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Rise of the Runelords episode
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Episode no. Episode 43
Date 2009
Game Master Abbe
Characters Dorothea
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"Template:Rise of the Runelords chapter" "Template:Rise of the Runelords chapter"
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In this chapter Template:Rise of the Runelords chapter.

Template:Rise of the Runelords chapter

We decided to stay in Magnimar for a couple of weeks until we could get Ironbriar's diary deciphered. Velicia asked to stay at the Foxglove townhouse. At first I didn't understand the question but then I remembered that it's my house now. I invited the others to stay there. I took all my things from the inn and moved to the house. It was easy to get comfortable but harder to feel at home.

After a few days we got an invitation to see the mayor of Magnimar. He lived in a magnificent palace. When I met him I had to put on a straight face not to laugh at how fat he was. After talking to him a while I think he knows less about running a city than even I. Perhaps he should start to learn things and stop eating so much. But then he offered dinner and I could see why he was so big. He offered fantastic food. I ate as much as I could and brought some with me without anyone noticing. The good thing about the dress Nathaniel got for me is that with so much fabric it's a lot easier to hide things on you.

There were several more parties we got invited to and the others really made a big deal of us saving the city from the murder cult, except Honeypot who talked about her performances, but I tried to keep more of a low profile. Not that it worked that well, being introduced to society as the last member of the Foxglove family. That name seemed to carry some weight, and after the mayor freed me from any debts that the family had had it was even better. At several of these parties we met someone that made an impression on me. She was called Gloriana and I think somehow related to Nathaniel. She joined us as we went to the theater too.

One day Velicia and Honeypot told us that they had deciphered Ironbriar's diary. I was very interested to hear what he had written down. It started in his early days when he and Vorel had been companions. They were followers of Norgober and started "the Brothers of Seven" as an assassins organization. Ironbriar seemed to have been jealous of Vorel being mightier than himself. Vorel got a family and set up the Foxglove manor. Ironbriar was then tricked into some magical geas by Vorel where he promised to take care of the Foxglove family. He has not done such a good job so far. Then Ironbriar meet a woman called Xanesha. It seems she charmed him completely. Probably by magic. She changed the direction of the cult to assassinate wealthier victims. It initially made them rich but it also created complaints from within. In the diary there was a note of the Red Mantis buying "Vorel's Legacy". Honeypot found out that the Red Mantis had something to do with scarlet brotherhood. Velicia said that they're a Suel cult that worships Bralm, a god that stands for diligence, assiduousness and insects.

Today I told the others that I'm planning to check on the Foxglove manor. They wanted to join me. Gloriana was also interested and joined. Even Shalelu who had been in Magnimar a few days, wanted to join us, but I guess that she just wanted to get out of town.

We left the day after and went to the Foxglove manor that had been named "the misgivings" from it's bad reputation. We went from room to room looking at the floors, walls and ceilings to see if it was still as infested by sick rats and strange spoors or if it had been an effect of the "Vorel curse". Our guess was that it had been a little of both. There was a lot of mold but Velicia said that there was not no trace of evil magic anymore. Honeypot cast a ritual that purified a room. I asked if she could do that in every room and she agreed. I payed her for all the components she needed. We put canvas over the holes in the roof to stop the autumn rains from ruining the house any further. Velicia really liked the house, but I'm afraid to let her stay there for too long. I think there is something bad with this place. The contract making sure that the grounds around and below the house went back to the Brothers of Seven makes me believe there is some bad magic connected with that place that can affect especially magic users like Vorel and Velicia.

We found out that "Vorels Legacy" might be what had caused members of the Foxglove family to turn into monsters. Velicia told me that the Red Mantis is much stronger in the Great Kingdoms and as they had bought Vorels Legacy, I feared for my sister. Nathaniel promised to make sure she would get to know what have happened to Aldern and me and to tell her about the curse. He left for the Great Kingdoms immediately. I told him how very grateful I am and that if I hadn't slowed him down I would have joined him. As soon as we thought that the house would survive the winter I thought we should leave. We went to Sandpoint where I payed for the room at the Rusty Dragon and packed my few things left and brought them to the townhouse in Magnimar.

When we got back to Magnimar I was all but forgotten and there was a new talk of the town, not that I mind. For a couple of days I went walking around town pleased at not being recognized. I returned to the parts where I lived earlier. Knowing how life works there I made sure not to bring any valuables. It was hard walking the old backstreets of Magnimar again. Somehow I didn't fit in anymore. Returning to the Grand Arch district I thought that perhaps I should try to set up a new life there, but what do one do as a noble all day?