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My main character and a joy to play! The defender primary has so many tricks up it's sleeves that you can and up with quite a strange character in the end - an Offendtroller. I'm sure you could fit scrapper in there too if you went for the Dark Mastery set.

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Rebirth Into Near Death

The earliest memories of Irradiator are but a few years ago.

He awoke to terrible pain, permiating his entire body, opening dry eyes to faint sunlight filtering though dust in the air. That same dust coated everthing in the room, desks and equipment, and a few shapes that must have been desiccated bodies. He was also covered, and in brushing it off, a large swathe of dead skin also fell away. Instinctivly, he found a simple Geiger-Muller Counter and took a reading. He should have been dead, but thanked the stars that he was not. It at least gave him some clue as to what was going on and why he was surrounded my mummifying corpses. This was some kind of nuclear facility, and something had gone wrong, very wrong. Given that he was obviously not entirely immune to the radiation that killed the others, escape was the only thing to do. Following the sunlight he emerged from a crack in the concrete sagophagus enclosing the facility, into a blasted wasteland.

After days of walking, and taking readings with the GM tube, it became clear that he was deeply saturated with radioactive particles, fallout. He was irradiated. There was no way he could go near people with some protection, for their sake. He returned to the facility, and developed his armour, allowing contact with people once again. Perhaps he could find out who he used to be in Paragon City...