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Do we need melee?

Or some meleeist? Parhaps a designated meleefender? As a sonic defender, you have an anchored debuff that anchors to a friend and that debuffs the resistance of nearby enemies. To use that, one of us has to have a melee-friendly approach. Perhaps we could designate a kineticst as the team meleefender - someone who is neither soic or FF gets the buffs from both, and is night invulnerable. --Starfox

I've already picked up Air Superiority on VocalViolence for character-driven reasons, so I would not mind volunteering... :) --Tuft


In view of the horrible sonic FX, it is worth noting that the villainous Corruptors don't have to use Sonic to give resistance buffs. So if Cryptic doesn't fix sonics, we can revive the concept for City of Villains. Amplifier, the all Sonic/* Corruptor SG! --O'Malley

Older Topics


Tuft and my flatmates are back to COH again. It would be nice to play with them and Freezer. Picking up other good players should not be a problem. --Hunter

Group Name

Group created, group name was Amplifier after all...

Some ideas to get things started: Pandemonium, Sonic Shock Therapy (Shock Therapy is a band), Random Noise, Sonic Generation, Primal Scream, Clamor Crew. I'm fairly certain some of these are RL bands. --Hunter

Klaxon Kry, Tearing Metal, Sound of Pain, Dissonance. --Tuft


This team will have mostly Sonic secondary and least two Sonic primary. In other words, this team is going to be loud! When I read this, I though about some sort of electric device, perhaps an amplifier (hence the project name). Some sort of industrial metal band? /Sonic and /Electric should go well with that.

The <group name> are former Freakshow members fitted with experimental behaviour modification chips. The chips prevent them from comitting crime, but they are still loud, boisterous and rebellious. Core members of the group have formed a band and use their cybernetically enhanced bodes to good effect on stage.

  • Music*: some form of punk rock. Not all members need be musicians, some can be roadies and hangers on. As Tuft said, we can assume cover band if we do not want to come up with original songs and lyrics.

Previous discusion about gang versus band commented out since we agreed on band. --Hunter


Idea: "Everything louder than everything else!" This is an old Meatloaf song my iPod Shuffle decided to play on my way to work today. It seemed appropiate somehow. Lyrics (Kind of reminds me of "Our goes to eleven" from "Spinal Tap" --Tuft)


A good visual theme would be appreciated. I remember the good reception the Magical Girls and PSI got due to their themes. --Tuft Yes, of course we should have a good visual theme. Playing on an über team is no excuse to look bad! --Hunter

I've put up a gallery for idea sketches or drafts of possible styles. --Tuft

Purple is perhaps a better colour than red for a goth feel. The red mohawks feels more like punk. Looks good, though. --Hunter - Started with purple, but i wanted something more vivacious, angrier, and mohawks/wild hair styles fit freaks, so it's kind of a goth/punk amalgam. Are there any colors involved in the "standard" powers that are worth taking into consideration? --Tuft I like both looks. --Hunter

Another option might be to use all black colothes (and denim) and let players wear whatever hair colour they want. In this case, black would unify the look and hair colour would be the individual accent. --Hunter

I like the girl band. On my way to work I thought about a band of some sort: loud and boisterous. Perhaps former members of the Freakshow and some of their friends? Mostly tech, possibly a few natural or Mutant heroes as well. Tuft: Try to make some male and huge models to go with that theme, just female members may be a bit to limiting if we create alts or expand. Also, a band theme should make it easy to pick a good SG name, not to mention member names. --Hunter (Male models added now to the gallery --Tuft)

An idea I've not really had time to use yet: Ex-freakshow with "behaviour modification chip implant" - see Spike at the last seasons of Buffy. Or an "if you behave you get amnesty" deal, a la "Alias Smith & Jones"? --Tuft

The behaviour chip sounds like a good idea. Perhaps it prevents them from comitting crimes, but does not fundamentally change their rebellious natures? They will still be angry and violent. --Hunter

Primary Powers

Counting only the small bubbles, sonics give 20% to all but Psi and FF gives 12.5% to all but Psi. These values can be roughly be doubled with enhancements. The cap on resistance is 75%. This means that two Sonic/ defenders can cap everyone's resistances. Sonics beyond this point provide no defensive bonus. The highest mob hit% is 75%. We will be fighting +3s, for an additional +24% This means we can use 95% defense - or four FF defenders. So to max out defense and resistance, we need 2 sonics and 4 FFs. This leaves everyone with a hole because they can't buff themselves, a hole that is much more serious for the sonics. But using the big bubbles should make up for this. Actually, 2 sonic and 3 FF would probably be good enough. This leaves 2 or 3 spaces for others - primarily Kinetics/. If we are to add something else beside kinetcs I suggest Dark/* defenders. --Starfox

According to the thread, fully slotted FF bubbles give 55% defenense in I5. This means 110% (55% for the bubbler) with 2 FF, and 165% (110%) with 3 FF. Probably better to have 2 FF and Maneuvers, since this will mean more slots for Kinetics. Eight Defender Maneuver buffs will provide a noticeable defense, and also works against Psionics. --Hunter

Note that 55% for bubbles assumes all three bubbles. Thus, part of it applies to the bubbler herself and raises her def to approximately 65-70%. --O'Malley That should mean that less need for Maneuvers.--Hunter

I think 3 or 4 FF is overkill. The kinetic buffs are probably more useful for the party. Dark Defenders to not buff the team, and the enemies are probably debuffed enough already. I do not think Dark Defenders are useful enough to bring on the team. --Hunter

Secondary Powers

I see no reason not to go all /Sonic. We won't all be targeting the same enemy, so every bit of resist debuff helps. /Dark offers immobilization, but I don't think it is worth the price. However, this isn't nearly as important as the primaries. --Starfox

I initially thought that we could have electricity or dark as well, but all sonic does look very cool. Specs for team changed accordingly. --Hunter

Pool Powers

I see little point in Concealment - invisibility just isn't good enough to bother with in I5, and it is a nuisance to keep going. However, one kinetic could apply Grant Invisibility instead of Increase Density in his buff bind. By the same token, I see very little use for Medicine. I accept the argument that we don't need Hasten, but I am not so sure about Fitness. Leadership is the one pool I see as mandatory, for Assault and Tactics. --Starfox

Medicine should be useful for the occasional heal or rez out of combat. Everyone should not have it, and I have moved it to " several per team" in the summary. Speed Boost slotted for endurance recovery in combination with Transfusion should mean that we do not need Stamina. Of course, Stamina could be useful if teaming with other groups. --Hunter