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Ancient with splatches of high-tech, to fit a mixed-origin group such as SINISTER. Also intended to give the feeling that SINISTER is a group with a lot of history. Perhaps an old conspiracy, in the Illuminati style?

To give this impression the following textures are used:

Floor Stone patterns
Lower Walls Stone patterns
Higher Walls Stone for sturdier rooms with only equipment,
softer plaster/wood lattice for rooms intended to be "lived in".
Roofs Stone or wood, depending on the higher wall.

The plaster/wood lattice texture used is really from the oriental style package, but it works reasonably well as early 20th century Art Deco.

The base is kept rather dark, with occasional spot lighting. This is to give the proper villaneous conspiracy feeling, but with mostly flame-based lighting it feels surprosingly cosy.

Expect environment-friendly materials and lots of green plants, since the main architect is Wildthistle, who is part Devouring Earth and Eco-terrorist.

Build Plan

Step Cost Total Complete Comment
Portal Room 0 0 X Also doubles as lounge
Energy Room 150,000 150,000 X
Control Room 100,000 250,000 X
Generator 225,000 475,000 X
Mainframe 150,000 625,000 X At this point basic functional items will work.
Infirmary Room 150,000 775,000 X
Resurrection Circle 10,000 785,000 X At this point we will have PvE resurrection
Workshop Room 1 100,000 885,000 X
Basic Worktable, Magic 25,000 910,000 X
Basic Worktable, Tech 25,000 935,000 X At this point we will have crafting
Terminal 30,000 965,000 X To get control for teleporters
Corner Terminal 32,000 997,000 X
Teleport Chamber 150,000 1,147,000 X Can hold 2 zone teleporters
Basic Telepad 15,000 1,162,000 X (Crafted: Basic)
Basic Telepad 15,000 1,172,000 X (Crafted: Basic)
Zone Beacon: Mercy 10,000 1,182,000 X Accessory to telepad
Zone Beacon: Port Oakes 10,000 1,192,000 X Accessory to telepad
Zone Beacon: Cap au Diable 10,000 1,202,000 X Accessory to telepad
Zone Beacon: Sharkhead Isle 10,000 1,212,000 X Accessory to telepad
Workshop Room 2 100,000 1,312,000 X
Database 106,000 1,418,000 X
Control Room 2x2->1x4 50,000 X To be able to fit more control items.
Corner Terminal 32,000 X May be upgraded to a second database or a holodisplay later
SG Computer 75,000 X (Crafted: Basic) Supergroup missions.
Advanced Worktable, Magic 50,000 X
Advanced Worktable, Tech 50,000 X
Auto-Doc / Tree Of Wonders 50,000 (Crafted: Advanced) Respites & Cabs
Combat Log / Contemplation Chart  ?? (Crafted: Advanced) Break-frees
Required for Items of Power
Teleport Chamber 2 150,000 For raid teleporter
Teleporter 75,000 For raids/IOP missions
Containment Alcove 250,000 To hold Item of Power
IOP Base  ? To hold Item of Power
Dimensional Anchors (6) 30,000 At 5,000 each

©: This is a crafted item that is built but not paid for, and thus not placed in the base.

To PVP or not to PVP?

Do we want items of power in the future? My current thought is that it would be nice to be able to do the IOP missions and raids, as long as we do not lose prestige for crafted items. I'm ok with having to rebuild items using new salvage, though. --Hunter



List assemled personal items here and indicate whether they have been placed in the base. That way we can hopefully avoid building multiple items. Of course, the real limiting factor is prestige, not salvage.

Item Member Prestige Placed Comment

Lack of Control

Perhaps we should get the 1x4 control room. It costs 150,000 and allows six auxilliary items as opposed to the current four. That will mean one less potential room on the current plot, but I don't see how we can get around the control problem otherwise. --Hunter

Done. --Tuft

The Next Big Thing

No, I don't mean the badge. The next big thing is exanding to a 8x12 plot. This costs 1.6 million prestige. With our current rate of expansion, it should be doable in 3-4 weeks.


This item can apparently sell Respites and CABs. This will be very useful for adventuring on Sharkhead! It is listed as Advanced Tech, so it will require an Advanced Worktable. Sadly, it also requires a SG badge.

Apparently, it also buys inspirations! --Tuft

Advanced Worktable

Advanced tables are separate items, and require an additional workshop, since only two tables can be in the same room. --Tuft

Teleport Pads

To use the Teleport Oad, you have to click on the "computer display" inside the teleporter itself, and choose your destination. The camera, not the character. must be very close to the terminal for this to work. You can do this in two ways:

  • Use 1st person mode.
  • Turn the character to face away from the terminal, and click on its back side.

The possible destinations are set with Zone Beacons. They are separate items, looking like TV displays depicting the destination, and work as accessories to the telepad. The closest two beacon to the telepad gives the telepad its destinations. Beacons can be purchased directly when someone has collected all exploration badges for a zone in SG mode, and need not be crafted.

We now have two placed Telepad and the missing Cap au Diable SG badge.

SG Computer

From a forum post:

For PvE, the mission computers is a great source for PvE mission content. They allow you to access otherwise hidden Task Forces, which are pretty fun to do, although time consuming. Not all members of a Mission Computer Task/Strike Force must be in your supergroup.

We can get a mission (presumably a SF) from Silver Mantis by clicking on the SG computer. The mission requires a team of four.