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Rise of the RunelordsRise of the Runelords
Rise of the Runelords

Whisperwood, a forest said to be home to capricious gnomes, pixies, and other fey.

The Skinsaw Murders, p 19.

Favored home of Honeypot, who is working on building a magical place of music, dance and love here:

The Retreat

Whisperwood Retreat Map.jpg

The Tree House

Not so much a house as a collection of platforms, baskets, stairs and walkways running around and through the living wood of an enormous oak.

The Paths

Five paths meanders through the garden, paved with richly-colored woods, rocks, various sorts of gravel and flat stones. Each bend and corner in the paths reveal a new view; a beautiful water reflection, a lush and rich bed of plants, an ornate marble pavillion, faint colored lights dancing between tree branches, pieces of music carried by the wind, or just a trace of a sweet, sun-warm scent.

The Baths

The baths are rock and sand-bottomed pools of clear water, furnished from close-by springs. Open pagodas around the pools provides places for relaxation and contemplation.

The Dance Stage

A built-up, shallow amphitheater surrounds a round marble stage. Water from a dam above the stage can be used to submerge it for water acrobatics.

The Ritual Library

A temple-like pillar hall is the repository for various rituals, together with large, open floors for practice and study.

Guest Houses

Small, cozy wooden cottages in various styles (including a giant mushroom), covered in clinging roses and vines.


Home to various fruit-carrying trees and bushes, as well as berries and grapes. Here and there are benches and soft patches of grass for viewing the orchard bloom when it is the season for it.