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Rise of the RunelordsRise of the Runelords
Rise of the Runelords

This is a diary as written by Nell. She started writing it as an exercise when learning to read and write.


  1. First Entry: Nell gives a short introduction
  2. The Big Feast: goblins attack Sandpoint during a feast held to celebrate the completion of the new cathedral
  3. The Boneyard: the heroes prevent the goblins from carrying off a corpse from the graveyard, but the head is missing
  4. The White Deer: the heroes fight the goblin leader of the attack
  5. The Day After: the heroes recuperate and start looking for clues
  6. The Hunt: the heroes are invited by Aldern Foxglove to go hunting
  7. The Glassworks: Ameiko disappears and the heroes investigate
  8. The Cellar: the fight against the goblins continues downstairs
  9. The Tunnel: the heroes head down an old tunnel found in the cellar to se where it leads
  10. Old Rooms Beneath the Town: ancient rooms is found beneath Sandpoint
  11. The Temple: an evil temple is found and the heroes fight its inhabitants
  12. A Few Untroubled Days: the heroes take a well deserved rest for a few days
  13. Reaching Thistletop: the heroes goes to scout out the goblins hideout
  14. Thistletop's Defenses: deciding Thistletop wasn't that well defended, the heroes attack
  15. Ripnugget: the heroes face the goblin warchief
  16. Faltering Loyalties: the heroes continue to search through Thistletop and face new obstacles
  17. Bruthazmus: Ripnugget wasn't the only warchief, so now they face Bruthazmus
  18. Nell Meets Grell: Nell tries to scout ahead but gets into trouble
  19. Nualia: the heroes continue through the dangers of Thistletop and finally face Nualia
  20. Saviour in Time of Need: a few ancient rooms are looted, but they were not lightly guarded
  21. The Dark Goal of Greed: the heroes at last find the demon and some information about the old runelords
  22. The Sweetness of Victory: returning to Sandpoint the heroes are greeted as heroes
  23. Return to Thistletop: the heroes return to Thistletop one last time to kill the demon
  24. The lumber mill: the sheriff asks the heroes to investigate a double murder at the lumber mill
  25. The fortune telling: the heroes get invited to the mysterious Madame Mvashti
  26. The Sanatorium: the heroes ride to the sanatorium to question Sevilla
  27. The Countryside: the heroes ride out towards the Foxglove Manor, but face undead horrors on the way
  28. The Foxglove Manor: the heroes again ride out to the Foxglove Manor, but this time they get there
  29. In My Room: the second floor of the Foxglove manor are looked through by the heroes
  30. Meeting Mrs. Foxglove: the heroes search the top floor and encounter Aldern's wife
  31. Aldern Foxglove: the heroes meet Aldern Foxglove again, but he has changed
  32. Alderns's Cave: the heroes search through Alderns things to find the reasons behind the murders
  33. Searching the Caverns: the caverns below the Foxglove manor are searched
  34. Foxglove's Secrets: the heroes search through the manor and find the dark past of the Foxglove family
  35. Vorel Has Left the Building: the heroes exorcise the spirit of Vorel Foxglove
  36. Return to Magnimar: the leads take the heroes to Magnimar
  37. The Foxglove Townhouse: after finding the Foxglove townhouse the heroes encounter someone they never expected
  38. The City Guards Arrive: the city guards come to investigate the fighting, but all isn't well
  39. Seven's Sawmill: the heroes ask around town to try to locate Seven's Sawmill
  40. Father Skinsaw: the heroes stealthily approach the sawmill to attack the cult
  41. The Old Clocktower: the heroes race through the streets of Magnimar to an old tower in the Shadow district
  42. Xanesha: in the tower the heroes face the creature controlling the skinsaw cult
  43. A New Friend: the heroes get a lot of attention, go to a lot of parties and take a well deserved rest
  44. On Our Way: the mayor of Magnimar sends the heroes out on a mission
  45. Half-ogres: the heroes rescue a bear and fight its hunters
  46. The Farm: the heroes make a detour to a farm and see the results of inbreeding
  47. Trapped: entering the house the heroes find more half-ogres and lots of humanoid remains
  48. The Barn: the heroes look through the barn in search of the bear's master
  49. Paradise's Gates: returning to Turtleback Ferry the heroes find the barge, Paradise's Gates, burning
  50. Silent Lips, Talking Eyes: the heroes investigate the cause of the fire
  51. Attacking Fort Rannick: the heroes travel to Fort Rannick to scout but attack the fort
  52. Lucretia: the heroes tight their way up through the fort
  53. Kaven's Fate: the heroes discuss what to do with Kaven Windstrike and return to Turtleback Ferry
  54. The Flood: a big wave strike Turtleback Ferry and monsters follow in its wake
  55. Skulls' Crossing: the heroes travel to Skulls' Crossing and find it in a bad state and ogres at work
  56. Wet Papa Grazuul: the skull shaped control structure of the dam is explored and its guardian encountered
  57. A Plea for Help: upon their return the heroes are celebrated and get a few days rest
  58. Shimmerglens: the heroes are led by a pixie through the marshlands Shimmerglens to find Whitewillow
  59. Whitewillow: the heroes reach Whitewillow and find out what troubles the fey in the area
  60. Ambushed: the heroes set out to the Hook Mountain Clanhold but are ambushed on the way
  61. Hook Mountain Clanhold: reaching Hook Mountain Clanhold, the heroes sneak in and look for the body of Lamatar
  62. Winter Quarters: having finished their mission the heroes settle for the winter
  63. Kaer Maga: the heroes are contracted to find an artifact which takes them to Kaer Maga
  64. Below Tarheel: being guided through the lower regions of the city the heroes find the Split Street gang
  65. Return of Ironbriar: continuing through the underground complex the heroes encounter an old enemy
  66. Tricking a Dragon: the heroes encounter a dragon and cultists
  67. Tirana: the heroes finally face the villain
  68. Building a Life: time goes by and the heroes find a place in life
  69. The Big Goblin Feast: a feast is held in Sandpoint to celebrate the defeat of the goblins a year ago
  70. The Giant Attack: giants and a dragon attack Sandpoint early morning after the feast
  71. Aftermath: the heroes set out to follow the giants
  72. The Rescue: the heroes continue on to save Das Korvut from the giants
  73. Storval Stairs: the giants guarding the top of Storval Stairs are defeated Notepad.png
  74. Reaching Jorgenfist: reaching Jorgenfist the heroes try to get in without alerting the army outside Notepad.png
  75. Enga Keckvia: continuing through tunnels the heroes meet kobolds standing guard in the way
  76. In Need of Fire: the heroes surprise a showy giant and continue through troll-infested corridors
  77. Undead Giants: the heroes continue to search through the complex and find undead giants
  78. Puppets: trying to get home to recover, the heroes trick controlled rune slaves
  79. Mokmurian: finally, the heroes meet Mokmurian and defeat him
  80. The Library: the heroes find a very old library
  81. Below Sandpoint: returning to Sandpoint the heroes find more thassalonian structures
  82. The End of Xalista: continuing through the complex they defeat Xalista and his monsters
  83. The Riddle: the heroes solve the riddle and try to open the way to Runeforge
  84. Arkrhyst: the heroes fight a big white dragon
  85. The Gate to Runeforge: the heroes find the gate to Runeforge
  86. The Ruin of Envy: arriving at Runeforge the heroes look through their first part
  87. The Illusion of Pride: the heroes enter the pride part and encounter illusions and wizards
  88. The Gates of Wrath: continuing through the sins the heroes enter the halls of wrath
  89. Lackeys of Lust: the heroes enter the cages of lust and meet demons living there
  90. Leave in Silence: the heroes find and steal Delvahine's equipment without alerting anyone
  91. Crypts of Gluttony: the heroes enters the ravenous crypt of gluttony and encounter undead monsters
  92. Vaults of Greed: the heroes enters the Vaults of Greed
  93. Leaving Runeforge: when preparing to leave Runeforge the heroes encounter unexpected trouble
  94. The World Outside: after leaving Runeforge the heroes get reacquainted with the world outside
  95. All the World's a Stage: the heroes set up Nell's play and investigate Cyrdak Drokkus past encountering Kassiel Iylmrain
  96. The Storm: the heroes set out to find Xin-Shalast and find an old dwarven building
  97. Haunted by Dwarfs: investigating the building the heroes encounter ghosts of dwarfs
  98. Diamonds: the heroes reunite the remains of the dwarven brothers and fight a wendigo
  99. The Ascent: continuing uphill the heroes encounter an ice palace and visit the ice queens court
  100. Reaching Xin-Shalast: the heroes encounter a guard post before arriving at the city of greed, Xin-Shalast
  101. Xin-Shalast 101: the heroes start exploring Xin-Shalast by stealth, cunning and disguise
  102. Rendez-vous in Xin-Shalast: while the heroes seek out and attack the hidden beast, they meet an old friend Notepad.png
  103. Ice Ice Baby: finding out that they need magic rings the heroes seek one from an Ice Devil Notepad.png
  104. The Art of War: suspecting another ring might be in the keep the heroes attack the giant guard Notepad.png
  105. Ghlorofaex: looking for the last ring the heroes seek out and fight the dragon Ghlorofaex Notepad.png
  106. Entering the Spires: the heroes pass through the field and through a tunnel and enter the Spires of Xin-Shalast Notepad.png
  107. Meeting Karzoug: the heroes encounter Karzoug himself but he is too easily defeated Notepad.png
  108. End of Ironbriar: defeat the harridans and meet Ironbriar Notepad.png
  109. Unnamed: fight rune giants and the head harridan Notepad.png
  110. Unnamed: the heroes finally face the true Karzoug Notepad.png

See also

  • Draft Before the title of an episode has been decided it is written here.
  • Nell is writing plays of her adventures. Thoughts of their format is gathered here Family Secrets