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Welcome to the information page for SINISTER, the Secret Information Network for International Sabotage, Terror, Exortion and Revenge. The group is registered as S.I.N.I.S.T.E.R. on the European Defiant server.

SINISTER is a small but active group. It is the villainous counterpart of No Such Agency on the Union server. Both groups share the same Mailing List . Please sign up!


Coming 'soon'. Here are some notes on the group Background.


The supergroup Uniform is recommended, but not required, for the second or third costume slot. The intention of the uniform is to look good while on SG teams, promote SG identity, and impress any passers-by when hanging around mission entrances.


Supergroup Badges are required for some Base items. We still need the badges for the Nerva Archepilago and St. Martial.


SINISTER has a small Base which is exanding at a steady pace.



The Director is the leader of the group and is responsible for policy. The current Director is Gadget Girl.


The Architect is responsible for group logistics as well as base construction.

Permissions: The Architect can edit the base.


The Enforcers are the trusted lieutenants of the Director, and they are responible for day-to-day operations.

Permissions: Enforcers can change messages and some settings. They can recruit, promote and kick members.


Operatives are trusted members of the organization.

Permissions: Operatives can recruit new members. This may change once we have all our alts in the group.


Recruits are probationary members of the group.


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