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Rise of the RunelordsRise of the Runelords
Rise of the Runelords

This is a summary of the sessions in the Rise of the Runelords campaign. See Nell's diary for an in-character account written by Nell.


Goblin Attack

Goblins attack Sandpoint during the feast held to celebrate the completion of the new cathedral. The heroes prevent the goblins from carrying off a corpse from the graveyard, but the head is missing. The leader of the goblins is thought to be an unknown human in Sandpoint.

Treasure: 100 gp and a healing potion each from the city.
XP: 1070

The New Heroes

The heroes get celebrated for their actions during the goblin attack and invited to a hunt. They discover that Ameiko is missing and search for her in the glassworks encountering more goblins.

Treasure: 1,000 gp from Aldern Foxglove.
XP: 315

Below the Glassworks

Having killed all goblins in the glassworks the heroes search the cellar. They are attacked by more goblins and Tsudo, Ameikos brother. After killing him the heroes find Ameiko tied up and frees her.

Treasure: Deathstalker hand crossbow, 2 healing potions, 149 gp.
XP: 270

Even Deeper

The heroes continue deeper below Sandpoint and find old ruins still occupied by avatars of rage and a quasit in a temple to Lamashtu.

XP: 852

Attack on Thistletop

The heroes evaded the goblins guarding the shore by means of a clever diversion and scaled the cliffs of Thisletop Island. Inside the compound, they befriended the captured warhorse Shadowmist and defeated the goblin warlord Ripnugget and his warriors.

Treasure: Leather corset +2, Baldric of tactical positioning, Iron armbands of power, Casque of tactics
XP: 950

Thistletop's Dungeons

Continuing to search through Thistletop the heroes find plans of the attack on Sandpoint and an evil temple.

Treasure: Healer's brooch, Caustic Gloves
XP: 630


The heroes descend deeper below Thistletop and explore caves and ancient ruins where they defeat Nualia and her infernal dogs.

XP: 705

Last rooms of Thistletop

The heroes search through the rest of Thistletop.

XP: 800

Defeat of Malfeshnekor

The heroes spend a few days in Sandpoint celebrating that threat has been adverted and then return to Thistletop and kill the trapped demon.

XP: 520


The heroes help the sheriff to investigate some murders.

XP: 830


I think this was a session too.

Foxglove manor

The heroes take care of the root to the ghoul infestation.

XP: 1375

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