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Irradiators Robotics/Force Field Mastermind, member of S.I.N.I.S.T.E.R.

The Red Right Hand


Sitting next to you in the smoky bar is rather unusual sight, even with all the heroes and villains swarming the world these days. Obviously your staring has been noted, it takes another sip of the whiskey and turns to you,

"Oh, I don't suppose it matters if you know why I'm here," it's voice is smooth and clear, and there's a surprising amount of mobility in the metallic face, "if The Time comes there won't be a thing any of you could do anyway. I'm designated a Sentient Information Gatherer, also classified as Eccentric, which is, I suppose, why I was chosen for this particular job. It is my task to investigate you interesting people living on this otherwise rather dull rock. Due to the complex nature of your social system I thought it best to directly incorporate myself into your power system, rather than the usual covert surveillance.

"As for this charade," it smiles and flourishes a gesture at it's outfit, "I found the early years of this country very interesting, the way the land was ruthlessly taken and divided by men of power speaks volumes."

The Red Right Hand Gang

The powers granted to the Red Right Hand by his superiors are incredibly lowtech (excluding his Mind), easily museum relics in his own civilisation. They were deemed to be suitable for the current Development Level of Earth, to allow a convincing rise to power, and prevent tech-pollution in the unlikely even that Terrans would be able to analyze any hightech lost in the field. The main resource granted is the use of a number of almost sentient robotic drones; The Red Right Hand Gang

Battle Drones

  • Loco
  • Crazy Jake
  • Wild Bill

Protector Bots

  • Doc Painless
  • Whiskey Bob

Assault Bot

  • Big Dave

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