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Natural Scrapper


Primary: Martial Arts
Secondary: Super Reflexes
Pool: Leaping, Fitness
Epic: None planned


Justine de la Croix works as a secretary at Crey Industries. Her Hero identity is known as Vita (Latin for 'life') for her love of danger and zest for life. Vita is a crimefighter and death defying gladiatrix, and lives for the thrill of danger and adrenalin rush of combat. She likes nothing better than patrolling the streets of Paragon City and beat up bad guys.

Justine was injured when a recent Crey product demonstration was attacked by the Freakshow. She engaged the attackers in hand-to-hand combat, thus giving her colleagues time to escape with their lives as well as the prototype. The Freakshow took out their frustration on Justine, and left her crippled and mortally wounded. The Crey STAR team was able to defeat the attackers and save her life. Justine is currently fitted with cybernetic arms until cloned replacements are ready. These cyberarms provide no significant benefit other than an increase in typing speed and the ability to crush beercans with ease. Her loyalty the corporation has been noted, and rumor has it that she will be promoted soon. "Crey: The Corporation That Cares"

Justine's secret identity does not appear to have registered on Crey's radar. After all, her combat abilities are not remarkable compared to Crey operatives.


Powers in bold are taken. Those in italics will probably be taken, but perhaps not at the listed level.

Lvl Power
1 Thunder Kick, Focused Fighting
2 Storm Kick
4 Agile
6 Swift
8 Crane Kick
10 Practiced Brawler
12 Combat Jumping
14 Super Jump
16 Warrior's Challenge
18 Health
20 Stamina
22 Quickness
24 Dodge
26 Dragon's Tail
28 Stealth
30 Focus Chi
32 Eagle's Claw
35 Hurdle
38 Elude
41 Teleport


While I like Taunt ("Warrior's Challenge"), I have take Practiced Brawler as early as possible. I'm not sure if I will take Focus Chi for this toon.

Vita is a replacement for Agent U89 but has Super Reflexes instead of Regeration. She has a similar personality and skills, so I can use the same emotes as for U89. I will play Vita until the respec and see if I like her or U89 best.