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Rise of the Dragon
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10th day of Alturiak in The Year of the Voyage, at court, Suzail.

I've been at court for three years. In that time I've seen the King eight times and spoken with him twice. His score only just beats mine at avoiding my father. The first time we spoke, he looked me straight in the eyes, leaned over towards me and said: "Aren't you the one they call the Imp?". Completely hiding my disdain for that name I answered "Yes, my liege." with a smile. The second time was today. I was summoned to him and was asked to... no... was commanded to lead an expedition west of the Tun River to bring law and order and to expand the kingdom of Cormyr westward all the way to Sunset Mountains. Companions had already been decided on. Apart from myself there was a witch, Isobel Wolfe, although of a decent family, a barbarian knight, Wulfgar Ironcrown, though strong in his religion, still a barbarian at heart, another paladin of faith but of faerie origin, Isidore, and lastly a warrior, Eberhardt Stierheim, who's family's reputation tells me they don't hesitate to use methods of rule not all would agree upon. I have no illusions of my own reputation, so this looks like a punishment. The only question is for whom.

12th day of Alturiak in The Year of the Voyage, at court.

I heard rumors that other nobles of Cormyr has been similarly commanded. Since my initial investigations revealed that most of the new land is a big swamp, there will be great rewards for choosing our area before the others. I sent word to the other companions that haste was of great importance and collected as much funding as I could from the family. As it turned out they weren't as accommodating as I had hoped as they also funded Mykal Crownsilver in a similar expedition. My thoughts of him is not too flattering, but for being fat, lazy and not the brightest mind I've met, he has some redeeming traits; he is family. The good news is that in a pinch I could probably ask him for help and could count on him actually wanting to help. On the other hand, it might be more probable that he will be the one in need of help. He might not be the smartest man alive, but he's not stupid and he's a loyal Crownsilver. Let's hope he's lucky.

2nd day of Ches in The Year of the Voyage, on the road.

As we passed through High Horn following the High Road I got the first taste of the new lands we're to conquer, or should I say first smell. Overlooking the lands in front of us, the stench of the Farsea Swamp reached my senses, and I was not pleased. Reaching Eagle Peak my first question to the locals was of the most common wind directions. It was unusual for me not to start out asking for whine and whores, but if I were to live there, it would have to be upwind of the swamp. I was pleased to learn that the most usual winds were southerly and therefore suggested that the Tunlands plains south of the swamps that we already were heading for, would be the better place on that account too.

10th day of Ches in The Year of the Voyage, Skull Crag.

We continued on to the quite vulgar place called Skull Crag. It was an old orc fortress looking like a huge skull carved out of the rock, but long since inhabited by humans, now occupied by Cormyte troops. Upon arrival we got rooms at an inn, but while the others got drinks there, I headed out for some other pleasures. It was a decent place and apart from worldly satisfactions I learned of Endyr Winter's entrance in the hunt for new lands. He's a nobleman I've encountered before at court. My experience of his game of cards is that he's cunning, self serving, has no qualms and I had a hard time ever defeating him. We would be better off far from him. When I returned, the others were getting tipsy with Brandon Ironwolf. Apparently a family connected somehow to the Wolfe family, as if I remember correctly the Winters are too, but not very close. He was heading straight through the Swamp for the grasslands furthest to the west. He has a strong faith and a strong arm, befitting for his direct approach to all problems. As he would probably be an honest and easy to predict neighbor, we all wished him best of luck.

12th day of Ches in The Year of the Voyage, riverbank Tun River.

Hurrying on south we reached Old Axe. Questioning the locals I learned that there could be some problems crossing the Tun River. There was some way of getting wagons across the river, but now, at spring, there would be a lot of water and we have lots of heavy wagons, carrying all our supplies and funding. Upon reaching the river we could see it was not really fordable, at least not with the wagons, but here was a cabin and a small ferry on the other side and after shouting promises of good compensation they worked hard all day to bring the baggage over. While awaiting the crossing some of us companions went out scouting the riverbanks. They didn't really find anything worth noting, but later that evening, when we thanked the ferrymen with food and drink we got some rumors of trolls in the swamp.

13th day of Ches in The Year of the Voyage, Maloren's Rest.

The next day we finally reached our goal, Maloren's Rest. I wasn't expecting much and it didn't disappoint. The main sights was the graveyard and the dump, but at least there was an inn. We immediately rented the whole inn. We soon figured out that the most influential person, the one that the villagers would turn to and who had some pull with them was the innkeeper, Powys. We ordered food and drinks and started planning our course of action. We found that offering Powys the position of councilor would probably be a good idea and he accepted. Even though I'm not that fond of being the in middle of everyone's attention, unless at a whorehouse, I was the obvious choice for the position of ruler. Isidore was a natural choice as high priest when Wulfgar didn't have any wish to occupy that position. He wished and was given the position of warden instead. We needed a spymaster and thinking of his family's reputation I suggested Eberhardt and we all agreed. Isobel was very well fitting as treasurer, and then we were out of trusted persons to occupy the positions usually appointed in a new fiefdom.

Curious locals started to assemble and ask about us. We asked Powys to beg them to return the next day, at noon. Then everything will be revealed. He seemed to be very good at spreading the word. To celebrate our newly decided leadership I ordered Powys to bring his best wine, hoping it would suffice, but I was pleasantly surprised. It turned out that some adventurers had passed through and sold off a bottle of superb wine. I even deemed it too good for the occasion. I bought it on the spot and asked him to hold it till I ask for it. He put an extra seal on it out of wax and I put my seal on it. It was a good day.

14th day of Ches in The Year of the Voyage, town square.

Nearing noon we arranged for wagons filled with food and drink, covered by tarpaulins to be rolled out into the open area in front of the inn. Fires for cooking was lit and benches were arranged. I climbed the wagon in the middle and stood on the prepared box on its flatbed.

"Hear ye! Hear ye!"
As the crowd settled I started,
"I'm Baron Tyrion Crownsilver, son of Count Targir Crownsilver, son of Duchess Kimba Crownsilver, the Lady of the South. I travel with Isidore, Knight of the faith, son of Florian Weiss, noble of the faerie, Wulfgar Ironcrown, also a Knight of the faith, stemming from Balnock the Red of the Stonelands, Isobel Wulfe, daughter of the Marshal of Cormyr, Dorian Wolfe of the mighty family Wolfe, and lastly Eberhardt Stierheim, warrior and noble."
Seeing they wouldn't be won by titles, and remembering that many outcasts and petty criminals had moved here I made a change in tactics,
"We have come here, to the biggest town west of the Tun River, east of Sunset mountains, commanding the Tunlands and soon to be, mercantile hub of the west, to build roads, improve the lands, see to your needs and pleasures, to create possibilities and building the Cormyr we all want to be a part of! We have come on the orders of the King. We have come with the financial support of the King, and we have come with the funding of our powerful families to make this area prosper to all our favor."
I gestured to the followers to uncover the food before continuing,
"To celebrate this new beginning, to make room in your hearts for us, your new neighbors, we have brought out all the foods and drinks that you can make room for in your stomachs. Please... Have at it!"

I moved through the crowds, noting some complaining about the arrival of laws. Those that had moved here to be free of Cormyr's law would not welcome the laws catching up with them once again. I headed for high ground and soon found my companions. We gathered for deliberations. An amnesty was suggested for all who would pledge allegiance to us. Eberhardt had found and talked to a local witch that turned out to be a wizard who had been branded for dabbling with evil. My expertise is limited when it comes to magic so I let that hang. But as the eating mostly were switching to drinking I took the opportunity to announce the amnesty.

This time climbing a barrel I pronounced, swinging a goblet,
"Dear people of Maloren's Rest! I hope you're not hungry!" awaiting some cheering answers before continuing,
"Let's make sure you're not thirsty then!" Now the crowd cheered more wholeheartedly,
"Let's have a drink, but I will tell you what I will drink to, and I hope you will join me. I will drink to our future. That sometimes means leaving our past behind. We will proclaim amnesty to all who pledge allegiance to our new fiefdom. We don't care about your past. We care about your future! To the future fiefdom, to Cormyr, and to the King!"

After emptying the goblet and before jumping down I noted inviting looks from some of the farm girls in the crowd. I found myself drawn there during the mingling that followed. The local populous isn't the best looking I've seen, but a few of the young women was almost good looking, but thinking of the possible political complications I limited myself to big smiles and a few hands of ass grabbing. At least to start with, I will keep to the well defined relationships I'm used to.

10th day of Ches in The Year of the Voyage, common room at the inn.

The first thing that needed to be done was to start the building of a shrine and a whorehouse. This small town is really in need of these two places of worship. Next came improving the roads and arranging for the building of a bridge over the Tun River. Without proper roads leading here our chances of settlers would decrease, and it's hard to really profit from farms without roads helping to get the goods to town.


21st day of Ches in The Year of the Voyage, Maloren's Rest.

Hearing rumors of goblins stealing sheep, I knew we had to do something. These are simple people, but bribing them with free food will not build any lasting loyalty. If we say we bring order, we have to keep the order. We will have to show them that the King has something to offer. Lacking an army to send out dealing with the goblins we had to go ourselves. I packed for three days filling three big wineskins for the trip to the countryside. I brought only one pack horse with a small pavilion and a featherless bed. It's really hard work, earning your moneys worth.

22nd day of Ches in The Year of the Voyage, at a farm.

Having decided to go yesterday, we set out even though the rain was pouring down. We probably didn't look too heroic leaving Maloren's Rest in quickly drenched clothes and hanging heads. Riding south-east we passed our now prospering farmlands before turning south. The farmer was probably happy with the rain. They always seem to with for what I don't. We asked passing people if they had heard about the stolen sheep and early afternoon a farmhand directed us to the right farm. The sheep farmer invited us in and we happily agreed to stay indoors for the rest of the evening and night. He offered us all a sheep can supply in the form of meat and wool blankets.

23rd day of Ches in The Year of the Voyage, at the goblins nest.

Trying to fall asleep yesterday, I longed for the good brothels in Suzail, but at least I woke well rested and unusually early. We set out following the directions the farmer gave us, heading south. The weather had improved. The rain had stopped, but still heavy clouds hang looming over us. The farmer had told us about a stronghold, abandoned a very long time ago. It was built on an island in a small lake, but that had dried out long ago. It seems even the land itself had abandoned it. We found it easily enough and as we approached we readily recognized it from the description, but not finding any goblin lookouts as we had expected I started to think it had been abandoned even by the goblins making this whole trip a fools errand.

We all closed in on the hold anyway, trying to see anything suggesting that it wasn't completely empty of life. As Eberhardt and Isidore rode up to the gate, a big murder of crows took to the air. Not the kind of life we're expecting, though. That was both a good sign and a bad sign. The gate was barred on the inside so Eberhardt stood on his horse and with a little help from Isidore climbed the palisade next to the gate, disappearing inside. The gate started to open when it suddenly crashed open. A manticore had charged Eberhardt in his back. So much for it lacking inhabitants.

Being the first to react I spurred my proud warhorse into a charge, placing my lance firmly in the manticore's chest. The others followed my brave attack and soon we had it defeated. As soon as the fight was over I was overwhelmed by the stench that came from the hold. Why does evil have to smell so bad? I think I'm on to the paladins way of detecting evil.

The beast had killed all the goblins but some few infants. I didn't believe they would last on their own, and thought it would be most merciful to kill them, but the paladins wouldn't hear of such things. As we discussed, they ran away and our dilemma was solved anyway. The hold in itself was in a pitiful state. Parts of the roof had fallen in and everything was defiled by goblins or goblin trek and bodies. Luckily at least some sheep were there, although some had been killed. I suggested we get the sheep out and burn the whole thing down, but Isidore thought it would be a waste. I thought it already was just that. He, Eberhardt and Wulfgar took out almost everything and built a big bonfire burning most that could taken out of the hold, including the dead goblins. It was a grisly work just looking at it, but I came well prepared. Drinking some good wine made it easier to watch. I felt so good I even offered Isobel some but thankfully she declined.

During the work Isidore noted some runes on the goblin with the biggest hat. He said it was protective runes, protecting it from evil. Funny thing that, evil versus evil, but it meant that there's a shaman somewhere and probably not too far away. The witch have a crow she talks to, so she sent it to look for more goblins. She said it found something further away. As soon as we were finished at the hold we set out for the shaman. I was hoping to be back at the farm before nightfall and made sure we made good haste. Field camps are all well, but when there's a real roof to be had, I certainly prefer the latter.

23rd day of Ches in The Year of the Voyage, at goblin shaman's dirt cave.

The shaman lived in a small cave in the earth with the entrance all burned. We saw lots of traps surrounding it. Since Eberhardt for some reason I cannot see, had learned the awful language of the goblins, and I'm all for learning as much as possible, he had the pleasure to walk up to the entrance and talk to the little bugger. He didn't bother to tell us what they talked about so Isobel read a scroll of linguistic magic and started translating, not that there was much to learn from it. Wurrzog defeater of demons it called itself. Claiming to have killed three drenches made it so. After some more discussions it was agreed that it gave us a sword of demonslaying, the description of the way to where the demons come from, and would take the goblin offspring and move out.

23rd day of Ches in The Year of the Voyage, back at the farm.

The rout we were told was to the south passing three junipers, a big boulder, and then we'd find Rot Hill, the name of the place where evil leaked into our world. We left and hurried back to the farm. Isidore wanted to head out immediately, but I wanted to fill our supplies and hear what the farmer had to say about the place we're heading to. Having returned the sheep, the farmer's hospitality was as good as it could get with his assets. He also confirmed the shamans story.

25th day of Ches in The Year of the Voyage, at Adventurer's Boulder.

After a good breakfast, only lacking some bacon and dark beer, we set out. Our latest luck with the weather prevailed as a weak spring sun warmed us. The directions we had turned out to be right. The same day we passed the three junipers and early the next we found the big boulder and that it had been signed by passing adventurers. I signed it too, "Baron Tyrion Crownsilver with companions".

25th day of Ches in The Year of the Voyage, at Rot Hill.

A few miles further we reached our goal. It was a rock face on top of a slight hill. Apparently all places we travel to stinks. This was the worst one so far. It gave me a really bad feeling and we were all uneasy as we rode towards a bubbling hole in the stone, filled with mud or worse. It was surrounded by religious protections, obviously of different origins. We all stopped before reaching it and wondered what could be done about it. A foul creature climbed out of the stinking hole only to be struck by Eberhardt, trying out the sword of demonslaying. The paladins said a very competent cleric could seal the hole. While waiting for that solution, we choose to put a big boulder on top of it, to plug it in a more physical way. It was so hard work that even I had to help. My proud steed was used as a simple draught horse and I steered him myself. I hate manual labor. I'm not built for it, but everything's better with wine in the belly.

27th day of Ches in The Year of the Voyage, back at Maloren's Rest.

Our mission completed as best as we could, we returned to Maloren's Rest. We decided to keep quiet about the stinking hole as it was a portal to some evil, abyssal plane and we didn't want to tempt our evil wizardess. At least the people were happy that we had defeated a manticore and returned the sheep.

2ndt day of Tarsakh in The Year of the Voyage, at a place of worship.

Our constructions continues as planned now building a smithy and tannery, but soon we will have to build a respectable place to live in. Not only are we occupying the biggest inn, it's not very respectable living. Not that I really care much for such things, but the populous needs to look up to their leaders to ensure their loyalty. Otherwise they might get the idea that anyone living at an inn can be ruler.

5th day of Tarsakh in The Year of the Voyage, at the inn.

The construction of roads to help out farmers continues as we let the road continue on passed Maloren's Rest to the north-west along the southern edge of the big Farsea Swamp. If we in some distant future can connect it to Brandon Ironwolf's realm it would make Maloren's Rest a more important trade route. To plan things like this I need to know more about the lay of the land. I wrote letters to the family back home in Suzail, questioning if they have heard anything about the other nobles sent west.

8th day of Tarsakh in The Year of the Voyage, on the road.

Waiting for the answers I looked for my companions to go on the scouting trip but found that Wulfgar had already left for that silly place Skull Crag. Eberhardt was away too, so I asked Isidore and Isobel to accompany me on a little trip around the countryside.

13th day of Tarsakh in The Year of the Voyage, on the road.

We set out in the pleasant weather, with a warm sun and cool winds. Heading out along our planned road and continued on until before the mountain met the swamp. Here and there were small hamlets, of just a few houses, mostly living off grazing herds.

19th day of Tarsakh in The Year of the Voyage, leaving any form of road.

Turning south we followed the mountains talking to people in every settlement we found, learning of a fragile truth with orcs inhabiting the mountains. We also saw occasional remnants of old strongholds built by adventurers throughout the years. They're all in disarray and local residents have helped themselves to the stone over time, when the builders moved on or died. Some of them, however might be good enough to serve as a base for future builds. There were also rumors of a mine, probably worth investigating further, and of adventurers, accused by the locals to stir up problems, but we pushed on, not looking for any adventurers. We should probably try to contact them later on. If nothing else to get them to make Maloren's Rest their base to return to, to spend their money and sell their found treasures.

28th day of Tarsakh in The Year of the Voyage, at my room.

After returning home I found that there were messages waiting for me. As it was quite late I only read the one from Shaunna. The other from my family had to wait for tomorrow. She was interested in moving here, but only if it was civilized enough. I doubt she would find this inn sufficient even though she's whore. A high class whore in Suzail will never get a good reputation while still there but out here she might even get reputable. Especially as most of the locals are outcasts and criminals who moved here to avoid the law, anyway. But she will never trade down in her way of life, used to luxuries as she is. Oh well... It'll be a question of introductions I guess, but it will have to wait.

29th day of Tarsakh in The Year of the Voyage, at the inn.

The message from my family wasn't very pleasant reading. Though there weren't much information, most of it were bad. Mykal hadn't put up much of an effort. He arrived at the Farsea Swamp and headed straight into it, stopping at the first settlement, Swampgate. There he settled as a local noble and did nothing to improve his position. I can't believe we are of the same blood. I really hope that fat, idiot at least will prepare to save up for winter and not just spend money to keep up. That would cost the family much and we would probably be stupid enough to pay, just to keep up appearances.

Next bad news was that Endyr Winter had used his intellect and settled north of the swamp. There he had the closest trade routes to Cormyr and some roads already laid out even though they probably are in need of improvement. The little land trade there is with the west passes through there. He will probably gain most in the short term. I really hope we will be able to surpass him in the long run. He will have a hard time expanding further than between the mountains and the swamp, but it might be years before that really becomes a problem. I hope for much southerly wind making him suffer in the stench.

According to rumors in Suzail, Brandon Ironwolf at least reached his intended area. How much he has gotten done there, none knew, but lets hope he can do more than just swing that sword of his in the gods name. I'm hoping for trade from him through our domains. I'm guessing that the only way we can out do Endyr in helping Cormyr with trade will be if we can open up a trade route along the Tun River. We need to establish a new town somewhere along the river. Pity that hellhole is where it is...


2nd day of Mirtul in The Year of the Voyage, at Maloren's Rest.

I gathered my companions and rolled out the beginnings of a map of Tunlands and the known surroundings. Pointing to the north of us, west of Farsea Swamp I proclaimed:

"Here we think, Brandon Ironwolf rules. We have no recent information and no real knowledge of his status and possible neighbors. Through, what I believe is his domains, passes a trading route, that continues on up to where I have heard rumors E..Winter has settled. I would like to confirm that, and I would like to confirm our suggested border to his domains at where the mountains almost meets the swamp."

I continued,
"It would also greatly benefit us if we could come to an agreement about a trade route competing with the one through Winters domains."

"If we could agree on this, we could in the short term make sure we get as much land to the south as we want, which to my tastes are almost all the way down to Bridge of Fallen Men."

The others agreed, and we decided to visit the mine more closely on the way west.

5th day of Mirtul in The Year of the Voyage, at the mine.

At first the miner were cautious, but noting that at the head of our train were two paladins, a noblewoman, and especially me, they relaxed and greeted us. We exchanged formalities and they asked if I could stamp gold for them. As I'm the highest authority, confirmed by the King himself, I told them I could. It wasn't much later that Wulfgar asked if they were mining for ?? We all laughed.

6th day of Mirtul in The Year of the Voyage, in the middle of nowhere.

After emptying a few bottles of wine yesterday I was a little tired this morning, but we got going at a reasonable hour anyway. There was no real road and the wagon we brought was on the heavy side. It made it slow going.

9th day of Mirtul in The Year of the Voyage, at Wolfhome.

We passed a sign with Ironwolf's mark carved in it. It's a great idea. We have to put up signs marking our claim when we return.

Finding a road we gained speed and noted small hamlets littering the countryside. Now we knew we were close. Some farmers directed us towards an inn along the trade route along the northern edge of the plains. We found it, but Brandon himself was out.

At the fall of night he returned and joined us at the inn. We talked and exchanged some stories. He told us that Winter up to the north east had made claims. I knew he would be trouble, but that didn't dampen the mood of our evening.

10th day of Mirtul in The Year of the Voyage, still at Wolfhome.

We learned of Lennox Truesilver, who had occupied Darkhold. He hadn't made much other efforts, but the information wasn't very new, so who knew. Wulfgar thought he needed to be checked on, him being evil and all. Letting him hide in a mountain keep could mean trouble, but I think we have more pressing matters now. Discussing our suggested border with Brandon, we quickly agreed.

12th day of Mirtul in The Year of the Voyage, on the road.

Having bought lots of good wine we set out on our return trip and were joined by Brandon. We also have a sign made that we will put up at the suggested border.

15th day of Mirtul in The Year of the Voyage, on the way back.

We were approached by some commoners from out in the swamp that came seeking our aid. There had been strange fires seen in the night. We were asked to investigate and protect their little hamlet from the perceived dangers. We agreed to follow them into the swamp, but I know not why. It's not even within my wished reaches of the realm. I really should learn not to listen too much to the paladins. We left the wagons and rode into the stinking swamp.

An old man in the little hamlet of Tunburg told us of the fire. He knew it was an evil fire, that had exploded with a roar, and not just burning swamp gas. Having lost my smell already due to the stench of the swamp I saw no reason not to take a closer look. It was too late to reach the small island, Mist Isle, where the fire had been seen. Instead we listened to stories of trolls in the swamp.


16th day of Mirtul in The Year of the Voyage, at Tunburg.

We stayed the night and set out early the next morning, leaving our horses behind, being ferried by some locals. Arriving at Mist Isle we armored ourselves and had a look around. There were kitchen gardens but no visible entrances, but we found a strange tower vaguely shaped like a mushroom without any door we could find. There was a ladder tipped over on the ground. We raised it and climbed to the top of the tower. Isidore aksed me why I climbed the tower when there only were two dead bodies there and no trapdoor or way into the tower. He continued,
"If every one else jumped off a cliff, would you jump off the cliff too?"
I replied,
"No, but I would go up to the edge and look."

The dead bodies were of a young and an old demon summoning cult, that someone said was hired by the cult of the dragon. They are apparently an evil and chaotic bunch with a red eye as symbol.

Returning down we found and followed some old pathway that led to a trapdoor down into the ground. We entered into a complex containing several rooms. It had been used by the cult as was evident by a basalt statue with several red eyes made from rubies. In one room there was a great demon with a lions head and a burning mane. I waved my banner and we defeated it quite quickly. There were also traps and animated skeletons, but we defeated them all. It was rather funny when the paladins debated who would smite the undead creatures, only to be interrupted by a bolt of lightning from the witch. We found on the other hand a treasure room with lots of coins, both gold and silver, and several jewels. There were also libraries. One only filled with evil demon worshiping books, but those we burned. Returning up outside to burn the books we also ate some fish that the ferrymen had caught while waiting, grilled over fire.

We found a lower level that seemed older. It was partly caved in and had a room with deep water in the middle. There was a troll on the far side trying to hit something in the water. We gathered that it was some kind of monster. Everyone tried to come up with ways to get it out of the water so we could fight it, until I put a fish on the end of a string and threw it into the pond. My fishing was very successful and soon we had defeated the evil crab demon that I caught. We left the troll and the deeper caverns had not much else of interest.

17th day of Mirtul in The Year of the Voyage, at Tunburg.

For some unknown reason Isidore suggested to Isobel that she could live in the underground dwellings. As if it's not bad enough to live out in the swamp, he suggested her to live below ground in a swamp. Obviously she declined. I can understand that he didn't want to leave a demon summoning place unguarded when we have the branded demon summoning wizardess back near Maloren's Rest, but having Isobel living there is hardly the best way. We organized to bring all the books and treasure back to Maloren's Rest via boats and horses and a wagon the last part of the trip.

25th day of Mirtul in The Year of the Voyage, at the planned villa building site.

Having all the books laying around, as soon as the stable was finished we started building a library, but as that wasn't occupying all our resources I started planning a better place for me to live in. Even though I'm not planning to spend my life near a swamp I will at least have a decent place here in Maloren's Rest. It's also a a demand to be met if I'm going to get Shaunna to move out here. I think this villa I'm planning will be good enough for her. It's the biggest building so far.


Malar druider hårda naturen i träsket

30th day of Mirtul in The Year of the Voyage, Maloren's but not my Rest.

We finally set out on our trip south. I've been anxious to get on with it since we left Brandon. I specifically forbade anyone to bring more than three personal servants, so we left with one each except for Isidore who didn't bring any, and me who brought the three, and of course the one helping us all with our armoring, and the cook, when not Isobel herself please us with her cooking, a driver for our wagon, and finally a dozen soldiers.

2nd day of Kythorn in The Year of the Voyage, at Rot Hill.

Arriving at Rot Hill we came upon a group sent to close the hole allowing demons slipping through to our plane, or so the said. There were clerics, architects, and workers. The head priest didn't look too happy when I told him about the demon summoning tower in the swamp, but he will do his duty.

4th day of Kythorn in The Year of the Voyage, on the road.

We're not the only travelers on these plains. We met a trader that was on his way to Maloren's Rest. He had heard that it was quickly growing. Good to see there's some trade we don't have to drag there ourselves.

5th day of Kythorn in The Year of the Voyage, at the southern reaches of our planned baronny.

When the mountains closed in on us from the west, we stopped for the night. We know we're close to our planned southern border. I had the men put up the sign we brought telling of our domain starting here. Even though we do not yet control these lands we have made our claim.

6th day of Kythorn in The Year of the Voyage, at the Bridge of Fallen Men.

Continuing south we arrived at the impressive old Bridge of Fallen Men, towering high over the water. It's more of a fortress spanning the ravine than an ordinary bridge. A long time ago it used to be an impregnable hold protecting Cormyr's south-western border. It will soon be swallowed up into the kingdom.

We continued towards Proskur, but having promised Isidore not to have her go against her fathers commands I had us following the mountains to the north of the town. Looking down we could see caravan camps surrounding the actual town on all sides. It was truly a busy trade route.

Arriving at Fort Helm we only saw a single banner, flying the colors of the church of Helm. No one answered our calls but the gate wasn't barred so we entered. There were chickens and pigs in the courtyard but no keeper that we could find. After searching the place we concluded that there were still a garrison at the fort albeit very small, and it was out. I left a note in the chapel telling I had been here and that I was interested in a cooperation that would benefit us both, and an offering of 100 gold.

Wanting some better information on Proskur, Isidore, Eberhardt, and Wulfgar wanted to go there, but I had to stick to my promise not to force Isobel to go there, so we split up. Isidore and the others would take the wagon with the biggest pavilion, the driver and two other servants to help them out and two guards that can help keeping their goods safe. They also took 4000 gold to buy good fabrics and building materials for the villa. I and Isobel kept the rest of the soldiers and servants, including the cook. But since we were also interested in knowing if there were adequate roads north of Fort Helm, it wasn't a total loss. I would though, liked to have sampled the whores in Proskur.

It turned out there's old farmlands just north of Fort Helm. This could not only support the fort, but actually make expanding there and help restore Fort Helm to it's old glory not only a good way to defend our southern border, but actually possible.

We continued north-east until we met Tun River and a little further to the north, where it made a turn we settled for the night. I think it's a good place for the capital of this growing domain. It's far enough from the swamp and being at the riverside allows for better trade and transport. It's a good spot.

7th day of Kythorn in The Year of the Voyage, on the road back.

The others joined us today with the wagon filled with wares and building materials for Maloren's rest. Together we all confirmed that this was a good spot for a city. It will probably be years before it would pass Maloren's Rest, but I have confidence in the strategic position.

On our way back to Maloren's Rest we met a rider telling us I was needed out west. There was trouble with the orcs. We left the wagon and the soldiers and most of the servants, only bringing the aspiring squire, the cook, and my servant.

8th day of Kythorn in The Year of the Voyage, at the western marches.

Arriving at the meet it was more like an army camp than a farmers hamlet. There were an approximate of 200 orcs there, though disciplined compared to what I've heard about orcs there were still chaos. A female half orc wearing the colors of Helm, approached us and greeted me. She told me her name was Nerk and that some adventurers had attacked the orcs, killing not only warriors, but females and young too. The attacks in themselves were a violation of the peace agreement, but attacking the young was a violation of common sense. Yes, we discussed killing goblin young a few months ago, but those were alone and had no one to care for them. This was obviously not good. The orcs were angry. What I guessed was the shamans, openly propagated for war. I could not understand their language, but that was easy to understand.

As an especially impressive orc, called Zarg, approached Isidore suggested to use gang tactics. I know how gangs work. It's all about appearances. Not that far from court actually, just a totally different appearances. With gangs and apparently with orcs it was strength and superiority. I sat tall in the saddle proudly flying the family banner from my lance. Isidore stepped up and started talking before I got to it. Perhaps as well as he seemed to have experience with the creatures. The orcs wanted compensation or it meant war. We started negotiations. We got to know the names of the two leaders of the adventurers. Darnell Whitewing and Martyn Crownsilver. I got shivers down my spine when I heard that last name. I suddenly had something to loose, more than just the peace. I've always been taught that family always comes first. After the king of course.

10th day of Kythorn in The Year of the Voyage, not far from the Bridge of Fallen Men.

Having decided to pay the orcs and negotiated a time limit, Wulfgar followed the orcs, while I and Isidore set out riding to Suzail alone. We needed as much time as possible to get through bureaucracy and laziness to get as much money and resources as possible. Knowing that this was not boding well for the future I knew we had to prepare for when the orcs wouldn't be content with this enormous sum. All the supplies, cheep, colorful fabrics was all well, although expensive, but the orcs had asked for ten full plate armors. When the orcs will threaten with war we will have to have that option available, if not preferable, otherwise the price will rice until we are ruined. We have to come out of this stronger. I will have to make sure we get as much money as possible from the families of the nobles. My family. My best hope is my elder brother.

15th day of Kythorn in The Year of the Voyage, at Suzail.

We returned to Suzail and rode straight to a bathhouse. If you're going to get anything done in the noble circles you have to look the part and after this ride we looked like two sweaty piles of dust. I told Isidore to wait outside while I talked to my brother. I told my brother that this whole incident caused by Martyn Crownsilver and his band of adventurers would cost us around 65,000 gold. He looked dismayed as I would have guessed and he also looked skeptical. The question was weather to the sum, to my story or to weather paying anything at all.
"Why should our family pay that much for Martyn? He's not a very high placed Crownsilver with his lowly branch of the family. And as you said, he had the bad taste of being captured."

"I know, but he is family, and it is the family name that would be dragged in the dirt if we don't get him out of this." I continued,
"It's not just his life on the chopping block. The orcs threaten to start a war over this. Having a war that we're not prepared for, being started by someone bearing our name would be bad."

"A war you say. Then it's more than just family matters. We'll take this to the king."

Isidore accompanied us to the king's dark fortress. We were lucky. He had finished dinner and was willing to receive visitors. We entered and put forth our dilemma. The king turned to Isidore and told him he knew his father and asked for his opinion. He had to drag it out of him, but he supported me. After hearing all the facts the king told us to return tomorrow. We had different things we wanted to do and I suggested meeting early, knowing the kings fondness for efficiency. I had someone I wanted to see, and not only her.

16th day of Kythorn in The Year of the Voyage, at Suzail.

Last night I set out visiting an old friend before heading to my favorite, Shaunna. I didn't get much sleep and still being tired after the long hard ride, I took a cold bath to get me going early in the morning. We headed over to the king and was lead to his study. I was right. The king was up working early. Realizing that as my domain would grow so would my responsibility, and my workload, I felt even more tired. The king motioned for us to sit, so we sat and waited. Soon he motioned for us to approach so we did. He proclaimed he would pay half the ransom in the sum of 20,000 gold. In return he demanded a watchtower being built to guard against the orcs. We agreed and he signed a paper to be taken to the treasurer. We left forever grateful of the kings wisdom.

I returned to my brother and told him that the king had payed 20,000 gold, and I was hoping he would be able to pay 40,000 gold and leaving the remaining 5,000 gold to my own hard pressed economy. He finally agreed and suggested I would leave town before father returned. I agreed, wholeheartedly. Even though I was up 20,000 gold I didn't feel like a winner.

17th day of Kythorn in The Year of the Voyage, leaving Suzail.

We used the 60,000 gold to fill a wagon train with everything needed for building the villa, the upcoming town hall, and anything we needed for the ransom exchange. Hopefully some of the drivers would even consider staying.

21st day of Kythorn in The Year of the Voyage, at the site of the exchange.

We met the orcs as agreed upon. They brought their prisoners in chains. I could see Martyn ease up as he saw my crest. I quickly ordered the prisoners be brought to their knees and the orc guards happily carried it out. We couldn't have the orcs realizing that we were of the same family. I turned my steed and ordered up all the goods and sheep for the orcs. There was no incidents and the peace was saved. For now. Well, I'll have look at the bright side. We got the prisoners out alive, which means no cause for unrest among the humans for orcs killing humans, we got our expenses covered and more, I'm still on speaking terms with my brother, the king haven't given up on me, and my father will probably still hate me, but that's what family's for.


3rd day of Flamerule in The Year of the Voyage, at my usual table at Maloren's Rest.

I passed judgement over the prisoners. They would have to buy their freedom. As the nobles had been the leaders their price would be highest. The family of Crownsilver had already payed for Martyn so he would be sent to Suzail to answer to the family. Message will be sent to Whitewing of Waterdeep for payment for Darnell. The others will have to go into our service for a years time, without pay. They will have to repay the barony for any equipment they need for their work, like weapons, armor and spellbooks, but food and rooms will be provided for. Any treasure earned and not stolen from innocent swamp dwellers, will be theirs to spend as they wish. The council decided the first task to be carried out was scouting and mapping the swamp north of Maloren's Rest. We also asked Vernon Brask to serve as executioner which would be a payed position.

10th day of Flamerule in The Year of the Voyage, at the inn.

The library was recently finished. Now we have a great deal of books available for the inhabitants. So far the interest from the people has been limited, but I hope they will realize that knowledge is a way to power and riches. The mind needs books like a sword needs a wetstone. I have great hopes for these lands. Hmm... Silverlands...

12th day of Flamerule in The Year of the Voyage, at the inn.

Isidore came to me suggesting giving Sindra the position of magister making her our highest authority on all things magical. I would have to lift her ban on using magic. I don't have all the facts from her earlier judgement, actually I don't know much about magic at all, but when a paladin of a good family like Isidore suggests it, I'm inclined to agree, even though he sleeps with her. I gathered the council and we set some rules and gave her the position, even though it wasn't liked by Powys who told the opinion of the people. She's not very popular.

14th day of Flamerule in The Year of the Voyage, still at the inn.

As the king commanded us to build a watchtower, and I want it at the site of an old derelict watchtower close to the mine, we expanded our reaches towards it. We made sure to improve roads and take advantage of the fertile lands on the way, but it was all with the Kings command in mind.

15th day of Flamerule in The Year of the Voyage, at Maloren's Rest.

With first harvests we celebrated our good fortune with great feasts. It's important to keep morale up, something we soon learned when the people started gossiping about Isidore's affair with Sindra and the following appointment of her as magister. I had to hold speeches calming the people. I wonder what consequence this will have for me. Will more or less women want to sleep with me for the chance of being awarded a position? In a way it's simpler to just pay for it.

24th day of Flamerule in The Year of the Voyage, at my new villa.

Finally the villa is finished. It tuned out really great. Now I can send for Shaunna with confidence. I look forward to having her here. Not that there's no half decent whores here, but Shaunna is one great creature of pleasure, and not only of bodily. I also invited Brandon to visit our domain. As the other place to stay is the inn I invited the others to stay in the guest rooms here in the villa and Isidore and Isobel accepted immediately. I still meet the commoners at the inn. I like the rustic feel and without any local court life it get's empty and kind of lonely here.

27th day of Flamerule in The Year of the Voyage, at my dining hall.

Today two strange barbarians arrived. Apparently Wulfgar sent for a druid and he got a weird one with a shield maiden that's even worse. They're called Adwif and Hellebore. I'm not sure I'd try out that barbarian in the sack even just to have done it.

30th day of Flamerule in The Year of the Voyage, at my bedroom.

We have started building the watch tower, as per the Kings command. As it will be our first military building we put Hector, our most experienced soldier, in command of it when finished and also to oversee it's building.

2nd day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, at the inn.

Shaunna finally arrived today. After celebrating her arrival for a few days I asked her to help out with my domain. Eberhardt, having taken on more and more of the work of the overall military strategy was now formally appointed as General, allowing Shaunna to take the position of Spymaster.

6th day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, at a dragon cadaver deep in the swamp.

Today Vernon Brask, Bartholomew Sayne, Leyli, and Verthold the Wizard returned from their tour in the swamp. They had found a dead dragon that they thought should be worth investigating closer. We followed them out into the stinking swamp. Everyone told me I would get used to the smell but I haven't yet. When we finally got to the dead dragon I discovered that there was an even worse stench. After spending way too long looking at the carcass we concluded that it had been killed by an enormous swamp monster, probably some lizard. Some bite marks suggested two different heads, which combined with other tracks pointed to a Linnorm.

8th day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, on my way out of the swamp.

We noted some trolls nearby and one of them even wore an improvised plate armor. Isobel talked to the troll and told us it was smarter than any troll she ever had heard of. The troll confirmed our theory by telling us of a two headed, brownish, monster with scales. A troll tried to sneak up on us from the side but Eberhardt used the flaming greatsword to quickly kill it. The troll leader with the armor seemed to try to evaluate our every move and our equipment as if it was preparing for an invasion.

9th day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, at Maloren's Rest.

When we at last left the stinking swamp, Verthold the Wizard cast a spell that rid me of the awful stench of the swamp and got me cleaned up at once. He's actually not that bad.


19th day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, at Maloren's Rest.

Our hired adventurers returned telling us of orc attacks at a small hamlet near the base of the western mountains. They were however a little suspicious. Not knowing exactly why they were suspicious, we have to investigate further.

21st day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, at a small hamlet.

Examining the bodies we found that there were wounds from crossbow bolts that had been covered by scimitar cuts. Myself, I'm not that knowledgeable about orc weaponry and didn't really see what the problem was, until crossbow bolts came flying that is. A fireball was averted by our use of the newly acquired Ring of counterspelling. Several bolts struck me through the plate, but seeing some twenty warriors coming charging down the slope of the hillside, I was confident I'd soon enough no longer be their target. Charging into the oncoming creatures that at closer range looked like humans trying to look like orcs rather that actual orcs, I was no longer the target of bolts, but instead, the target of scimitars. They were not so lucky as their long distance friends, and I struck down several before a whistle was heard and the remaining retreated. It was too tempting to not ride down a few of the fleeing troops.

When the dust started to settle I returned to the baggage train. Their wizard had hit them with a fireball but we only lost a few, partly thanks to an obscuring mist placed in the way by the newly arrived druid.

The whole attack had been made by mercenaries hired to start a war between us and the orcs. Brandon was to be similarly engaged. We sent one soldier to Brandon and one to Maloren's Rest via our watchtower under construction to let everyone know it wasn't orcs. We still needed to know who was behind it all and only the wizard, who was also the captain of the mercenaries, called Marios, knew all the details. We needed him alive. Isobel sent up her crow and the barbarian druid turned into a big eagle and flew into the mountains. We followed. I was a little worried that the orcs would think we broke the truce, but we continued on.

It was nearing dark when we learned that the mercenaries were in a valley ahead, but there were orcs heading both this way and towards them. We met and talked to the orcs and came to the agreement that they should attack the mercenaries and we could have half the prisoners. We agreed and sent Isidore with the orcs.

An orc came after dark and traded with Eberhardt. We got Verthold's spellbook. I let him buy it back.

22nd day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, at the watchtower.

Isidore returned with Marios as a prisoner. We came to an agreement with him that he'd tell us who had hired him and we would let him go, but suspecting Endyr Winter, we wanted it to be witnessed by Brandon, so we sent Isidore for him. If he get the information from Marios directly, he would have less reason to distrust us, not that there's any reason for that, but you never know. Especially when Endyr is concerned. We retired to the watchtower under construction to wait for Brandon. We need an inn here, and a brothel to help make time pass more quickly.

26th day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, still at the watchtower.

When Brandon finally arrived Marios told us about how he was hired at Fort Doom in Traldara, by some noble that wanted him to start a war between the orcs and us and Brandon. The noble used a fake name but probably wasn't very used to this kind of dealings as he had forgotten to remove his signet ring. Marion remembered it in some detail and I recognized who that was. It's a nobody in the service of Endyr Winter. Endyr was behind it, as I suspected. He had had some run ins with Brandon and our plan to cut him out of the trade rout, even though probably never completely, makes him our main adversary. The only other suspect I had was Lennox Truesilver, but it was to subtle for his style. The story itself wasn't enough to act on, especially as only I recognized the signet ring, but I'm guessing there will be more chances for it to be seen and Endyr will provide us with more reasons to act later on.

27th day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, on the road.

We bid Brandon farewell and sent six soldiers to accompany Marios and his few soldier we captured alive south to escort them to the end of our domain and point them in the direction of Proskur. There they would be able to disappear without a trace. Myself, I headed back to Maloren's Rest.

29th day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, at Maloren's Rest.

A man was waiting for me at Maloren's Rest. He was sent from Whitewing of Waterdeep to pay for Darnell. We started discussing terms, when Eberhardt suggested that we should agree to an official sum and an unofficial higher sum. That struck a cord with the visitor. He finally agreed to pay almost 30,000 gold but officially only pay 5,000 gold, letting Darnell know he wasn't worth more.

1st day of Eleint in The Year of the Voyage, at the inn.

The day started out alright. I was listening to anyone who had any business with me at the inn as usual, when the word reached me that an entourage was heading here. Whoever it was, someone with an entourage have to be received with dignity, not at the inn. I beat a hasty retreat to my villa and alerted all servants that everything would have to be set in motion for having a feast tonight. I also ordered all guest rooms to be set in order and located my finest cloak to drape over my plate. Wolfgar came riding and announced that it was the baroness Stierheim, Eberhardt's mother that was coming. I was about finished when a wagon stopped outside the gates.

Out of the coach came a woman with a quite stern look in an expressionless face. There was something unnerving about her. I received her on the steps and her manners were immaculate. I had expected a more condescending approach from her, but she seemed both understanding of the situation and content that her son had the position of general.

She was willing to support my domain, but I'm not sure I'd really want that. The biggest problem is saying no without being rude. She is definitely someone you'd want to be supportive of you're cause, but you don't want to be in debt to, or have do actions in your name. I declined her proposal to help out more actively with Winter as politely as I could, but agreed to listening to any information she might come by.

2nd day of Eleint in The Year of the Voyage, on the road.

We left for a tour of the domain. We choose to tour the whole intended domain and not just the part we really control since she had already seen almost half of that coming to Maloren's Rest. When we passed the portal where there had been demons erupting, the Baroness Charybdis Stierheim actually smiled during Eberhardt's story of the events.

4th day of Eleint in The Year of the Voyage, at the northern border.

We left her at the border to Brandons domain as she was on her way to visit Lennox Truesilver. She seemed overall content with both her son's and our whole progress.

6th day of Eleint in The Year of the Voyage, leaving Maloren's Rest.

Due to the situation with Winter and his schemes, I wanted to visit cousin Mykal's domain at Swamp Gate. It could become an embarrassment to the family if he failed too spectacular and it became known by the king. We are after all here on the kings command, so he is bound to find out. I just want to point Mykal in the right direction.

11th day of Eleint in The Year of the Voyage, at the inn.

Arriving at Swampgate we immediately noted that everybody was dressed too good and dragging their feet. Looks like the reports from our adventurers were correct. There is something weird going on here. Asking for Mykal, someone went to the brothel to wake him up. It was still before noon. He was happy to see me and Isidore and I joined him in his mansion. He was bored. He drank, played cards and used whores to make time pass. When I asked him about the domain he didn't even know, but sent for his treasurer and councilor. Questioning him about the surroundings I found out that Winter supplied Mykal with all the luxuries. Probably to keep him drunk and inactive. The problem is that it's made him popular with Mykal. The treasurers name's Melvur Brynske and he arrived with the books. I looked them over and found no errors. That was actually a problem. There was no corrections at all. I've never seen books that hadn't been changed to compensate for something or other. It made me suspicious. I did not trust that rogue. Councilor Makejevitch wasn't much better. He showed no compassion to the people at all and according to Isidore was of evil inclination. My evaluation is that Brynske is either stealing from Mykal or covering for him. Either way it should be stopped. When they had left I drafted up an agreement of support that made sure that if Winter would attack Mykal Crownsilver, it would be just cause for me to enter the war against Winter.



15th day of Eleint in The Year of the Voyage, at the inn.

We started our expansion north to connect with Brandon, with our planned attack on the giants. Leaving Maloren's Rest with both Eberhardt's mounted troops and some barbarians brought along by Wulfgar. First we headed to Goldwatch. There we left the royal surveyor and the more valuable civilians, and continued on towards the cave in the mountains near the agreed upon border still accompanied by Nerk, our Helms paladin.

We knew of 13 male warriors in the giant tribe that survived the attack on Maloren's Rest, but our scouts that had kept the cave under surveillance told us that there wasn't any more males and but half a dozen females and a dozen small, even though they still wasn't really small.

We decided to wait until a few left the camp and ambush those, hoping to not have to fight them all at once and not on foot.

17th day of Eleint in The Year of the Voyage, in the Sunset Mountains.

Today we followed two giants that left the cave and set out on some sort of patrol. We totally overwhelmed them and they were killed quickly in the short fight.

18th day of Eleint in The Year of the Voyage, at the giant hideout.

It took them a full day before sending out a second pair to look for the first two. At the suggestion of Isidore we attacked those close enough to the cave that the tribe should be alerted by the fighting. These two also died quickly, but the ensuing battle was longer.

The nine remaining male giants came running down the valley where we made our ambush. I put our general, Eberhardt, in charge and waited for the giants to reach the point at witch we would attack. With a cry of, "For the King", I charged the leading giant. Isobel cast her magic and Wulfgar reached it slightly before I felled it with a mighty charge. I paused briefly, giving tactical instructions, before charging and slaying a second and even a third giant. It was a glorious day.

We ended up killing all nine remaining male giants but letting the females and the young flee to the west, beyond the mountains. We inspected the cave where they had lived. It's been a while since last we were out adventuring and I had almost forgotten that worst thing about it; the stench. The cave was the equal of earlier high points of bad smells, but we still entered. It was an old constructed cave the giants had taken over. Several walls had been smashed but there was still one standing in the back of the cave. We found some coins laying under the leaders bed. There were thousands of gold, silver and a few adamantium coins. There were also a magical brass ax matching a magical armor that the leader had worn as an trinket. They were very old and might have been found by the giants in this very cave. There might be some old evil beyond that last wall. We will have to deal with that later.

20th day of Eleint in The Year of the Voyage, at the northern border.

Isidore rode in all haste and fetched the royal surveyor in just over a day. He looked at the wall and concluded that he would like to get some experts from Suzail before trying to knock it down. But what he did do is start the construction of the road connecting our road to the one from Brandon to the north. We also prepared for building a watchtower guarding the road from attacks from both the mountains and from the swamp

24th day of Eleint in The Year of the Voyage, near Old Axe.

The time has come for the Parliament of Peers. We leave for Suzail. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand we actually succeeded in building the new road that will shorten the trade route to Suzail and will actually have made progress in strengthening the economy for all of Cormyr, but on the other hand I'll have to meet my father. There will be lots of scheming and I'm not sure how good mu companions will be at that. Paladins naturally suck at it and so does barbarians. Isobel and Eberhardt comes from warrior families, not that they're necessarily bad at it, but they usually are a little more direct than could be wished for. But we'll see. It could be great.

28th day of Eleint in The Year of the Voyage, in Suzail.

It's great to be home at Suzail again. Strangely enough it doesn't feel as much home anymore. Could that pitiful hamlet near the swamp be growing on me? But now I'll revisit my of places. I left the others and sent Shaunna on her way to start gathering as much information on what's going on here as possible. I don't want to be blindsided by things obvious to all living here. Myself, I returned to my favorite brothel. Not only can I avoid father as long as possible by living here, I can pick up on the latest news about Suzail, that is apart from the more obvious advantages of living there.

29th day of Eleint in The Year of the Voyage, in Suzail.

I met up with my companions and we sold off some loot we gathered while adventuring. 

1st day of jan in The Year of fallen friends, at the Parliament of Peers.

I wasn't late but as close to it as you can get, when appearing for the Parliament of Peers. Having to join my family, I didn't want to spend time before we joined our peers. My father noted my presence and made it clear he wanted to talk to me as soon as the first day of parliament had finished. A thing to note was that Isidore sat with the Truesilvers. The old woman Cleo Truesilver had apparently decided to accept the bastard.

It started out uneventful enough with the King opening the parliament as is done. He was dressed very smartly in all black. Uneventful until the subject of Cormyr's expansion to the west was raised. I knew I had to speak on the subject so I decided to go first. There are a few ways you can go when addressing the parliament. You coul go crowd pleasing, short and concise, or you could do dry facts. It's not that an easy choice as one could think as my choice of dry facts probably surprised some, but that is the preferred way of the King. Crowd pleasing usually involves ridiculing someone too, and that could be dangerous when you're not up to date with the politics. Mykal on the other hand didn't really have any good facts and went that way. Luckily he's good at it too. Brandon went the paladin way, telling everything including the conflict with Winter. He joked about Lennox Truesilver though. Interesting choice as Truesilvers are influential, but I guess he's not the favorite in the family.

Then it got interesting. Charybdis Stierheim accused Winter of being the one behind the fake orc attack that I just mentioned in passing. I knew she had investigated the incident but I hadn't had time to see what kind of evidence she would have on him. I knew you had to choose words carefully not to make enemies when powerful families are at each others throats. I kept quiet, but gave nodding gestures of thanks to Stierheim as her eyes passed over me. I got a note from Isidore asking if he could join the debate. Knowing that he is at least capable at diplomacy, even though being a paladin, I didn't forbid him. He didn't make it worse as Wulfgar did when he pointed out that it was on the Kings command we had gone west and by scheming against us Winter had been scheming against the King. Sure it's nice to avoid the war Stierheim was aiming for, but Stierheim is not someone you want to make upset, and he did. Winter saw his chance to get out of a war with one of the most powerful families in Cormyr by turning to the King for his judgement.

The King ended the dispute by stating he would decide in the question. That was unheard of. The King have no such power at the parliament, though perhaps he should have, but not according to father at least. He booed and cursed to himself. With increasing the Kings power, the noble families would loose power. I can accept it if it's for the best for Cormyr, but my father did not like it.

Cleo Truesilver acknowledged Isidore as a Truesilver and not only that but also a bastard cousin of the King himself. Not very surprising Lennox was displeased.

When the first day was over my father got his talk. He gave me the usual scolding and demanded to have all details of the new lands. I gave them and the advice to invest in shipping. There would be an upswing in maritime trade if all goes as planned. He took the advice with the usual derogatory comment. I was pleased when we finally parted ways.

7th day of jan in The Year of fallen friends, at the Parliament of Peers.

The King waited until the last day of the parliament to pass judgement on Endyr Winter. The whole family Winter showed that they distanced themselves from him, letting him take the fall alone. The verdict was harsher than I expected, but understandable. Even the King himself use opportunities to further his own goals. He dissolved the domain and banished Endyr Winter from Cormyr. The domain was financed wholly by the Winter family and not of the Crown as ours. This meant he got rid of the competition for the trade tax. The protests heard was mostly objecting to the Kings use of power he was not entitled to in the parliament, and not to the judgement itself.

After the parliament I looked up Mykal and pointed out to him that he now had to expand north and claim Aris. Otherwise he risked loosing the flow of luxury items. That argument seemed to have effect. I hope he can do better in the future.

8th day of jan in The Year of fallen friends, at the Royal Castle.

I was summoned by the King, as were my companions, Brandon, Lennox, and Mykal. The King acknowledged Isidore as his bastard cousin and then distributed people and resources from Winter's domain to us others. He even acknowledged our success by giving us a broach bearing the symbol of the Purple Dragons and a retainers fee.


16th day of jan in The Year of fallen friends, at Maloren's Rest.

Nearing Maloren's Rest at dusk, we noted that the surrounding farmsteads lacked people. Closer inspection told us that only the children was left and they told us their parents had grabbed torches and pitchforks to ward off the trolls attacking the town. We left our entourage and galloped hard to save as much as possible of the town.

We charged straight down the main street with Eberhardt up at the very front when two trolls jumped at him from the shadows. We all charged them and they were soon killed and so were a few more further down the street but one troll escaped. We reformed and continued at the gallop toward the sound of fighting close to the square in front of the inn.

There we were confronted with two hoards of trolls fighting civilians. There was one hoard of more than a dozen surrounding the barricaded inn and the other fighting a more disorganized civilian mob. I noted the troll boss we encountered earlier in the swamp, sneaking off into an alley from the disorganized fight. I yelled to the others to charge there and try to follow the boss, but he had disappeared and we couldn't get passed the fight anyway. On the other hand we could turn the tide of the fight and with the battle cry "For the King!" help the mob defeat the trolls. Eberhardt engaged the trolls in front of the tavern to relieve the besieged, but soon came under attack from a great many trolls. Isidore turned to help him out but couldn't prevent him from falling. By that time, I had inspired the civilians by tactical advice and most of the trolls in that fight were defeated when out of the shadows charged the sneaky troll leader. Its awful claws tore through my plate and wounded me severely, but with the help of Wulfgar and Isidore we defeated it.

I cried out in triumph for the townsfolk to hear "The troll king is slain! Now let's kill the rest!". Isidore, noticing that a few trolls hesitated from my triumphant cry, cut off its head and held it up shouting in their nefarious language. Wulfgar took it up by impaling the head on his burning lance and holding it up high for all the trolls to see and gave a roar catching the attention of most of them nearby. It was enough to break their will to fight. They fled thankfully without grabbing Eberhardt for dinner. Isobel helped him regain consciousness.

Out of the cheering crowd a chant started to be heard. "Half-pint saved us! Half-pint saved us!" It may not be the most flattering name, but the chanting in itself is a good thing. The once so independent people have now seen the advantages in my rule. They might even one day become civilized.

21st day of jan in The Year of fallen friends, at the villa.

Our expansion finally reached our sought southern border, The Bridge of Fallen Men. It also means that until Crownport have a functioning harbor we can still have the trade rout go through our domain as we build it, which has just started. Once finished the city of Crownport will rival the old cities of Cormyr but for the nearest few months it will just be a few houses and the construction site of the huge waterfront. It will put a strain on our economy but it will be a real step on the way to increase the trade as the King commanded us to do.


12th day of feb in The Year of fallen friends, near Aris.

We were organizing the last of the relocation of people that had served under Ezra Winter, sending them south, when a messenger arrived, asking for Wulfgar. It was a barbarian from the north asking him to return home due to some trouble. He didn't want to go into any detail when we could hear, but suspecting trouble Wulfgar asked us to accompany him. We agreed and set off.

17th day of feb in The Year of Fallen Friends, in the wilderness of Felsenmark.

Arriving to where Wulfgar was summoned I noted the lack of buildings. It was no more than a field camp consisting of pavilions and lesser tents. We were greeted by Wulfgar's sister who declared us her guests. She was very much a barbarian.

It turned out that the barbarians were divided between those who wanted to rebel against the King and those who didn't. The rebels were led by Ilderic who was a young barbarian of the falcon clan who had been adventuring some. He was definitely a threat. Not that he could actually win against Cormyr, but there's always prioritizing that needs to be done and a war with the barbarians would put a strain on the treasury, something we don't want right now. It would take time, but Cormyr would crush the rebellious barbarians.

I noted that Wulfgar probably have some trouble with the language as he said they "lacked a king" out here in the wilds, but he must meant they "missed the King", for there surely is a rightful King. Ilderic and Wulfgar taunted each others and soon it escalated to a duel. When healing afterwords was mentioned, the barbarians exchanged strange looks. It wasn't stated what would end the fight, but both were unarmored and fighting in an aggressive, barbaric style they both quickly heavily wounded each other, and it was all over.

A strange woman with all white hair and looking as if she'd prefer to not wear any clothes, walked through the crowds lead by a pack of wolves. The barbarian's cheering died to a murmur as she got near. She was not liked, and barely passable as human, but she easily healed Ilderic's wounds.

Wulfgar, Ilderic and us others had some drinks and shared campfire. We explain that Cormyr is'n like the barbarians in that you can fight and then sit down together in peace. Cormyr will not stop until the enemy is defeated.

I decided to keep a low profile amongst the barbarians and instead prepare for writing letters to Juno Lombard, duchess of Felsenmark and of course the King himself. This was after all serious business.

The strange woman shared our campfire after being asked to. She said she belonged to the wilderness in the west and that the wolf queen isn't dead. She was not only cool in her temper, she actually looked as if she was partly ice. Her laughter was the worst fake I've heard so far. She even admitted to trying to laugh to please the humans. She told us that she would keep company with Ilderic as long as their goals led them in the same direction.

Eberhardt tried to show off by poking around in the fire with his unprotected hand, not too much of a feat if you're a tiefling, but she definitely feared the fire. He flirted aggressively with her and she replied by breathing cold at him. His resistance seemed to melt her resistance. Isidore apparently wanted to be as loose as Eberhardt so in the general drunkenness they fought and not that surprisingly the brawny Eberhardt won.

18th day of feb in The Year of Fallen Friends, still in the wilderness.

The icy woman left during the night. We had a more serious talk about his plans with Ilderic today. We succeeded in convincing him not to attack Cormyr for now. We sent him adventuring to the west instead, but he will be back. He will follow in the footsteps of his and Wulfgars father, Balnock, and do great deeds to become the big man he was and then return to claim his own kingdom to the east. It was a lot of talk about size, but not all great men are large.

Having steered Ilderic westward instead we returned but we will be prepared for his return. The letters to both the King and the duchess will be sent at the first possible chance.


Last day of feb in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Maloren's Rest.

Wulfgar returned from Felsenmark and I asked him to go to Fort Helm and sweet talk Nerk into joining Silverlands.

7th day of march in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Maloren's Rest.

The royal experts on Aran Kabal arrived today. We will leave for the cave with the wall in a few days, but first they shall rest a little and hear all we have to tell them so far.

9th day of march in The Year of Fallen Friends, at the cave near North Gate.

Royal experts or not, it was hard work getting through the wall. They finally succeeded in pulling a stone from it. Standing foremost Eberhardt peeked into the darkness. He said he saw skeletal soldiers standing in niches and a sarcophagus further in. They seemed to be animated even though they didn't move around. He stepped back and let Isidore search for evil. He concluded that there was evil. Evil as in undead creatures of some strength but not out of our reach, some stronger evil for m the sarcophagus, possibly a more powerful undead, and some even stronger evil from so me object on a shelve.

I took a 10-foot pole laying around and picked up one of the lanterns with it. As I reached in with the lantern, lighting the room, I saw the skeletal warriors standing in motionless vigil. I put the lantern down to the side and stepped back peeking further in. There was a room with furnishing sculpted completely in stone, even the wine carafe on the table. The skeletal guards started moving. The closest warrior picked up the lantern and put it on a table. The others draw their swords but kept them lowered and acted more protective than aggressive. There was one of them that wore full plate armor that approached and held up his shield to the opening showing his mark, before speaking. It was a strange voice that didn't eco in the stone hall where it was spoken. The royal experts started consulting his scrolls and knowledge translating the words. Eberhardt held up his shield in response, as the expert told us that the guard was guarding the tomb of marquise Ordeny, with more words and almost as many titles as the King himself. In response to Eberhardt's showing of the shield he asked if that was his masters shield and what his name was. Eberhardt motioned towards me and I stepped up introducing myself. Being asked if I was a powerful noble I responded that I was a noble of a powerful family but yet in the process of making my fortune.

Asked my purpose I responded that it would be good if they could leave. The guard retreated further into the crypt to the sarcophagus and seemed to be talking to it. The lid suddenly moved and another skeletal creature came out of it, but not a mighty warrior but as his titles had hinted at it was rather a bureaucrat, my kind of creature.

We introduced ourselves and I was very careful not to mention any geographical references and agreed to my family being from far away, even if it was rather in time than actual distance. I told of the plans for building a trading district that it would diminish the tomb and that I recommended them to relocate to the west. After some deliberations the marquise sat down at the table and received some writing utensils from a guard and wrote a formal document on a scroll of obvious magical properties, made even more obvious when a golden seal was applied and signed. It was handed over to me together with a parting gift, as the other guards started packing. The gift was the strongly evil object placed in a pillow presented on a mithril plate. Sadly enough not the mithril full plate armor that I have been contemplating, lately, but beautiful none the less.

The item itself was a glass container containing a small succubus. It looked up at me and said something I didn't understand, but Eberhardt and Isobel knew the language of demons. I quickly put it out of sight and told everyone to keep quite about this until we knew what to do with it.

11th day of march in The Year of Fallen Friends, back at Maloren's Rest.

We discussed what to do with the succubus. Isildore was very nervous about it's danger and Eberhardt suggested selling it to his mother. I thought that it would have been nice to build the little container into a pillar in a high class brothel named the succubus. It would probably become famous and make loads of money. Pity it probably would be able to spread chaos and evil to weak minded customers, making the idea impossible. Instead I put it in an inner room in my villa and carried all keys on a chain around my neck. I made the decision that it should be sold and as the gift was presented to me I wouldn't sell it to just anyone. Only buyers I would deem responsible or capable enough would be considered. Before starting to ask questions if people was willing to trade in demons, which would perhaps not be clearly against the law, it would be very questionable, we would ask Charybdis Stierheim if she would be interested in acquiring it. She would at least not fall for any tricks from the succubus and she would probably want it destroyed or the very least defeated. We sent for our High Priest ???? who used the magic send to contact baroness Stierheim asking if she was interested. The answer was not unseen and not much later she herself appeared teleporting straight into the villa. If I ever wondered what could drive Eberhardt's father to procreate with a devil, it was answered seeing her in a night gown. After inspecting it she asked what we wanted and from my and Isobel's earlier guesses I suggested a price of 60,000 gold. Her answer, "Is that all you want?" didn't make me want to raise the price as it might have been meant to do, but instead made me think it was right. It was a reasonable price, and it was a sum that would help out in our building of Crownport. If you ask too much of her you end up being in the debt of a very powerful woman with a world view that to me is a little dubious, and I would go to great lengths to avoid that.

She left for the master guest suit that I had made available to her and the succubus container was put in a box. At Isidore's insistence it was sealed by all our seals. It was then put in a room where we all slept keeping it under guard. I felt a little bit silly sleeping in my house but not my bedroom, but being the owner and thinking of what baroness Strierheim told us about it, that there was some magic that included a guardian devil somehow connected to the owner, I didn't want to be the only one not there. Far away in the halls of the villa one side of an argument could be heard in that infernal language.

12th day of march in The Year of the Fallen Friends, in my Villa.

At breakfast Charybdis joined us but were in an foul mood. It turned out that the guardian outranked her in some way in the levels of hell and she now had been ordered to deliver the succubus to her superiors. She still would pay the sum without herself getting the price.

We followed her accompanied by ten silver guards outside of town to a spot where the ground was frozen in a circle and in the middle were gold bars. They were marked with infernal signs and Isidore detected some lingering evil as if they appeared straight out of hell. We loaded them on the horses of the silver guard, when baroness Charybdis Stierheim asked for my leave. She teleported away almost before I was finished giving it to her.

20th day of march in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Maloren's Rest.

A message arrived in which the King asked for a tax of 16,000 gp that is to be delivered in a months time.

28th day of march in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Maloren's Rest.

Converting the gold bars from the deal with the baroness Stierheim to coins as we do with the gold from the mine, I put 36,000 into building the waterfront at Crownport, putting off the expected delay. The rest I expect can be used to finally buy me that mithril full plate and add good magical protection to it.

10th day of april in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Maloren's Rest.

The King's tax was sent out today escorted by Eberhardt's finest and two dozen knights of the Silver Guard.


2nd day of Alturiak in The Year of Fallen Friends, in the countryside.

A message telling of bandit attacks arrived and since Wulfgar is still at Helms Deep we set out without him, heading west from Maloren's Rest. We soon found out the bandits moved fast although they travelled on foot. Following in their wake we were told that they offered their victims to surrender their valuables or be attacked. Those who did weren't harmed.

3rd day of Alturiak in The Year of Fallen Friends, further west in the countryside.

Stopping for a bite to eat I studied my newly made maps. From the bandits trail and choice of targets I concluded that their next target will likely be a well off farm not very far away but on the other side of a stream that required quite a detour to be crossed. Eberhardt offered his knowledge of a hidden ford that will put us ahead of the bandits.

3rd day of Alturiak in The Year of Fallen Friends, at the farmstead.

We arrived late in the day and knew the bandits wouldn't get here until after dark. The locals greeted us and wondered what such noble folks were doing at their simple farm. I told them of the approaching threat and that all we wanted from them was that they keep out of the way, in no way carry any weapons and avoid getting hurt. They should leave the fighting to me, their lord and protector. Some youth thought differently but was soon convinced by their elders and mothers.

We settled in a barn where we could hide with the horses, but Eberhardt sent his ten soldiers out behind the farm to envelop the band of bandits when we attack. Isobel took the first watch, followed by me, but Eberhardt will take the longest watch, being able to see in darkness.

Eberhardt alerted us and we mounted. Bandits were sneaking into place using the cover of darkness, not too successfully versus Eberhardt I might add. There were about thirty of them and they looked like barbarians from Friesland. Their leader blew a horn and shouted a threat telling the owner to appear. Isidore asked if we should use diplomacy, but I responded that the time for that had passed, now, as outlaws, their only choice was surrender. We made our final preparations before I started the fight by charging out of the barn. In the dim light I headed for the first target I saw. It turned out to be a bandit in the far end of a line. He fell for my lance. Isidore joined me by my side felling another, leaving room for me to maneuver. Eberhardt, who had spotted their leader earlier charged passed him striking very hard and leaving room for Isobels spell to strike home. Alerted to his presence I charged him, felling him with my lance and dropping it next to the fallen barbarian bandit leader. Isidore demanded the bandits to surrender. making them hesitate, but Eberhardt's continuation of charging them made them fight. Instead of drawing my rapier I held up my hand and commanded 'Hold' and that they should ideed surrender or suffer the consequences. Isidore healed their leader and Eberhardt held his attacks and the fighting died down but his troops who had moved in behind the bandits were following a reserve of a dozen more barbarians joining the others forming a circle of defense.

The bandit leader drank a potion, steadying him some more, and told us what he thought of Cormyr's laws. I told him that this was no political discussion but a lawful arrest of criminals, pointing my rapier at him. His response was to rage and raise his big warriors axe. Hardly had he done so before Isobel's poisonous gas cloud appeared felling dozens of them. In insane rage their leader charged me. The power of his strikes penetrated my armor, giving me a nasty bruise. I responded by piercing the hardly armored raging barbarian with my rapier and finishing him off with a quick follow up. The remaining bandits charged all they could reach in wild rage, but we soon felled them and the only survivors were two bandits that Isobel put a sleeping hex on.

4th day of Alturiak in The Year of Fallen Friends, near the border to Brandon.

We burned the forty dead barbarians outside the farm and found some worthy loot. There were a powerful magical ax and studded leather armor. I wrote a letter to be read to as many of the barbarian tribes to the north, but not the most civilized, as could be carried out. We told the messenger to be careful not to get himself killed reading it, but make sure the message got through to them.

I sent Eberhardt and his troops to Maloren's Rest with the prisoners and Isidore, Isobel and I followed the path the bandits had taken, estimating the damage they had done and repaying some of the farmers. We caught them luckily enough, early in their foray into the Silverlands, making the repairs end up in a few thousand gold.

6th day of Alturiak in The Year of Fallen Friends, back at Maloren's Rest.

The two prisoners were tried in front of a large booing crowd. They didn't deny their deeds but did deny the right of the laws of Cormyr. They were both sentenced to death, to be carried out by Vernon Brask. Finishing up some more duties I headed down to Crownport.

20th day of Alturiak in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Crownport.

Crownport will be a magnificent city whenever I will feel I'm finished with it. The area where it is being built is in a huge valley making access to the water in the river easier. At the lowest point the harbor is being built. There are shipyards, docks, warehouses, and a center of commerce all aimed at improving the trade. It will be sprawling with activity soon enough, but now being almost finished, it seems strangely calm as the weather before a storm hits. I hope a storm of trade will hit here.

I have stayed for two weeks overseeing the finishing touches and making sure everything is ready. The first few ships are ready and training their crew on the river. I'm also preparing for a huge feast to celebrate the new city that I hope will become the crown of my achievements. Getting pavilions, commissioning tables, ordering barrels of wine and beer, making sure the availability of sheep, pigs, and cows, bringing together all the best cooks. It is a lot of hard work. I'm so pleased that Francis Vatel does all that for me, but I wrote the invitations. I sent invitations to all neighboring nobles I could think of and recalled Shaunna from Suzail to the feast. I even invited my brother.

22nd day of Alturiak in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Maloren's Rest again.

Returning here I offered all my companions to invite whomever they wanted of their families, even though I exchanged a serious look with Eberhardt. I knew he understood not to push our luck with his mother, the baroness Charybdis Stierheim. I made an extra effort to invite young nobles of the lesser families to join us as that would be a good source to recruit good people to important positions from. Even though our formal positions were already taken, there will be a lot of positions to be filled as our town and cities grow.

23rd day of Alturiak in The Year of Fallen Friends, still at Maloren's Rest.

Our messenger arrived pronouncing he had an answer to my letter that the law of Cormyr is in effect in the Silverlands and that bandits had all been slain, saying that that was certainly expected and well done. I was more than a little surprised, but as I read on it became clear that the answer had been written by Dorian Wolfe who had arrived in Felsenland with an army to set the barbarians straight. I showed the letter to Isobel as there was a personal greeting to her from her father. I will soon be leaving for Crownport again to make final preparations for the feast. Perhaps Isobel is right, a straight big road directly between here and Crownport would be nice, but it's still more than one days travel.

15th day of Ches in The Year of Fallen Friends, back at Crownport.

The feast was going well. I was dressed in my new set of clothes that was in the stylish sober black fashion the King had worn at the Parliament of Peers. My father had had the good taste of staying away, Eberhardt's father Klaus Stierheim on the other had graced us with his presence. Lennox, Mykal and Brandon came as did an Ironcrow. He was a cousin to Isobel on her mothers side and preferred the life of an adventurer. There were good attendance from the lesser noble families, too. I noted Xenophon Sabledeer from High Horn, an up and coming young warrior. Pity he's so conservative. I was only disappointed that Shaunna was late.

The celebration was well on the way when Shaunna showed up, looking very nervous. I stood in my chair making a toast as a diversion and then jumped down and went to see her. She told me the reason of her nervousness. It was her traveling companions that had spooked her. She had been joined by the King himself! He had come here. To the feast arranged by me to celebrate the grounding of my city. I was shocked. I sent for Vatel to make a suitable seating for the King. I had placed several tables together along the short end of the biggest warehouse and filled the rest of it with several log tables at an angle to mine. There were seating for more than a hundred guests all filled with happy guests. Vatel separated my table into three and quickly raised the middle one a few inches. A new table cloth was brought out and the best candelabras and decanters were gathered there. I quickly changed my jacket to my more usual nobles fancy festivities clothes. It was just about ready when the King entered. Vatel made sure the bards stopped playing and a short fanfare was sounded to announce the arrival of the King. Everyone stood and bowed as he walked up to his table. I met him with my best bow well worthy of any court and escorted him to his newly arranged table. He was accompanied by Cleo Truesilver who seated herself at the table next to the King's where her grandson bastard Isidore sat. As soon as they were seated a murmur of gossip spread around the big hall.

During the feast I was talked to by his Majesty and He asked if I liked my new home and if I planned to stay. I was surprised by the question and even though I miss the big city of Suzail, I could not deny the satisfaction of actually building a place for myself out here in the Silverlands, and told his Majesty that I planned to stay. His Majesty then asked how I would feel about being the head of my own family. I could not deny that it had it's allure. His Majesty said he wished for a new heraldic shield in his collection. It was a way for him to drive a wedge between me and my family. I knew it and I guess His Majesty knew I knew. It's improbable that I would ever become the head of Crownsilver since my sister supersedes me if my brother would die. On the other hand if I leave my family they would still have several first cousins making sure the family would continue on. I graciously accepted even though my family always have been very important to me. Only the King himself would rate as more important than my family.

His Majesty continued by suggesting I should get married. I agreed, but noted that I hadn't really had the time to find a suitable spouse. His Majesty asked if my father hadn't suggested any and I navigated my answer carefully not to offend any part. His Majesty then offered to find one for me. I could only agree to such a generous offer.

The conversation continued on between Klaus and his Majesty. I could sense that there was something that the King was hiding. During the evening I became fairly certain it was some kind of military campaign. With Dorian Wolfe being in Felsenmark right now, and that was no secret, I could only hope that it wasn't any internal struggles he was preparing for. I knew some of the older families, including my own father, did not take the King's judgement during the Parliament of Peers very well. They opposed the King's gathering of power around his person, but surely it was nothing more than some political maneuverings to get back power? I have a hard time believing my own father would raise his hand against the King. I most certainly would not. I wonder if it would help sending Shaunna back to Suzail again to find out wherever the King will point his sword. She did not like to be questioned by the King. Usually she asks all the questions. And besides, I need her here.

16th day of Ches in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Crownport.

Before leaving, which was done quite unceremoniously, his Majesty asked me to erect some barracks in the new town of Crownport, further strengthening my suspicions about plans for a military campaign. His Majesty pointed out that time was of essence and resources would be made available. When the King commands, I follow and I started making plans this morning. The economy will permit it being built in three month. I continued a discussion with Brandon about shortening the trade route by building a road in the hills. I suggested him using the aid of the royal surveyor we had on loan from the King. He readily agreed when offered the help.

17th day of Ches in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Crownport.

The new harbor have started to pay off quickly. We got hold of some magic items from passing adventurers staying for the feast, that made it possible to afford to pay for half the barracks already this month. We also built more houses. There are still refugees from Winter's domain, living in tents and pavilions.


24th day of Tarsakh in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Crownport.

A delivery arrived from the King. That held the promised resources to help building the garrison, but also plans for building a granary. It wasn't hard to guess he wanted one of those too.

3rd day of Mirtul in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Crownport.

We finished the garrison and the granary in just two month from his majesty's first request. I was impressed. I hope the King will be too.

7th day of Mirtul in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Crownport.

My newly commissioned mithril full plate arrived today. It's a beauty and testiment to the masterful craftsmanship of the armorers in Suzail I will send it over to Isobel so she can enchant it. Not only for protection but also to make sure it will always look splendid and be comfortable even in this awful heat.

9th day of Mirtul in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Crownport.

We finally started the building of the watchtower up north at, what has become known as, Dead Man's Gate, not really the name I would want greeting caravans to the Silverlands. Being on the border I wanted the contacts of Shaunna to have a base there, so a brothel was started as well.

14th day of Mirtul in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Crownport.

I really like the place I choose for Crownport. The docks and harbor location was chosen out of necessity. They were built where the valley were lowest and as close to the water level as possibly and where the river was wider as it turns, but I choose the location of my castle out of beauty and tactical reasons and therefor higher up, but still close to the water. Sadly enough more lands will have to be prepared further upstreams. As we have built several houses to make sure that the arrivals from Winter's domains have good dwellings, Crownport is beginning to look like a city. The site of the castle is well outside the built up areas. I don't want it to be anywhere close to the seedier parts of the harbor that always appear and soon enough the city will grow towards the castle.

18th day of Kythorn in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Maloren's Rest.

It's late summer and as warm as it ever gets and even though I smell the stench of the swamp in heat when I arrive at Maloren's Rest, it's nothing compared to what I experienced in our first months, more than a year ago. I'm pleased that Crownport is so much better in that regard.

21st day of Mirtul in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Maloren's Rest.

The watchtower was finished without incident. I had become a little worried that the orcs would claim the area as it was partly up in the mountains and several months had passed since we killed the giants and I got the undead from Aran Kabal to go west. The brothel is up and running too. Now we just need a few houses and an inn and it's an actual village. We should make sure the miner's town have at least the same comforts, too.

24th day of Mirtul in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Crownport.

There's a lot of adventurers visiting Crownport now. I tell them to visit Maloren's Rest as there's still more comforts there even though that's going to change. They're interested in the new lands that even the King himself was interested enough in to visit. Some of the adventurers are quite famous. At least they unload a lot of treasure when visiting. There's a lot of money to be made on adventurers. Somehow they always seem to find more money and treasure than could ever be taxed from an area.

27th day of Kythorn in The Year of Fallen Friends, at Crownport.

As soon as the royal surveyor is back the castle, which will be called Moon Castle, will be built quicker. There'll be some other building projects, but the castle is of the highest priority. Then I will take recidence in Crownport and it will officially become the capital of the Silverlands. There're much I want to build as quickly as possible; a big marketplace to take advantage of the trade route, and therefore inevitably a black market too, a great cathedral,a library, and several inns for passing merchants and visiting adventurers and even dignitaries not staying in my castle.


13th day of Flamerule in the Year of Fallen Friends, at Moon Castle.

My beautiful white Moon castle is finished. I can finally move my seat of power to Crownport.

24th day of Flamerule in The Year of the Voyage, at Crownport.

I received a letter from Shaunna telling me she haven't found out much more about the campaign his Majesty is planning. There's no clue to as of who will lead it and where it's going, only that it'll be heading generally our way. I want her to remain in Suzail and continue to keep an eye on the development in regards to the military campaign.

27th day of Flamerule in The Year of the Voyage, at Crownport.

There was a visit by a well known noble, Estelle Stierheim, Eberhardt's sister. It is said that while Eberhardt got his mother's devilish nature all over his appearance, his sister got her traits in her behavior. I believe we got the better end of that deal. She was on her way to the domains of Truesilver and to no less than marry baron Lennox himself. She confirmed the rumors about her nature by looking forward to the union fully knowing of his rather harsh treatment of his subjects. Preparing for the wedding, she spent vast amounts of money in the growing trading district of Crownport.

5th day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, at Crownport.

There's a rumors of an elf traveling through Silverlands. Perhaps not much to write about, but elves are rare out here, as evidenced by the rumor mongering about it.

8th day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, at Crownport.

As Powys want to remain innkeeper in Maloren's Rest we will replace him as soon as we can find a new man of the people that can get their attention when needed and that will tell me the thoughts of the people. The only way to get hold of such a man is to travel the countryside talking to the actual people. I will do this myself with only my trusty captain of the Silverguards, Bristan Hawklin.

12th day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, at Crownport.

I've heard rumors of a leader of men. The stories tell of an almost mythical rascal pursued by anything from the local lawman or an evil landowner but always outsmarting the opponents. Not much is told of this man but he is a man of the lands and he is called Ragnvald the Poacher.

16th day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, in the hamlet of Sheepshill.

Yesterday in this small hamlet I found a man called Ragnvald looking like a ranger. I invited him to the local tavern, asking for stories, and he accepted. It was a long night of wild tales from both him and me, to the local farmhands great amusement. We kept the beer and mead flowing to wash down the worst eccagerations. When we met this morning I intruduced myself fully and offered him the position in my council. He had already guessed who I was but not my purpose. He cautiously accepted the proposal with the proviso that he be allowed to speak his heart. I told him that advisors only telling me what I want to hear instead of what I need to hear is useless. I also agreed to him not having to dress up for our meetings, but only for a few social occasions a year.

20th day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, at Crownport.

Isidore visited his kin Lennox Truesilver. There are many buildings of military nature in his city. It hold true to it's name, Darkhold.

26th day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, at Crownport.

The orc Shlorg the thief, who once sold us Vertold's spell book, tried to sell a magical axe to Wulfgar, but lacking the funds he instead got rumors of infighting and of a previously unknown powerful ogre who supports the leader.

29th day of Eleasis in The Year of the Voyage, at Crownport.

Isidore told me he had found the elf who had settled in my domains, murdered. They had tried to look for any clues as to who could be behind the awful deed. Not only had the elf been murdered, but also his human wife and child. The crime could have been committed due to their mixed marriage.


We have found that our bountiful harvests now supports more festivals and with the naming of Crownport as our capital it should be celebrated. There were few more festivities other than the harvest we thought were worth celebrating so we named six festivals to be celebrated all over Silverlands.

I have sent a letter to Shaunna still in Suzail, asking her to make sure she's up to date on as much rumors and noble intrigues as possible due to the upcoming Parliament of Peers.

The lack of religious guidance in our realm has opened for any agitator to get crowds listening. There's an evil preacher called Samael Maximov that was confronted by Isidore. I'm happy to leave the whole affair to our knowledgeable paladins to do what's best.

Our paladins decided to leave our overly zealous preacher to his preaching as long as he follows the laws. That will be as they choose.

Soon the parliament will begin but as we learnt our lesson last year, we left our small troops to guard what they can and made plans for how Brandon, Mykal and Lennox can help each other in case of an orc attack or other attack by force.

We have left Crownport by boat as we setup the trade rout to go. It's no work at all to travel this way and I can still bring my dear horse.

As before I sought my lodging in a place of pleasure with female company through the night.

As the Parliament of Peers opened there was something stirring in the Truesilver, Valair and Sabledeer families as the king entered. There was no other obvious secrets stirring.

As the king opened the parliament he started out by announcing the addition of a new family to the nobility. My father used some words best left unsaid, some others twisted in their seats and still other gave a angry glare. Not very well received news. The Stierheims was remarkably indifferent.

My father and his Majesty had a conversation where my father was noticeably upset and if you have learned to read his Majesty as I have you could notice more than a hint of smugness. I could here a lot of negative whispers around the room.

The Stierheims announced that Eberhardt would become head of the family as his father and mother would leave on a trip. Knowing them it would probably be a crusade into the abyss or something as dangerous and insane.

There were many other subjects addressed, some border disputes and even a few duels.

The King sent for me. Joined by my comrades we made sure he didn't have to wait. He told of his suggestions for a wife and led us to meet them right away. Pretoria Sabledeer, an adventuress and cavalier, who was a woman with much character and a strong will. She was the oldest of his suggestions with 22 years of age. Then there was Zina Valair, a very beautiful woman but with a slightly tarnished reputation. Hers is a bit like mine used to be. Last but not least, definitely not in size anyways, was Cornocopia Truesilver. She is as I happen to know, a very skilled trader and banker. Many of the most powerful people of Cormyr owes her money.

I humbly asked for some time to get to know them better before making my choice. His Majesty agreed and it was decided I should dine with Zina Valair the same evening.

My dinner with Zina Valair went very smooth. She was very pleasing, actually to a point that almost made me loose my hunting instinct. I still understood that she was more than just a pretty face and an easy lay. She had built a social network by arranging the best parties in Suzail and knowing all the important people. She still agreed to leaving Suzail for Crownport with not too much regret if we were married.

Cornocopia Truesilver was my second dinner partner. She was adequate at social conversation but when we started talking business she really got going. I confirmed that she had many powerful people in her firm grip and was very rich. She tried to figure me out obviously afraid I would just waste her fortune. We even discussed what guilds were active in Crownport and how I dealt with the thieves guild. I noted that as Crownport grew it's trade we made sure to control the thieves guild from the start, something much harder to once it has grown in strength uncontrolled. She seemed impressed by that. I realized that she would probably be a very competent ruler, but never more than business.


Eberhardt left us and was replaced by Arik.

I asked Zina straight out: if I marry you would you stay faithful? She answered: if you do, I will. I'm not as sure as she seemed very inconstant.

Before returning home we were called to the King. He gave us command of some four hundred mercenaries that he wanted in the region. They had already set out for Silverlands. We thanked his Majesty and retreated, preparing for the journey home.

As we returned home we were met by messengers telling us of an orcinvasion. We hurried on to Crownport where we held a war council. Wulfgar was sent north to recruit some barbarians from Felsenmark. The new general, Arik, Isidore, and Isobel was sent out to scout the positions of the enemy, while I, myself, took the important task of raising a town militia. It was no guard, but they will do their task of filling the empty battlements. I sent for the mercenaries that had reached Old Axe to head for Maloren's Rest.

We concentrated our troops near Crownport and found that the orcs did too.

The battle stood on the plains of Silverlands, near the hamlet of XX There, our two units of two hundred mercenaries, a hundred archers, a hundred barbarians, and the Silverguards themselves, led by me met three units of light, and one heavy unit of orc infantry. 

Initially there were some ranged attacks from our archers and some magic which combined made an orc unit break from the onslaught. Keeping the initiative Arik charged one of the light units, plowing through their ranks, but took heavy damaged from the orcs. He was saved by Isidore, who charged in to help him out and the losses made them scatter.

The mercenaries started moving, each engaging a light and a heavy unit. The mercenaries  had good success against the light unit, but the others took heavy losses and was faltering, but seizing the moment, I led my Silverguards in a brave charge into their flank, turning the tide destroying the unit and dispersing the few armored orcs that still draw breath. 

The last remnants of the orc army was soon mopped up and the hunt for the leaders began. Soon the orc boss, ??? was spotted. Arik positioned himself for attack and as I saw what was happening I joined him. I shouted "For the King!" and Arik turned into a demon looking monster and charged the orc-king ending the fight quickly with two lethal blows.

Isobel had been attacked from thin air by the ogre mage, but with the help of Isidore and Wulfgar they were victorious and the upsetter of pease was killed.


We knew the orcs had been trading for some time and had doubtless gathered a treasure well worth looking for. We decided to go look for it as soon as possible, but first I had to ride into Crownport to deliver the news that the orc army had been beaten, and of course receive the gratitude of the people. Wulfgar went ahead to scout the mountains ahead of our arrival.

I held a speech thanking the quickly raised militia saying that only thanks to them guarding Crownport could enough of the troops be sent out to conquer the invading forces.

We caught up with Wulfgar at an old orc fort. There had been some orcs left but Wulfgar had scared them away. We had a look around and the fort itself was very much plundered but we got the feeling that this wasn't the halls of the orc-king and soon found a path leading on even though it was mostly hidden by snow. As we followed it we got the feeling we were followed. Isobel turned and sent a lighting bolt flying down the narrow path. There was the sound of a wall of ice shattering.

We continued on for a few steps before a valley opened up in front of us. In the far end there was an old dwarven stronghold. In the middle there were two large creatures appearing to be frozen in ice, but there were also signs that they had been burnt by magical fire.

Isidore shouted show yourself and a huge red dragon rose from beneath the snow. We made a deal with the evil dragon to get the treasure, that was in the halls Of the dwarven fort and then split it with it, half and half. The dragon told us that the treasure was guarded by an ice devil that had gotten there before itself.

 We headed on, myself assured by the protective magic I had received from Wulfgar. As we entered the halls we were greeted by the voice of the ice devil. 

We knew the orcs had been trading for some time and had doubtless gathered a treasure well worth looking for. We decided to go look for it as soon as possible, but first I had to ride into Crownport to deliver the news that the orc army had been beaten, and of course receive the gratitude of the people. Wulfgar went ahead to scout the mountains ahead of our arrival.

I held a speech thanking the quickly raised militia saying that only thanks to them guarding Crownport could enough of the troops be sent out to conquer the invading forces.

We caught up with Wulfgar at an old orc fort. There had been some orcs left but Wulfgar had scared them away. We had a look around and the fort itself was very much plundered but we got the feeling that this wasn't the halls of the orc-king and soon found a path leading on even though it was mostly hidden by snow. As we followed it we got the feeling we were followed. Isobel turned and sent a lighting bolt flying down the narrow path. There was the sound of a wall of ice shattering.

We continued on for a few steps before a valley opened up in front of us. In the far end there was an old dwarven stronghold. In the middle there were two large creatures appearing to be frozen in ice, but there were also signs that they had been burnt by magical fire.

Isidore shouted show yourself and a huge red dragon rose from beneath the snow. We made a deal with the evil dragon to get the treasure, that was in the halls Of the dwarven fort and then split it with it, half and half. The dragon told us that the treasure was guarded by an ice devil that had gotten there before itself.

We headed on, myself assured by the protective magic I had received from Wulfgar. As we entered the halls we were greeted by the voice of the ice devil. 

It had heard our negotiations with the dragon and pointed out that dragons can't be trusted, especially not the red ones. After some negotiations we agreed that we would do the same deal with the ice devil. It would divide the treasure in two and I would choose. Everything went as planned until Arik pointed out that he had spotted one of the summoned bone devils spying on us. It took his pointing as a challenge and a short fight between them turned it to dust. The ice devil took it as the deal was over and a fight ensued. We were victorious without loosing any one even though Isobel was in danger after having suffered greatly from a bone devils onslaught.

We gathered up the treasure and used a lot of healing. I had been affected by a cold spell from the ice devil, but the protection against cold I had received from Wulfgar lessened the damage considerably.  Then followed a long discussion about how we should handle the dragon outside. We didn't want to charge our treasure with the dragon but I would not break my word. We could on the o ther hand count on the dragon to betray us in some way. The biggest question was how we could prepare ourselves for the upcoming fight. We decided to face it head on with the preparations we had at hand.

We exited the keep, most of us mounted. The dragon sat waiting further out in the valley. We put the treasure on the ground and retreated about charging distance away. The dragon took to the air. We held our breaths, but it landed at the treasure and started look over the items. Finally it held up a gold coin, tossed it towards me and said "Choose wisely". I answered in turn by choosing the larger treasure "in honor of the King" which not only filled Isidore with royal righteous strength, but also signaled our attack.

The fight started by the dragons first move. It used it's fiery breath against Isidore but his superior maneuverability and ring of evasion helped him avoid it completely. What followed can only be described as slaughter. We all attacked ferociously, killing it quickly only allowing it one clawattack at Arik.

We were picking up the treasure when Isidore held up the gold coin the dragon had tossed towards me. He announced I'll let you keep this.  

We dug in on the dragon carcass, collecting not only magically important pieces but preparing the skin and skull and taking any souvenirs that could be had. It was more work bringing the trophies back home than killing it. If I ever need to kill an evil dragon I will make sure to bring as many paladins as I can.

Before entering Crownport I had a wagon brought out and dressed up as the dragon and then I rode in front of it parading through town.

We finished building the cathedral and built a temple and a monument. The monument was a statue of a not very tall knight who slays a dragon with the head ov the dragon covered by the dead dragons red skin. I'm as pleased by that as I am with covering the back of the throne with a part of dragon skin with very large and bulky scales, where each scale is decorated by a crescent in silver.

As we knew the king had things prepared for early summer and we guessed that it could be his majesty himself getting married, I wanted to get married before. I could never match the splendor of his majesty's wedding and inviting as many of the nobles of the realm as could be justified, many of those would also attend his majesty's wedding as I only hope, would I. The cathedral was finished some time ago and a noble villa for my wife if she would prefer it to the castle. The city walls would have to be finished as would some more decent housing that could hold the visiting nobility in style. We have to build the watchtower at Silvergate and then it wouldn't be possible to build another noble villa, but two mansions might be possible.

The fields between the caste and the waterfront has been filled with pavilions. Even if only the most prestigious of guests can get to live in the mansions there will be luxurious living for all. I have allowed for the use of some 80,000 gp from the treasury to be used to celebrate the occasion, of which half will be used to arrange feasts in all towns and hamlet all over Silverlands.

I choose Isidore to hold the ceremony even though he's not High Priest of Silverlands, but he is my trusted friend and well schooled in the mysteries of religion. He wrote a sermon that was copied so it could be read at the feasts all over Silverlands. 

My future wife arrived and was pleased with her accommodations in the newly erected villa. I hoped it would be as I had used even better materials than when building the noble villa in Maloren's Rest. 

The day finally arrived and It was finally clear that my wedding would not be honored by the presence of his Majesty himself, but a gift was received in his name. There still were many nobles that had taken the opportunity to join the festivities. My father and brother, old duchess Cleopatra Truesilver and Lennox, Dorian Wolfe, Brandon of course, my cousin Mykal Crownsilver. There were many other lesser nobles, but I will not name them all. Not surprisingly Zina outshined them all. Out of the three suggested brides, the one I chose was definitely the most beautiful. The feast was great and everything worked out fantastic. Vatel did a fantastic job. I even had the time to visit the wedding of Wulfgar and Nerk between the reception and the feast.

The presents had some that far outshined everything else. It was the present from his Majesty comprising of a magical table picturing a model of the lands that could be panned and that then changed in appearance. The other was from my cousin Mykal Crownsilver who gave me a ring of regeneration. It was a truly remarkable and expensive gift. My only response was that his credit would be very good at the gambling halls, promising a thousand gp there immediately. 

We received word from Brandon about a larger entourage that came our way. Isobel had told me quite some time ago that she was expecting a very important visitor. I told Vatel to ready the wing that had been decided to be used  of the castle, while my companions and I rode out to greet our valued guest.

We met the wagon train close to Dead Man's Gate. The wagons were accompanied by quite a number of knights. They looked like they had been in combat. It turned out to be a greater honor than expected. I recognized the royal heraldry from Tethyr. None of the others recognized it, but they did recognize my royal  They also made their salutes 

We escorted the royal entourage to an inn for the night and while waiting for the dinner I conversed the princess, for it was none other than a princess of the kingdom of Tethyr. This meant that the king choose not to honor any one family with his royal marriage but choose his bride from a foreign nation. That either meant he didn't want to upset the balance of the noble families or that he was about to engage in a project near Tethyr.

The princess left Crownport by ship with not only her own retinue but accompanied by us companions. We told her much about how things are done in Cormyr but I tried not to tell her about his Majesty since I'd want him to give her the impression he'd like.

On the second night of our journey from Crownport, just after we had gone to bed, I was woken up by Isildore shouting "Alarm!". Waking up I just grabbed my rapier and shield heading out of my small cabin. In the hallway I met Wulfgar in full armor, quite the contrast to my night shirt. Just as we were positioning us in the hallway two big men, in bad versions of Cormyr's tabards, pulled the door open. Wulfgar charged them and as I reached the fight it was almost over. Outside Isidore and Arik had defeated Ilderic, the barbarian from Felsenmark that had left to go west. He had come back with evil intentions to attack his Majesty in a most cowardly manner, by trying to take his wife to be.

After this attack we decided to accompany her highness the princess of Tethyr all along the way.

We arrived in Suzail

The king married

Attack to the south expanding Cormyr's military might and trade.