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Energia (Russian for "energy") is a former Soviet super soldier. She is the result of Project Aurora, an experimental program to turn ordinary solidiers into metahuman defenders of the Motherland during the Great Patriotic War. More than half of the soldiers who were assigned to the program did not survive the process. Hastily thrown into combat against the veteran Axis Storm Korps, the Soviet heroes died by thousands. Energia was one of the Soviet heroes to survive the war. Hardened by years of warfare, Energia made an ideal recruit for Soviet clandestine operations during the cold war.

Disillusioned by the fall of the Soviet Union, Energia went rogue. Like many of her former colleagues in the intelligence community, she is now selling her services to the highest bidder.


I have decided to reroll Energia as an Energy/Energy Brute. Not only does Energy Aura fit the concept better than Invulnerability, it also looks very good. So far, I'm very happy with the set.

Lvl Power
1 Barrage
1 Kinetic Shield
2 Energy Punch
4 Bone Smasher
6 Power Shield
8 Whirling Hands
10 Entropy Shield
12 Combat Jumping
14 Super Jump
16 Swift
18 Total Focus
20 Health
22 Stamina
24 Energy Cloak
26 Energy Transfer
38 Overload