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The Toxic Sisters is a supergroup created by VOC and AgentU89 on the Infinity server. As you can probably guess from the name, the group is for female heroes only.


"Poison to the scum of Paragon City!"


Agent will leave the group due to problems with timezones, and join a group with players in Europe. Agent will still be able to play with the Toxic Sisters on weekends. Someone should be promoted to leader in her place, perhaps Cortana.

VOC Personal Note

Even now that Agent has left the Toxic Sisters, they are still holding on to their belief in poisoning the scum of Paragon. Cortana ,aka Shark Killer, will be promoted as well as Mika, aka Kitty, they both have earn their level and have shown good leader skills, even if Cortana hasn't been able to update her outfit.

PS Kitty is the sexiest cat in all Paragon with her new pink outfit


Todo: Put member list here.


A gallery with pictures of the Toxic Sisters is available here.