Flaming Kitten (villain)

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Growing up as a mutant is often a harrowing experience, marked by the distaste of society and a lack of normal friends. Not so for this little mutant. Kitten, as she was so aptly named, was considered cute. She never lacked for friends and was always invited to parties. Still, she wanted to be treated like a completely normal girl, and created a life for herself on the web.

Misfortune struck when her favourite forum was invaded by trolls and spammers, and in a fit of rage she manifested her mutant powers and brought a new meaning to 'Flame War'. Most of the public considered the death of a spammer a service to society, but she still ended up in the Zig with a life sentence.

Accomplishment Badges

Looking for Slag Reaper (Vince Dubrowsky, Sharkhead)