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Diana Steele was known by the code name Fury when she was a Crey Agent. She was incarcerated in the Ziggurat because of her complicity in the Revenant Hero project where she was head of security.

Diana's father was a British scientist who worked for Crey Industries in Paragon City. Her mother died when she was very young, and her busy father had little time for his daughter. As a result she was a lonely child who spent most of her time reading and dreaming of adventure. When she was twelve, her father died in an 'accident' when a group of heroes raided his research laboratory. Suddenly, Diana was left alone in the world, and she swore revenge on the heroes who had killed her father.

Impressed with the girl's pluck and perhaps sensing her potential, Countess Crey took Diana under her wing. She became the ward of the Countess who raised her to be an intelligent and strong willed woman. After university, Diana joined Crey's trainee program

Background is the same as for the hero version on Union until the death of her father. She became the ward of the Countess, and joined Crey Industries after university.


ED style slotting with Quickness and one SO recharge should give a decent attack rate, but it will be very slow going until I have more than two attacks (not counting Assassination Strike). Power picks are very tight, so ranged defense comes very late.

Energy Melee/Super Reflexes is quite end heavy, at least in the lower levels. I doubt it will be possible to skip endurance even with a reducer in all click and toggle powers. If the buld is playable without Stamina, I would probably take Stealth and Grant Invisibility.

At level 22, I still use Brawl in my attack cycle. I really miss Barrage. Not only does it look good, but a fast additional attack that can be used to spam stun chances should be useful in the attack chain. If this build plays better with recharge SOs and Quickness, I may pick up Stun instead.

Lvl Power Slots Notes
1 Energy Punchh 6 Acc, End, Recharge, 3xDmg
1 Hide 3 3xDef
2 Bone Smasher 6 Acc, End, Recharge, 3xDmg
4 Focused Fighting 4 End, 3xDef
6 Assassination Strike 6 2xAcc, Recharge, 3xDmg
8 Build Up 3 3xRecharge
10 Combat Jumping 1 Jump
12 Placate 1 3xRecharge
14 Super Jump 1 Jump
16 Practiced Brawler 2 2xRecharge
18 Focused Senses 4 End, 3xDef
20 Swift 1 Run
22 Health 1 Health
24 Stamina 3 3xEnd
26 Energy Transfer 6 Acc, Rech, End, 3xDamage
28 Quickness 1 Run
30 EP, Stun or Stealth 3
32 Total Focus 6 Acc, Rech, End, 3xDmg
35 Evasion 4 End, 3xDef
38 Elude 3 3xRech