Vicious Circle (villain)

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My mutations give me pain. I need drugs for the pain. I need money for drugs. I need my mutant abilities for money. My mutations give me pain...

Feeding on the great cycle of fire-ashes-life-decomposition-fire, I use my abilities to create soot, tar, crude oil, gas, and to combust these things.

My mutant ability is to enhance the natural cycles in my surroundings; things like combustion, rot, and decay are mine to use. Sometimes, it manifests in odd ways, allowing me to nullify or absorb powers.

The cat transformation came around this way, as a counter to a sinister plot to dominate me, I had a mas scientist concoct a will-enhancing potion. My mutant abilities absorbed the mutant cat DNA in the potion and the result is what you see. I am not too disatisfied; the harmlessness of my appearance puts enemies at ease and the cat IS a top predator.

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