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Rise of the RunelordsRise of the Runelords
Rise of the Runelords




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Glass Works

Breakage in the Glassworks.

While wading through the broken glass in the Sandpoint glass works, Nell and Velicia demonstrated quite different styles in handling the broken glass.


Nell takes care of a goblin.

Nell takes care of one of the goblins invading the catacombs beneath Sandpoint.

Nell Presents Honeypot

Nell presents Honeypot

Nell introduces Honeypot's performance at Cracktooth's Tavern in Sandpoint.

Honeypot Drawings

Aldern Foxglove's drawings of Honeypot.

The nobleman Aldern Foxglove got first infatuated and then obsessed with Honeypot, and made a number of sketches and drawings of her.

Ghoul's Last Breath

The Death of Aldern Foxglove.

Aldern Foxglove had been turned into a ghoul by an evil cult, and met his final destiny at the hands of the adventurers and a revenant ghost. This was an event with very mixed feelings, since he had ties to some of the adventurers.

Honeypot as Maid

Honeypot disguised as a maid.

During the stint in Magnimar, Honeypot disguised herself as a maid in order to fool some city guards who came to investigate the commotion the group caused. Unfortunately, they in turn proved to be bad guys in disguise.

Nell Sneak Attack

Nell takes care of a half-ogre.

Nell takes care of one of the really unpleasant half-ogres in the wilderness behind Turtleback Ferry.

Smoke on The Water

Burning Barge.

The pleasure barge of Turtleback Ferry burns.

Cook Tryout

Nell tries out Kaven's Talents

When the group liberated Fort Rannik, the ranger Kaven proved to have passed information to the attacking ogres. Fortunately for him, he proved to be a very good cook.

Turtleback Riding

Honeypot rides the back of a giant turtle

When the town of Turtleback Ferry was flooded by a damaged dam, the local wildlife was disturbed and attacked. Honeypot managed to calm one of the giant turtles and tried to use it in the rescue.

The Harpsichord

Gloriana and Honeypot makes a musical discovery

While enroute to Whitewillow, the adventurers discovered the wreck of an old ship that came from some kind of Elsewhere. In the captains cabin they found an interesting musical instrument, and the score of a complex and otherworldly music, fascinating them both.

Nell Watches Dog

Nell watches a ghostly dog

On the same strange ship as the harpsichord, the ghost of a dog appeared and started watching the adventurers. Nell watched the dog in turn.

Honeypot grows Winter Fur

Honeypot starts growing winter fur.jpg

Winter itches. What more can you say?

Honeypot Befriends the Shambling Mounds

Honeypot and Shambling Mound

While pursuing a fleeing necromancer under the city of Kaer Maga, the adventurers trampled through a pair of shambling mounds' garden. Honeypot managed to calm them down and mollify them, and stayed behind overnight to help them restore and expand their garden with her magic.

The Judge

The Judge rises from the grave

Justice Ironbriar, a frightening person from Nell's past and a leader of an evil death cult, makes another appearance, rising from a grave beneath Kear Maga.

Sneaky Snakes

Nell sneaks followed by snakes

Sneaking into Tirana's lair, most were disguised as snakes, except Nell, who trusted her own powers of stealth.

Approaching the gate of Runeforge

The Judge rises from the grave

Nathan, Nell and Honeypot in the mountains below the hidden entrance of Runeforge.


Inofficial maps.

Whisperwood Retreat

Whisperwood Retreat Map.jpg

The treehouse and garden of Honeypot in Whisperwood.

Turtleback Ferry

Turtleback Ferry map.png

The small township of Turtleback Ferry, including the newly erected theater. Nell lives there.

Turtleback Ferry flooded map.png

As it looked like when a flood wave hit it.