Characters (Rise of the Dragon)

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Rise of the DragonRise of the Dragon
Rise of the Dragon

This is a list of characters from the Rise of the Dragon campaign.


  • Brandon Ironwolf: A flamboyant knight from Cormyr. He is the lord of Wolfhome.
  • Charybdis Stierheim: She-devil. Wife of Klaus Stierheim and mother of Eberhadt.
  • Endyr Winter: An ambitious noble from a lesser noble family. He is the lord of Aris.
  • Hektor: A warrior from Old Axe. He was recruited by Wulfgar serve as Marshal.
  • Nerk: A female half orc cleric of Helm. She is based in Fort Helm.
  • Martyn Crownsilver: Lord of Swampgate.
  • Osward: A trapper in the swamp.
  • Powys: The innkeeper in Maloren's Rest.
  • Sindra: A female wizard in Maloren's Rest. She was branded for summoning evil creatures and exiled from Cormyr.
  • Wise Man: An old witch in Tunburg.
  • Wurrzog: A goblin shaman.
  • Zarg: Orc chieftain in the Sunset Mountains.

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