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Rise of the Dragon

Properly: Wulfgar Ironcrown, son on Balnok, of the Wolf clan.

Two cultures clash in this young man. Wulfgar Ironcrown is the scion of the barbarians of the Stone Lands, rumored to be the son of either Balnock the Red or Iordan Chaff - he was born in the spring after Iordan left the stonelands court. Balnock claimed parentage, but he did this of many, many children, some of which could not reasonably be his. Wulfgar grew up as one of Balnoks many sons, learning the Wolf Clan virtues of honor, loyalty, and pride. Early on he showed an aplitude for new things, and when the time to become a squire or huscarl came, he choose to join the newly established holy order in Castle Acacia, guarding against the remaining evil of Tilverton. After proving his mettle in combat with the demonic forces of this blight, he became a knight of the order and stout defender of the faith - while remaining true to the ideals of clan and family.

The Sons of Balnok

After the death of Balnok the Red, his many widows and mistresses were mostly reclaimed by their families, but some lacked or refused family connections and remained at court - particularly those of the Wolf clan. The first years were good; the king was still a child and the chancellor Lord Chaff was generous with his erstwhile friends and allies and resources were plentiful. As the king grew into majority his frugal policies made the court smaller and poorer. The question of how to dispose of the Stone Lands became more urgent and the sons of Balnok became more politically violate. Many young boys (and a few ambitious girls), half barbarians and half knights, each seeking fame and fortune with title to the Stonelands as the ultimate price could easily have restarted the family feuds that had plagued the clans for so long. To avoid this sad fate, Wulfgar and some charismatic friends gathered those who grew up at court into an oath-fellowship; sworn to loyalty to Cormyr and to let Cormyrean law and custom dictate which of them would become duke, standing supporting each others claims against all outsiders while seeking to outdo each other in deeds of glory and valor. Though this oath has no official sanction, and there are many claimants on the Stone Lands among those of Balnok's sons who returned home to their clans and families, the Sons of Balnok as they are called have become something of a political force in the Stone Lands.

Wulfgar the Knight

Wulfgar had many things to prove as a squire, and learning knightly virtues was not easy to him. But he was intelligent, thrifty, and of strong body - when his peers had to work at something, Wulfgar could often pass trough on pure talent. The elders of the order back in Cormyr had some objections, but the knights who were stationed in Castle Acacia were the young, adaptable ones. And Wulfgar's ability in battle was certainly appreciated. After single-highhandedly defending a fallen knight from demonic attacks, Wulfgar's claim to knighthood could no longer be denied and he was the first barbarian knighted as a full member of the order. He continued to serve as a knight for some years, but was perhaps a little more worldly than expected and certainly kept in touch with his kin.


Always seemingly too mature for his age, Wulfgar has the barbarian zest for life and disrespect for authority, but also a deep self confidence breeding a sense of reserved respect. Even in the midst of wind barbarian games, he would sometimes pause and reflect. He has something of the "look of eagles", the far-seeing look of a great leader or visionary - seeing not the present, but the future of his people.


Wulfgar grew up in a big and diverse family. Wulfgar's mother is Sigvid of the Wolf Clan. He has two sisters and a younger brother - Drauthir who is two years older and of uncertain parentage, Edfarn who is three years younger, and Glenda who is five years younger. Edfarn and Glenda are the daughters of Sigvid in her marriage to Hewel Ironcrown, a young Cormyrean knight who migrated north. Wulfgar wears his step-fathers name, but was never formally adopted.

Sigvid of the Wolf Clan

A stately woman with long blonde hair, Sigvid is something of a warrior and defended the camp several times against marauders, manily as an archer. She served at the court of Balnok where she caught his eye - and that of many others. She lived on to survive most of them, marry, and survive her husband. She adopted more cormyrean mannerisms as she aged, and is now a stately widow with steel hair and unusual length. She has great ambitions for her children, and goads them on to ever greater deeds.

Baron Hewel Ironcrown

Son of the common knight granted full nobility in the wake of the Battle of Marsember, the Ironcrowns immediately suffered form the distrust of the Ironcrow family due to the similarity in names. Hewel sought to evade this by migrating north and marrying a barbarian widow - knowing nothing of the barbarians beforehand. This left him politically very much in the hands of his headstong wife, but he still managed an honorable and successful career as a knight of the new lands. He lived most of his life as a leading household knight, the barony itself only became habitable late in his life. He died recently fighting demons from Tilverton.


Something of a black sheep, Drauthir was always her mother's favorite. Now a druidess, she is in the anti-cormyrean faction of the wolf clan, and advocates the return to older values, but refuses to dishonorably break the ties to Cormyr. She has great if old-fashioned honor and is well respected in the clan.

Baron Edfar Ironcrown

A young knight and very much his father's son, but growing up in Wulfgar's shadow, Edfarn does not have the great ambitions of his elder brother and is content to manage his father's lands in the Stone Lands. He is a powerfully built youth and will probably grow into a strong warrior. He was knighted early to take over his father's lands and title.

Glenda Ironcrown

The youngest sister is still something of a child, but more ambitious than her brother and shows an aptitude for court life. Taking after her mother, she is blond and willowy with knee-length hair, her pride and joy.