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Amplifier is a themed Tech origin all Sonic Defender superteam (and supergroup) on the Union server. The goal is to play as a team and have fun while keeping within a theme. If you want to try one of the Sonic powersets, this team may be for you!


Why a Super Team?

Superteams are more than just a group of heroes. Superteams are teams that are significantly more than just the sum of their part. They key to this team is that every member is a Defender who can buff the rest of the team. not just himself.

The proper combination of powersets means you can build a team of Tank Mages. This means capped resistance, very high defense and high ranged damage. In other words, the very thing Statesman does not want to see in City of Heroes.


Amplifier is a teeam of Freakshow members who have been fitted with experimental behaviour modification chips. The chips prevent them from comitting crime, but they are still loud, boisterous and rebellious. (This is assumed to be the default background unless specified.) Some of the members are thinking about starting a band since they should be able to use their cybernetically enhanced bodes to good effect on stage. So far, they have been unable to agree on a name for the band.

See the this gallery for some costumes (the black/red punk look).


Some players can't stand the sonic FX. Amplifier is currently on hold while Cryptic fixes things (or until someone comed up with a hack). We are levelling a a couple of Kinetic/Sonic to level 12 for Speed Boost.


We need more members! If you are interested, please contact us in game, or PM Hunter or Starfox on the official European forums.

The requirements are fairly strict, so you will almost certainly have to create a new hero. Don't worry, you'll level up quickly in this team.

For a team of eight, we need:

  • One more Sonic/Sonic
  • One more FF/Sonic
  • Two or more Kinetic/Sonic

Of course, it would be nice if we could get more members. This would allow us to have more than one team, or at least to get a full team together.


  • Origin: Tech (see below).
  • Archetype: Defender only!
  • Server: Union
  • Primary powersets: Kinetic, Sonic, Force Field
  • Secondary powerset: */Sonic
  • Team mix: 2 Sonic/Sonic, 2 FF/Sonic, 4 Kin/*.
  • Power pools: Leadership
  • Several per team: Medicine, Concealment (Grant Invis), Teleport
  • Travel Power: Not really necessary with buffs from kinetics. Perhaps Hover+Speed Boost will help in the shard (Hover will certainly help against knockback). Someone should probably take Teleport.
  • Hero name: Name must fit with theme. Do not use dots to get the name you want - pick something else instead. See name pool below.

You don't have to follow the recommended builds. Taking Stamina or Hasten if you want ot play outside the team is fine.

The Group


If you create more than one hero, please indicate your main. This is needed so we can get a good team mix.

Heroes Level Player Origin Primary Secondary Notes
Vocal Violence 10 Tuft Tech Kinetics Sonic -
Fanny Feedback 13 O'Malley Tech FF Sonic -
Kim Krash 9 Starfox Tech Sonic Sonic -
Scream Queen 10 Hunter Tech Kinetic Sonic Leadership, Teleport
Max Volume  ? Hunter Tech Sonic Sonic Leadership

I'm rerolling my Amplifier toons and will stop at level 12 max. --Hunter


Light roleplaying encouraged but not required. No player created storyarcs, regular missions only.

Stage Name

Group members should have a stage name. This should ideally be two words, none of which are used by any other group member. Alliterating names are nice but certainly not required. The names has to look good on a poster, and repetition does not look good. See sample names and the roster for examples.

Coming up with a good name for a hero becomes easier when you have a strong concept. Once I started thinking about the band concept, I had no problem coming up with good names. Take the Hives, for example. You don't see names like Vigilante Carlstroem and Nicholaus Arson every day... Sample names:

Alex Holocaust, Derek Disaster, Eva Destruction, Nina Corrosion, Sarah Oblivion, Jezebel Rage, Rex Havoc, Nick Vandal, Sweet Misery, Vixen Vigilante, Liz Flatline, Kat Kinetic, Electric Vixen, Johnny Overload/Overdrive, Susie Scream, Sister Shock, Dead Jenny, Shock Hazard, Savage Scream, Static Noise, Feedback Fury

Pick a name and add something like Rage, Rebel, Hazard, Loud, Fury, Havoc, etc. You get the idea... Any punk name will do fine.

Crunchy Bits

Game stuff goes here.


From the thread: "Finally Origin... If we go mostly */Sonics, we'll be doing Smashing and Energy damage. This team has a major weakness to Psi damage. Speed Boost at level 12 means we are effectively immune to END Drain. The best mobs to fight are Clockwork up to 20, and Freakshow up to 50. Those both drop Tech Enhancements. I recommend Tech Origin characters."

Recommended Play

Taken from the US thread:

  • Do missions. They have consistent level appropriate mobs.
  • Do 1 Tech origin person's missions, so they can buy uncommon DOs and SOs from a contact.
  • Get 1 contact to Friend, then do missions for another character.
  • Adjust difficulty as needed. Maybe Tenacious or Rugged after DOs and Unyielding or Invincible after SOs.
  • Do TFs if people want.
  • Always SK if you can. It will help the team move faster. You'll be getting XP really fast anyway, don't be greedy!


The crunchy bits for this team are based on the research done by TopDoc on the US forums.