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P.S.I. ("The Pinnacle Strategic Initiative") is a crimefighting force on the Pinnacle server.


PSI came into existence because I wanted to create a themed supergroup for a couple of new characters. I was very pleased with the look of the Pretty Soldiers, but wanted a group that allowed for more player creativity while keeping within a narrowly defined theme. I expect that most characters will be created for the group.

Email psi at hastur dot net or one of the officers in game if you are interested in joining P.S.I.


Requirements for membership are listed below. They are quite strict. The fact that I am a sysadmin also has something to do with it. Specs are always nice.


The main focus is on having fun and running missions, not power levelling. Players that can play on GMT (European time) are preferred but those from other time zones are welcome.


Team members must wear a suit jacket with a silver psi letter in supergroup mode (actually a trident, but it looks a bit like a barbed psi). Team colors are black and silver (gray), but members may use other colors as long as they are not too garish.

Heroines must not be too muscular (badge on chest will not show on busty heroines due to a geometry bug). More than 40% on the Athlectic/Muscular scale is chancy.

Apart from the suit jacket, there are no limitations on heroine outfit. But please try to look respectable - this is a "straight" outfit.


Teamwork is essential. All members are expected to learn Maneuvers (from the Leadership group) as soon as possible (no later than level 10). Captains are expected to learn more Leadership powers. All builds should be reasonably team-oriented, but Maneuvers really makes a difference in defense, so you should have slots open.


Heroines are recomended to start in Atlas Park.


No, you can't be Mr. Black. Everbody wants to be Mr. Black. -- Reservoir Dogs.

Heroine must be named 'Ms.' followed by a space and a single identifier. This can be first name, last name or a callsign. Please, no l33t or otherwise weird speeling! Much like in Reservoir Dogs, Ms. Black is not available, but Ms. Pink is. By using a common prefix, many names which are otherwise taken become available. A few examples:

Arcane, Archer, Brown, Chase, Dazzle, Dementia, Electric, Fatale, Gene, Green, Greene, Grey, Hex, Hyde, Illusion, Irons, Jekyll, Magic, Payne, Phantasm, Savage, Sinister, Strange, Strong, and Wave.

Character limit

Max of one alt per player. This may be increased in the future. We will probably have more alts in the beginning, but we should keep only the characters we actually play in the group.


Name Rank Player Origin Archetype Power Sets Notes
Ms. Black Member Hunter Natural Scrapper Katana
Ms. Blackthorn Captain Carl Cramér Science Scrapper Spines/Dark Armor (Area melee)
Ms. Ceete Member PeterNordgren Mutation Blaster Assault Rifle/Devices
Ms. Crane Member Jens i Göteborg ? Scrapper Martial Arts/Super Reflexes
Ms. Dara Member Oscar Ubeda Segmar Magic Controller Fire/Radiation
Ms. Drake Captain Hunter Science Blaster Fire/Devices
Ms. Fit Member Jens Carlberg Mutation Defender Empathy/Dark Blast
Ms. Flamme Member MKai Mutation Tanker Fire/Fire Melee
Ms. Hunter Leader Hunter Natural Tanker Admin account
Ms. One Member FredrikPersson Natural Scrapper Katana/Super Reflexes Deadly Schoolgirl
Ms. Pale Member MatsÖhrman Magic Defender Kinetics/Dark Blast Lifeforce vampire
Ms. Steed Captain MatsÖhrman Technology Blaster Assault Rifle/Devices British agent
Ms. Unity Pending FredrikPersson Science Controller Gravity/Radiation Expert on applied string theory
Ms. White Member Carl Cramér Natural Tanker Invulnerability/Energy Melee