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City of HeroesCity of Heroes logo

Supergroups we play in:

Amplifier (EU)

Project name: Amplifier is a planned all Defender Superteam to be formed when I5 goes live.


The Agency supergroup has an official website at

No Such Agency (EU)

Founded as a branch of The Agency, NSA has become a supergroup in its own right, with only a few but very active members. It has a Mailing List

We are no longer actively involved with these groups:


The Global Alien Intelligence Agency GAIA has an official site at

Pretty Soldiers (US)

We used to play a Magic Soldier Girl supergroup. You may want to check out the pictures of the Pretty Soldiers.

P.S.I. (US)

Punisher Squad Infinity (PSI) is an all-female crimefighting force in the tradition of Charlie's Angels and Danger Girl. PSI is no longer active, but proved that a themed supergroup could work well.

Toxic Sisters (US)

Information about the ToxicSisters supergroup on the Infinity server.

Lion City Heroes (US)

We used to run a Swedish-language supergroup based in Linköping (Lion City Heroes), but we had members from other parts of Sweden. Lion City Heroes have been disbanded in favour of other supergroups.