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For roleplaying reasons, I have decided to use Nova as a patriotic US blaster and Britannia as an energy tanker. Both are the product of the Prometheus project, an early Allied superhero project designed to create heroes for use in WWII. The details of the project are still classified MAGIC/ULTRA/OMEGA, but modern researches believe it was somehow linked to early nuclear energy research since most heroes fall into the energy or radiation classification.


Britannia is a product of Prometheus, an Allied program designed to create science heroes to combat the super-powered Axis menace during World War II. The woman who became Britannia was once Helen Sinclair, a one of researchers in the Prometheus program at Bletchley Park. The early phases of the program were not sucessful, and after her fiancé was killed in batlle, Helen decided to test the procedure on herself rather than risk the lives of others.

The Prometheus chamber transformed her into a being of pure energy. Much to her annoyance, Helen discovered that her new body was ageless and beautiful, and not the frumpy scientist she had been. To this day, she suspects that this was caused by her insecurities. She took the name Britannia after the female personification of Britan, and appeared on the battlefield and countless propaganda posters during the World War II.


  • Bletchley Park was not shut down after the war. It was used by the British governemnt for secret superhero research.


Lvl Power Min Note
1 Temporary Invulnerability
1 Barrage
2 Energy Punch
4 Dull Pain
6 Swift
8 Unyielding
10 Bone Smasher 10
12 Combat Jumping 6
14 Super Jump 14
16 Whirling Hands 16
18 Invincibility 18
20 Hurdle
22 Stamina 20
24 Hasten 6
26 Resist Energies 12
28 Resist Elements 4
30 Build Up 28
32 Unstoppable 32
35 Energy Transfer 35
38 Total Focus 38
41 Conserve Power 41
44 Laser Eyes 44
47 Tough Hide 26
49 Super Speed 14 or other slot light power

Alternate Build - Leadership

  • Unstopplable -> Assault
  • Tough Hide -> Tactics
  • Super Sped -> Vengeance


  • Barrage is not ver good, but consider slotting it for damage until perma hasten. If following Pulverizor's guide, slots can be taken from Fly, Dull Pain and Tough Hide.
  • This is a scrapper like build which forgoes Taunt in favour of Invincibility and punch provoke.
  • Key powers are taken as soon as possible. This delays Stamina and perma Hasten a few levels.
  • Hasten will hopefully look good with EM attacks!
  • Possible swap of Tough Hide and Unstoppable.
  • Consider taking Stun for PVP combat.
  • Flight could be nice, but I will probably like Super Jump better for melee characters.


Both of these guides recommend not taking taunt since punch provoke and invincibility does a good job of getting and keeping aggro. here.