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This is a list of the SINISTER supergroup badges.


  • Mercy Isle Beacon
  • Port Oakes Beacon
  • Cap au Diable Beacon
  • Sharkhead Isle Beacon


  • SG Mission Computer
  • Mega Monitor Plans


Finding the Sweet Tooth Badge

Fury used a flight pack to get the Sweet Tooth badge by flying through the hole in the world described below. This did not get us the badge even though she has been in SG mode since breakout. However, Gadget Girl was able to get all Cap au Diable exploration badges in once session, so we now have the Cap beacon!

This badge is located inside a building and is not accessible. From this thread:

Instructions for those that can't wait for a fix...

at -2778.8 84.9 -2269.7 there is a hole in the map ( already been /bug'ed) from this hole, you'll need to fly underground to underneith the New Haven candy factory then fly up a pipe you'll see there to a location you can't normally reach where the Sweet Tooth badge is (already /bug'ed by multiple people)