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Image from Cyborg Name . I've had the name reserved for a while and it is certainly possible to make nice robots in City of Villains.


Thank you for your interest in the Networked Expert Xenomorph Utility System. The NEXUS series of robots were developed by Crey Industries for use in hazardous environments and reconstruction after the Rikti War. This friendly NEXUS Series 7 has been fitted with non-lethal supression systems for guard duties in low security installations as well as riot control.

Crey Industries: Building a Better Future


Disclaimer: Crey Industries categorically denies all rumours that the NEXUS series are "assassin droids". While they are used to protect Crey facilities, there are no "field tests" in progress on the Rogue Isles.


This is primarily a PVP build for use in Bloody Bay (level 25-).

Lvl Power Slots Notes
1 Scream
1 Transfusion
2 Howl
4 Siphon Power
6 Teleport Foe
8 Shout
10 Siphon Speed
12 Amplify
14 Teleport
16 Increase Density
18 Hover
20 Speed Boost
22 Stealth
24 Grant Invisibility

Current plan is to use Siphon Speed and Hover for travel power in the low levels. Group teleport might be fun later in the game.