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List of characters on the European Union Server.


Some of the heroes should perhaps be moved to the villain section below.

No Such Agency

Player Character Rank Origin Archetype Primary Secondary Notes
@Asura Arhat Princess Yakuza Spook Natural Scrapper Katana Invulnerability Part-time heroine
@Burning Fist Burning Fist Recruiter Natural Scrapper Martial Arts Super Reflexes
@Burning Fist Nucleopatra Officer Mutant Defender Radiation Radiation Priestess of Atom-Ra
@Burning Fist Seung Yin Architect Natural Defender Empathy Psionic
@Burning Fist Slave Alpha Officer Science Blaster Assault Rifle Devices
@Burning Fist Ultrasonic Officer Mutant Blaster Sonic
@Burning Fist BlackLok Recruiter Science Scrapper
@Burning Fist Li Chang Officer Natural Peacebringer
@Burning Fist Squid Vicious Spook Science Warshade
@Frustro Bolide Spook Mutant Blaster Fire Fire
@Frustro Frostro Recruiter Science Tank Ice Ice
@Frustro Frustro Agent Natural Peacebringer
@Frustro Magmaman Spook Science Tank Stone Fire
@Frustro Netherbug Spook Natural Scrapper Spines Dark
@Frustro Ionstorm Officer Technology Blaster Electricity Electricity
@Harps Load Spook Science Scrapper
@Harps Teeny Tiny Spook Natural Peacebringer
@Irradiator Dr. Nexus Spook Science Blaster Energy Energy Scientist shares body with agressive A.I. entity
@Irradiator Gargantuman Spook Mutation Tank Invulnerability Super Strength M.I.A, missing but still in action
@Irradiator Irradiator Officer Science Defender Radiation Radiation Radiation powered amnesiac
@Irradiator N-Force Spook Science Warshade
@Irradiator Emissary Spook Natural Peacebringer
@Irradiator Rob Goodfellow Spook Magic Scrapper
@Jetstream Cosmic Freeze Recruiter Science Blaster Ice Energy Astronaut
@Jetstream Crystal Palace Recruiter Technology Controller Ice Force Field Wierd scientist
@Jetstream Europa Recruiter Mutant Defender Force Field Energy Patriot
@Jetstream Firespark Recruiter Technology Tank Fire Fire Tanking tank
@Jetstream Imperial Voice Officer Natural Blaster
@Jetstream Inner Light Officer Natural Peacebringer Champions
@Jetstream Inwall Officer Mutant Defender Force Field Psi
@Jetstream Screaming Bat Officer Mutant Defender Dark Sonic Leech
@Jetstream Sprite Governor Magic Scrapper Martial Arts Regeneration Crystalvox fan
@Jetstream Superconduit Agent Technology Tank Ice Ice AI substrate
@Jetstream Umbral Pet Governor Science Warshade
@Jetstream Flame Arrow Agent Magic Controller Fire Trick Arrow Valkyrie
@Jetstream Sassy Spark Governor Mutant Defender Kinetics Electric Neighbourhood hero
@Jetstream Superconductor Governor Technology Tank Ice Ice Self-evolved AI
@Jetstream Earth Wind and Fire Governor Magic Controller Earth Storm Egyptian disco duck
@Krid Creeper Recruiter Mutant Blaster Assualt Rifle Devices
@Krid Pocket Pain Member Natural Tank Invulnerability Axe
@Krid Titsie Officer Natural Scrapper Dark Regen
@Kroid Brickette Spook Mutation Tanker Stone Fire Barbeque
@Kroid Ms. One Spook Natural Scrapper Katana Super Reflexes School girl with a fashion sense
@Kroid Neutrina Spook Science Defender
@Kroid Sunderdog Spook Magic Controller Gravity Sonic Weresheepdog
@Little Punk Cowl Spook Mutant Scrapper Dark Dark
@Little Punk Milky Bar Squid Spook Natural Peacebringer
@Little Punk Shifa Officer Magic Defender
@Necro Fille Princess Ariel Spook Magic Scrapper Broadsword Invulnerability
@Necro Fille Pyrotesse Spook Magic Blaster Fire Energy
@Obakeneko Pink Pixie Spook Mutant Blaster Energy Energy Force Mastery
@Obakeneko Forge of Fury Spook Magic Tank Fire War Mace
@Quasar Djinn Recruiter Magic Controller Illusion Radiation Exchange student
@Quasar Flare Recruiter Mutation Tanker Fire Ice
@Quasar Quasar Governor Natural Peacebringer Saviour from space
@Quasar Teela O-MLY Officer Technology Scrapper Claws Invulnerability Robot with cat brain
@Spanjab Spanjab Spook Natural Scrapper
@Tuft Fireblossom Architect Magic Blaster Fire Energy Faerie exile
@Tuft Glowbug Officer Magic Scrapper Broadsword Regeneration Runaway pixie.
@Tuft Mystic Emerald Officer Magic Defender
@Tuft MysticEmerald Officer Magic Defender Radiation Radiation Cursed gem collector
@Tuft Punchline Officer Technology Tanker Invulnerability Energy Freakshow with behaviour modification
@Tuft White Rabbit Officer Magic Controller Illusion Kinetics
Bit Spook Technology Defender
Supernovae Spook Science Blaster
Unit 3000-21 Spook Technology Blaster

Other Super Groups

Player Character Supergroup Origin Archetype Primary Secondary Notes
@Fury Britannia  ? Science Tanker Invulnerability Energy Melee
@Fury Phantom Lady  ? Magic Controller Illusion Sonic Former stage magician
@Fury Nova  ? Science Blaster Energy Energy
@Fury Atomic Ape Agency Science Defender Radiation Radiation
@Fury Fury Agency Natural Scrapper Martial Arts Super Reflexes
@Fury Halloween Jack  ? Magic Scrapper Claws Dark Armour Magically animated reaper.
@Fury Primal Scream Amplifier Mutation Blaster Sonic Energy
@Fury Scream Queen  ? Technology Defender Kinetic Sonic Goth cyborg diva
@Jetstream Electric Ghost No Such Academy Technology Blaster Electricity Dev Electric controller
@Jetstream Night Sprite No Such Academy Magic Scrapper Spines Dark Fey
@Jetstream Jetstream No Such Academy Science Controller Ice Kin Aerial control freak
@Jetstream Kim Krash Amplifier Technology Defender Sonic Sonic Accident victim
@Kroid Safety Distance  ? Natural Blaster Energy Energy Deadly delivery girl
@Kroid Elusive Space  ? Technology Controller Illusion Radiation Practical scientist
@Quasar Fanny Feedback Amplifier Technology Defender Force Field Sonic Amplified singer
@Quasar Buffy No Such Academy Natural Defender Kinetics Electricity Strong in the Force
@Quasar Freezer Agency Science Blaster Ice Energy Transmogrified lab kitten
@Resolve Catholic Girl  ? Magic Tanker Invulnerability Super Strength Pious Fist of ADD!
@Resolve Swedish Poolboi  ? Natural Scrapper Broadsword Regen Headchopping Party Boi!
@Resolve Fiery Resolve  ? Technology Blaster Fire Devices Champion of Nano-Lysenkoism!
@Resolve Von Saucken  ? Mutation Scrapper Martial Arts Super Reflex Headsmashing Party Girl!
@Resolve Wayward Girl  ? Technology Defender Kinetic Sonic Supa-Cute Amplifier Hanger-On!
@Resolve Mr. Nordgren  ? Science Controller Illusion Radiation Quantum Sysadmin!
@Resolve Blind Justice  ? Natural Scrapper Claws Invulnerability Algolagniac Cyborg Gimp-Girl!
@Tuft Echo Lima Tango  ? Technology Blaster Sonic Energy
@Tuft LinaReverse  ? Magic Blaster Fire Ice
@Tuft Vocal Violence Amplifier Technology Defender Kinetics Sonic Amplifier member
@Tuft Tuft  ? Mutant Scrapper Martial Arts Super Reflexes


Player Character Supergroup Origin Archetype Primary Secondary Notes
@Quasar Botnia Agency X Technology Mastermind Robotics Traps BSOD victim
@Quasar Gung Ho Agency X Natural Brute Energy Melee Energy Aura Working girl
@Jetstream Void Engineer - Technology Mastermind Robotics Dark
@Tuft CatOfNineTails Natural Stalker Claws SR