Orlando Wolfe

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Rise of the DragonRise of the Dragon
Rise of the Dragon
Orlando Wolfe is a knight young knight from Cormyr. He is the eldest son of Dorian Wolfe and his wife Mabel. Orlando is named after the first Baron Wolfe. As a scion of one of the oldest noble families in the realm, he seeks to serve his king, gain glory in battle and bring honor to the family name. While Orlando has yet to fight his first battle, he has fought in skirmishes and melees at tourneys. He hails from a long line of knights and generals, and strives to prove himself worthy of the family name. When not pursuing martial skills, Orlando enjoys feasting, hawking, hunting and wooing fair maidens. He rides the fearsome warhorse Fury.

At the command of king Azoun V, Orlando has traveled to the Tunlands with his compatriots to claim new land for the glory of Cormyr. He is accompanied by his sister Isobel. Her talent for witchcraft is most unseemly for a noblewoman, and the family despairs of finding a match for her. Her exile from Cormyr should keep her out the public eye, if not out of trouble.