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Subject: Amy Anderson, 7th grade

Mrs. Anderson -- after our discussion last Monday, and Amy's depressive-violent episodes, I feel we should move quickly and set up an appointment with Dr. Abrams. He has a great success rate treating psychosocial disorders, especially in teens. I am positive that Amy's issues can be addressed, as well as your daughter's continued feelings of disconnection and psychosocial adversity.

Sandy Peterson
School Nurse, Center City Junior High School

P.S. There is a nasty rumor being spread--I'm sure by some of the more malicious students who have not succeeded in Dr. Abrams' treatment program--that the good doctor is actually a criminal mastermind recruiting children in order to turn them into super villains. I assure you, this is absurd and we are taking active measures to find the source of the rumor.

Accomplishment Badges

Looking for Plague Carrier (the Radio, Port Oakes; referral from Bokor) and Paragon of Vice (Willy Wheeler, Cap de Diable; referral from ?)