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I work as system developer/project manager/DBA/system administrator at Linköpings universitet. In my spare time I play games, be it roleplaying, computer gaming or plain old traditional borad games. Sometimes I also fiddles with the computer network at home.

Current Status

As per 061012: Playing too much table-RPG for my own good. Thinking about moving the CoH-account to Europe and play for a while, or to buy Burning Crusade and take Clavain to level 70.


Email: hastur dot hastur dot hastur at jenca dot user dot lysator dot liu dot se
ICQ: 44194995 Phone: +46 13 260872


  • City of Heroes (USA) - Pinnacle - Col. Panic (Blaster (Rifle/Energy))
  • City of Villains (EU) - ? - Dark Thought (Stalker (Ninja/Ninjato))
  • World of Warcraft (EU) - Shadowsong - Clavain (Human Paladin, level 60)