Duchess Marava

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Following immediately on the events of Failsafe, this was a boarding action directed at the Black Legion chartered ship Duchess Marava.

Even in the air lock, we encountered a point defence robot, and intense combat immediately followed in the cockpit - which was only just cleared when enemy reinforcements arrived. After a furious battle, we finally gained control of the ship. One Black Legion Blackguard and one high-level cleric had fallen before us. One soldier received a Crimson Heart.

We collected the last information, repaired the Duchess Marava and returned to Outlands Station, mission acomplished.

We salvaged a Power Fist and a ceremonial armor of the Black Legion, which were purchased by our regimental commander to be displayed in the regimental hall of trophies. We all received a Commendation for the mission and one week off!

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