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Proud member of the M'Gregor clan. Hails from a chain of barren islands called Hespar's Teeth on Seltica B, a barbarian world on the fringes of the Empire.

Steeped in their warrior traditions, the inhabitants of these islands has long been embroiled in bloody infighting and feuding. As Gonegal became the appointed target of the powerful M'Leud clan in one of these vendettas, he thought it better to deprive them of their target, make his fortune out in the galaxy, and then return to exact whatever vengeance the situation will require - an traditional homecoming that has been celebrated many times in the Teeth's history.

As an exile, he takes much pride in his people's ways: traditional clothing, fierce music, long-winded clan history, ancient gods and so on, and prefers to fight with a greatsword that is similar to the traditional weapon of the clans.

Principal among those barbarian gods he pays homage to are:

Hesparthe goddess of Justified VengeanceTar Garochthe guardian of New Places, Changes and Transitions.The Blind Manthe god of Rage, Song and Poetry.

Likes combat close, brutal and personal; in his beliefs, you have to impress your opponents as much as possible when fighting them. Then they will remember your name when Tar Garoch whispers to them who it was that killed them, and thus build your reputation on the Other Side - a reputation that will, if strong enough, keep you yourself from becoming a nameless and memoryless shadow when it is your time to cross over.

Originally Human, he was reincarnated as a HalfOrc after being killed in NemesisTwo by an evil cleric who first caught him with a HoldPerson, then slit his throat. He chose to be reincarnated rather that resurrected as he distrusts the organized religion of the Empire and their artificial, oversimplified world.


Awards outside Missions:


Instructions in Case of Death

"I want my money to be used to get me back through someone in touch with the old ways, and not these fancy new churches. If that means reincarnation instead of resurrection, then I'll gladly take it. If that won't work, I want my weapons and armor to be sent to the head of my clan, and the rest of my things sold and the money sent to my family. My body I want to be burned by a proper bonfire."

Player: Mats

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