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We use the Defiant server for villains and Union for heroes.


  • SINISTER - primary villain group.
  • CURSE - secondary villain group (for alts).


Player Member Level Origin Archetype Primary Secondary Notes
@ Chape Ms. Madelaine Recruit Science Dominator Mind Control Plant
@ Chape Tst Nor Recruit Natural Mastermind Ninjas Dark Miasma
@ Chape Wissla Recruit Magic Corruptor Ice Dark Miasma sister of the ice tank Wintra
@ Hunter Proxy Enforcer Mutation Brute For SG invites (2nd account)
@Burning Fist Cao Qin Enforcer Natural Stalker Martial Ninjitsu Hero from Buddhist Hell
@Burning Fist Hypnotica Enforcer Magic Dominator Mind Psi Possessed prom queen
@Burning Fist Kandarian Enforcer Magic Brute Strength Invulnerability Violence elemental
@Burning Fist Papa Vodou Enforcer Magic Mastermind Necromancy Poison Bokor
@Burning Fist Übersonic Enforcer Science Corruptor Sonic Ice Betrayed anarchist
@Frustro Bobble 14 Mutant Dominator Gravity Energy Knockback specialist
@Frustro Commander Aggro Recruit Natural Mastermind Mercenary Force Field Mercenary Commander
@Frustro Killer Klown Operative Mutation Brute Superstrength Invulnerability Psycho-mutant clown
@Frustro Quagmire 8 Mutant Dominator Plant Thorns
@Frustro Shadowbug 8 Natural Stalker Thorns Regeneration
@Frustro Tick-Tock 10 Technology Brute Energy Energy Clockwork monster
@Frustro Umbral Apostate Operative Natural Corruptor Dark Dark Former Umbral realm cleric/lord
@Frustro Umbral Centurion Recruit Magic Brute Dark Dark Former Umbral realm warrior
@Frustro Umbral Imperator 8 Magic Dominator Mental Psionic Former Umbral realm officer
@Frustro Umbral Mortificator Operative Technology Stalker Ninja Blade Ninjutsu Former Umbral realm assassin
@Frustro White Howler 2 Mutant Stalker Claws Regeneration Werewolf
@Fury Fury Enforcer Natural Stalker Energy Reflexes Renegade Crey agent
@Fury Reanimator Enforcer Magic Mastermind Zombie Dark Undead Victorian occultist
@Fury Energia Operative Science Brute Energy Invulnerability Soviet super soldier.
@Fury Robot Master Operative Tech Mastermind Robotics Traps Mad scientist. Muahahaha!
@Hunter Copycat Mutation Stalker Claws Ninja
@Hunter Nexus Tech Corruptor Sonic Kinetics
@Hunter Wolf Natural Mastermind Mercenary Traps
@Irradiator Ankou Operative Magic Corruptor Dark Dark Posessed by evil spirit
@Irradiator Drosera Operative Magic Dominator Plant Thorns
@Irradiator Gargantuman Operative Mutation Brute Super Strength Invulnerability Lost his shades and got mad!
@Irradiator Red Right Hand Operative Natural Mastermind Robotics Forcefield Eccentric Robot Cowboy
@Irradiator Sublimator Operative Technology Dominator Ice Ice Nanotech cooling devices
@Jetstream Tabbie Enforcer Natural Stalker Energy Energy Lost tourist
@Krid Burning Baby Operative Magic Brute Fire Blast Thermal Radiation
@Krid Lethal Blonde Operative Natural Stalker Ninja Blade Ninjitsu
@Krid Victim Operative Tech Brute Super Strength Invulnerability Crey Test Subject
@Kroid Afterdawn Operative Science Corruptor Ice Blast Radiation Emission Harbringer of a nucelar winter
@Kroid Tumbleweed Operative Mutation Dominator Plant Energy
@Kroid Uncivil Engineer Operative Technology Mastermind Robotics Force Field Engineer in demolitions
@Little Punk Cut Throat Jake Operative Magic Mastermind Necromancy Poison Child’s nightmare
@Little Punk Neoletum Natural Brute Energy Stone
@Little Punk Sorsha Operative Natural Corruptor Energy Dark Extradimensional princess
@Quasar Botnia Technology Mastermind Robotics Traps New prime directive: Take Over the World
@Quasar Fanny Feedback Operative Tech Corruptor Sonic Kinetic Go-gang gal
@Quasar Flaming Kitten Operative Magic Corruptor Fire Thermal Net activist
@Quasar Frost Operative Science Dominator Ice Ice
@Quasar Neko Hime Operative Natural Stalker MA Ninjutsu Princess of the neko-ninja.
@Quasar Pretty Evil Magic Brute SS Dark Name says it all.
@Resolve Catholic Girl Operative Natural Brute Strength Invulnerability
@Resolve Dr. Phibes Recruit Science Dominator
@Resolve Ungern Khan Operative Magic Mastermind
@Resolve Von Sauken Recruit Mutant Stalker
@Segmarian Segmarian Operative - Mastermind Robotics
@Spanjab Spanjab Operative Natural Mastermind
@Starfox Dragon Hybrid >3 Dominator Mutant Plant Fire Dragon wannabee
@Starfox Gadget Girl Director Technology Mastermind Robotics Traps Misunderstood genious
@Starfox Vicious Circle Enforcer Mutant Corruptor Fire Dark Monomanic sociopath
@Starfox Night Sprite Enforcer Magic Brute Energy Dark Rogue sprite
@Starfox Vapor Trail >3 Corruptor Science Ice Kinetics Evil Jetstream
@Starfox Baroness Samedi Enforcer Magic Mastermind Necro Dark Bride of the baron
@Starfox Lady Dragon > 7 Dominator Mutant Fire Fire Fire prodigy
@Starfox Grasshopper Girl > 1 Stalker Mutation Spines Regeneration Ex-slave
@Starfox Metal Joker > 6 Corruptor Technology Sark Traps Arachnobot prototype
@Starfox Lord of Chains Enforcer Brute Natural Strength Invul Stage fighter
@Starfox Night Sprite Enforcer Magic Brute Energy Dark Urban fey
@Starfox Nite Sprite Enforcer Magic Stalker Energy Ninitsu Urban fey
@Tuft Mannikin >2 Tech MM Robots Traps Experiment in personality downloading
@Tuft Agent Provocateur >2 Tech Brute Dark Dark Ex-Cray Agent
@Tuft Cat of Nine Tails Architect Magic Stalker MA Ninjutsu
@Tuft Diabolic Cheerleader Architect Magic Brute Energy Energy
@Tuft Go-Go Girl Architect Science Brute Super Strength Invulnerability
@Tuft Redline Architect Tech Corruptor Fire Kinetics
@Tuft Total Cat >4 Magic Stalker Claws SR Just could not leave this name unclaimed
@Tuft Wildthistle Architect Science Dominator Plant Energy
@Tuft Zombie Queen >2 Magic MM Zombie Poison
@Burning Fist Izu >8 Natural Mastermind Ninja Trick Arrow
@Burning Fist Mistress Distess >8 Mutant Corruptor Fire Rad
@Burning Fist Theta-1 >8 Science Stalker Nija Blade Ninjitsu
@Burning Fist Yellowface Jack >4 Magic Brute Dark Invulerability


Player Name Level Origin Archetype Primary Secondary Notes
Hunter Britannia Science Blaster Energy Energy



Reserved Names

These are often open to negotiation - if you see a name you like, ask the owner.

Player Name
@Starfox Dungeon Master
@Starfox Captain Skull
@Starfox Roboteer
@Starfox Toymaker
@Starfox Fell
@Starfox Warwolf
@Starfox Optima
@Starfox Thorns
@Starfox Miss Tell