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I discovered that the name Scream Queen was free on both Union and Defiant, so I decided to make two versions, Freakshow and schoolgirl.


Alexandra Winter was a horror movie scream queen and Goth diva. She starred in a dozen B movies such as Streets of Terror II and Spawn of Swamp where she played beautiful and helpless victims. Her life changed when she was a guest of honour at the Paragon Horror Film Festival. Two of her fans from the Freakshow kidnapped her and wanted her to join them. When she refused, the Freaks decided to work on her anyway. For the first time, Alexandra learned what true horror was. When she screamed, her fans told her it was her best performace ever.

A team of heroes rescued her a week later. She was badly mutilated and partially rebuilt, but still alive. Now, she is ready for her comeback. Alexandra is no longer the helpless victim. This time, she gets to play the monster. She is the Scream Queen, and she wants revenge.


The ScreamQueen is a member of Amplifier.


Level Power Slots
1 Shriek
1 Transfusion
2 Siphon Power
4 Howl
6 Siphon Speed
8 Assault
10 Recall Friend
12 Speed Boost
14 Tactics
16 Shout
18 Inertial Reduction
20 Maneuver
26 Transference
30 Teleport
32 Fulcrum Shift
35 Group Teleport
38 Dreadful Wail

Defiant Version

mutant schoolgirl (sonic/energy blaster)