult of the dragon Sir Jorstag Charged into the sky and struck the dragon a mighty blow Sir Dorian withdraws from the dragon and quaffs a potion circle of death from dragon affects the flying which miraculously affects neither the airborrne knights or their steeds Sir Klaus charges the dragon and strikes it a mighty blow with his morningstar. The skeletal dragon crumbled and bits of bone fell to the ground. Othos, havimg slayed enough, passes the knights on the ground a speaks a single word: "tilverton". Leaves the scene

One of the lesswer members survived (cultist) and is mindraped by Iordan. The base of the Cult is in Tilverton just outside the demonic gate.

There was no sign of Stuggart Trollhind, was likely present but was not detected. He likely escaped and remeins a threat.

The crown prince is crowned on the field, quickly and without much ceremony. The knights thrm transporeted themselves to Tilvertonm

The infernal erinyes salutes the young king albeit sardonically.

Then knights immediately teleport to Tilverton with their mounts. They appear in the mists of Tilverton at the edge of the Abyssal crater near the headquarter of the Cult of the Dragon. A number of altars are placed on the rim of the craters, manned by robed cultists and guarded by undead demonic hybrid. At the centre of the crater is the demonic gate.

Charbydis took to the sky. Blackskull charged the gate of the HQ and reduced it to splinters. Othos and Jorstag seized the opportunity and stormed the house followed by Dorian. Guides by the vision (mindrape) by Magister Iordan. Sir Jorstag and Sir Dorian rode up the two sets of stairs and spread out.

Sir Marquardt scattered the minions who guarded the nearest altar. Sir Klaus rode in the another direction, intending to disrupt the summoning ritual. Cassilda followed suite ant tore into the demons and minions while Charybdis peppered them with arrows.

Sir Jorstag made his way into a room with a robed figure and sundry minions. The knight attacked the wizard (?) who retailated with necromatic spells. Was this Stuggart Trollhind? A cleric and armored fighter attacked the brave knight. Dorain was forced to dismoiunt in order to reach the wizard

Outside: Movement spotted in the cetner of the creater. Had someting come from the gate?

General Blacskull made his way into the wizard's chamber and joined the fight against Stuggart Trollhind. By now, the culist leader was boxed in. Sir Jorstag yelled "This ends now!" and struck furiously at the wizard who fell, cleft in two. The fanatic cleric and blackguard(fighter?) still remained but their necromantic spells had little effect on the brave knight. Iordan used trap the soul on the dying mage.

Outside: Marquardt spied a huge hulking shape. He, and Sir Claus turned their horses towards the pit. Charybdis cried out "Bebeliths!"

Othos hacked his way through the floor which caused the cleric top fall through and landed on the table on which othos stood . Sir Jorstag jumped down, fully intending to finish the fight. Sire Dorian hacked furiously at the cult champion, but he still stood until the death knight drained his life. Downstairs, Othos and Sir Jorstag downed the cleric, who was left bleeding but still alive.

Outside, the infernal glow of the portal died down, but the bebeilths still roamed the crater. They turned their attention on the knights on the perimeter (who had by now demolished quite a few of the altars). Charybdis called out that the integrity of the altar circle was collapsing. The bebeliths despeartely tried to intercept Sir Marquardt and Sir Klaus who ignored them and continued to demolish the altars. The bebeliths could not keep up (too slow) and were soon forced to defend themselves against Cassilda and sir Dorian who had left the building and returned to the field of battle.

Mq and Klaus caught in bebelith web on other side of crater.

"It's going to collapse!" Charybdis cried and ascended. TIMESTOP! Jorstag swooped inside and gathered the bodies. With the bebeliths dead, the heroes made their escape from the crater. Othos on the other hand rushed into the hellgate. Behind them, the heard the ground groaning as the gate imploded and closed. Slowly, the mist began to disspitae and the feeling of unease disapperaed from Tilverton. ' Sending to King Axoun V.

Knights made their leisurely way back to Suzail and were greeted by cheering crowds.


"Lords of the Crown" and answer only to the King. Knights of the Chalice founded in honor of Florian. Florian is sainted and henceforth known as Saint Florian, patron saint of demon slayers.


Ashmedi Fighter 12/Divine Champion 5

  • girdle of giant strength +6
  • full playte +5
  • large shield +5
  • long sword keen ghost touch +5
  • amulet of natural armor +5
  • ring of protection +5

Stuggard Trollhind Necromancer 10/Wearer of Purple 10

  • headband int +6
  • rind of protection +5
  • am nat armor +5
  • bracers +8
  • cloak of restance +5
  • boots of teleportation
  • iron bands of Billaroo
  • ring of evasion


  • large full plate light fort +3
  • keen large longsword +3
  • large shield +3
  • wand of bull's strength
  • wand of bear's endurance
  • wand of cure light wounds

Mefas, evil cleric of Velsharoon 12/Wearer of Purple 4

  • Full plate +5 major fortifaction adamntite
  • Large shield +5
  • Heavy mace +5 humanbane
  • Amulte of natural armir +5
  • ring of protection +5
  • boots of striding and springing
  • wand of cure critical wounds
  • wand of cause critical wounds

Saren, orc cleric 12

  • full plate p+4
  • shield +3
  • heavy mace +4 speeding impact
  • boots of haste
  • wand cure light wounds
  • wand of cause light wounds

Osol, ogre barbarian

  • large chain shirt +5
  • large falchion +5 keen speed
  • girlde of giant strength +6
  • boots of haste
  • ring of spell store III
  • ring of protection +5

Wearer of Purple Knights Guards (6)

  • 6 x full plate +2
  • 6 x shuield +2
  • 6 x longsowrd +3
  • 3 x ring of spell storing III

Great Wyrm[1]

  • Nothing!


  • vorpal greatsrod +1 large
  • whip flaing large +1
  • platemail abyssal steel large


  1. ^ The same dragon who was slain by Azoun IV.