Isidore Weiss

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Rise of the DragonRise of the Dragon
Rise of the Dragon

Some say that Cormyr will fall when there is no Obarskyr to take the throne. Some say that at the rate those bastards are going there won’t be anyone who isn’t an Obarskyr.

Isidore comes from the woods of Cormanthor. The son of Florian Weiss and a faerie, he grew up surrounded by beauty and far, far too many vowels. When he finally was sent into the world to make a name for himself he traveled to Suzail, with a head full of stories of questing knights and glory and no understanding of human affairs.

So far he hasn’t ended up face down in a ditch.

Isidore is a paladin of the goddess Sune - your typical hauntingly beautiful near-human pretty boy with silver hair, no conscience, voices in his head and a good hand with stabbing implements.