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I am playing Secret Agent U89 from John Willie's The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline. True, this is a copycat hero, but I had the opportunity and the motive. That is, the name was free, and I have always been fond of U89.


More pictures of Secret Agent U89 can be found in her gallery.


Natural Scrapper with Martial Arts, Regeneration, Fitness and Super Jump. Played by Hunter on the US Infinity server.


It's spanking time! (She spends far more time beating people up than tying them up like the Orginal Secret Agent U89.)


Penelope Steele is an agent on Her Majesty's Secret Service. Her code name is Agent U89, and she is currently acting as liaison between the Global Alien Intelligence Agency and the British Secret Service.

The stern Agent U89 is an expert marksman, athlete and disciplinarian, and she puts these talents to good use when fighting spies and criminal masterminds. She has an uncanny ability to get into and out of knotty situations, and is known as the best escape artiste on the service. As an international Secret Agent U89 lives a life of danger and intrigue, and has ample opportunity to enjoy the good things in life. When she is not fighting crime, the Agent likes to discipline naughty girls.


There is no hairstyle that matches that in the first comics. Hairstyle Medium 6 is a pretty good match for the flapper hairstyle worn by U89 in The Escape Artiste. I'm not very happy with Regeneration as a secondary due to the excessive FX. While I still play U89, I created Vita as an alternative (Martial Arts/Super Reflexes).